Is over-complimenting a bad thing?

So I recently told a girl who I met online how much I like her, I tried to word it to her so she would be as flattered as possible but without stretching the truth about my feelings. - Went something like "I think you have a beautiful personality, I think you're an amazing person, I feel very attracted to you and care for you a lot".

She replied saying how she had some feelings for me too, but didn't go into any detail about how strong they were or anything like that. Since we don't know each other in real life only through online we agreed to carry on being close friends and that maybe one day we could meet up.

That was a couple of days ago and since then I can't take her off my mind. Whenever I talk to her I just feel like telling her how special she is, and just showering her in all my feelings of how attracted I am to her and how I can't stop thinking about her.

I guess I'm wanting to do this because I'm just so curious about what feelings she does actually have for me, and hoping that maybe one time she might return one of the complements I give her.

But I'm very afraid of the negative effects of doing this: I don't want to come across as clingy or over-whelm her with my emotions and make her feel uncomfortable in any way, after all I want nothing more than for her to be as happy as possible.

So what's your opinion on over-complimenting someone? If you're a girl and you have some feelings for a guy friend, would you feel ok with him telling you every day how much you mean to him and just generally expressing his feelings for you?

Do you think this might help me prompt her to be more clear about her feelings towards me?

Here's a link to a question I asked the other day about whether or not I should say how I feel about her (with you lot's help I found the confidence to do it :)

It outlines my situation and relationship with this girl in more detail


Thanks in advance for any replies.

Is over-complimenting a bad thing?
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