How do I stop unintentionally flirting with guys?

so I have this major problem: I'm overly friendly with guys (and not just with guys but with EVERYONE). I love to smile and giggle and can keep conversations going on with people for hours and give many people hugs. I used to be a very shy girl in high school but ever sense becoming more involved I have certainly opened up a lot so many people refer to me as a social butterfly and a natural flirt. I have many friends and a lot of my good male friends have had crushes on me in the past and/or have tried to hook up with me to which I just reacted to in friendly ways. When guys ask me out I'm usually friendly about it and say 'ya sure' because I enjoy the company of people...and if I'm not interested in a guy I will usually invite other friends to join the 'date' but if iam interested I will enjoy my date but treat the guy like he were my best friend (be super nice to him) almost the same way I treat my other male friends (I do this because it takes a while for me to be comfortable around a guy-although I'm super chatty I'm actually super scared/nervous deep inside so I try and cover up my fear by being friendly). As a result of this, I have lots of trouble getting into relationship(s) with guys that are into me + that I'm into. For the longest time, I did not know the problem until one of my good guy friends told me that I was such a tease...

How do I fix this? I really don't want to be seen this way by guys! at the same time, I like being friendly to everyone

-i'm in college

How do I stop unintentionally flirting with guys?
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