How to flirt with a cashier ?

How would you guys flirt with a cashier ?

Girls, what do you think ? How would you wanted to be flirted with if you worked as a cashier ? OR would you not like it ?


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  • oh really.. do you think your up for that?

    it takes some time and money to do this.. first come in the shop often (you probably had that part so you can skip that if you like) so she will notice you but yeah.. if she isn't looking at you because she has costumers to help, you still need to get her attention in some way.. you could humiliate yourself by tossing things on the floor or use a chart to ram against the wares and say it was an accident but even I never done that before

    i usually go stand in the line so she has no chance but to talk with me.. I give a compliment.. I usually pay by pin so I can make a joke about how slow the device is (im not giving examples here theyre probably diffrent in your country so you'll have to figure this out on your own) and she will laugh and respond to the joke

    heres an example of what she could say if intrested:it really is slow today (she responds with the joke you made last time)

    however the hardest part is to ask her for her number.. oh the annoyance from everyone in the much people and so much hate.. be prepared to get laughed at when she rejects you and angry faces at you when you succeed... its because your holding up the line and not appreciated by most


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  • I'm a cashier, and while I find it flattering when a person expresses their attraction to me, there's often a very very very long line and it irks me when people try to chit chat when I'm just trying to help all the customers as quickly as possible. So if you wanna get friendly with the cashier, make sure to asses her mood. Is she stressed out, in a good mood, etc? And also take into consideration how busy she is.

    • she seems to be a very shy girl and because I didn't want to "embarres" her and that like you said, busy and I don't think she has time to talk, I gave her a note that said "add me on Facebook, I like to get to know you" witch she didn't (add). So here I am :)

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    • i haven't even talked to her, I have seen her twice and the second time I gave the note...wish I hadn't honestly..but...i am not a very "talking" person so what would you like someone to say to you while your working ?

    • ill pretend she's helping me right now: bleep bleep bleep.. a lot of curse words where blocked there.. why do you hate me so much? even I find this one funny even if I'm the one saying it

  • "Sorry if I'm checking you out...Thats supposed to be your job ;)"

  • Depends on the store but just witty banter works

  • sit on the thing that moves all your stuff with my legs open

    • Haha! If someone had the balls to do that I think I'd pay for their purchase out of my own pocket.

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  • I'd make some cute comment, like 'I love women who know how to handle money.' Then I'd write my number on whatever receipt she will keep, and see if I ever hear from her.

  • I say...assess the store and how busy it is before you make your move.

    If it's busy, make your comment a one-liner.

    If it's kinda slow, you can actually make conversation. :)

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