WHITE GUYS: Do you find Muslim (hijab wearing) girls attractive?

I'm a 18 year old Muslim girl and wear the hijab (head covering). Ever since I started University, I feel like I've been getting a lot more unwanted/unasked attention from Christian guys.

For instance, I was walking to one of my classes, and this blond guy I pass by says "Hey sexy." I didn't know he was talking to me so I kept going. Then he went and tapped my shoulder from behind to get my attention and starts talking to me, basically saying stuff like he thinks I'm beautiful and he wants my number. Another time, I was at the cafe in my university and ordered a smoothie and the guy behind the counter gave me a once over and said something weird like "Baby, I'm the only smooth thing here..." Another guy from one of my lecture classes asked to go for coffee with me, even though we hardly ever talked to each other. A few days ago I was waiting at the valet parking for my car when another guy came up to me and kept asking for my number and was trying to buy me a drink.

These weren't the only situations there were more but obviously I'm not gonna post my life story on here. lol

The thing is that every time I tell them I'm Muslim and I don't date (or drink), they won't take no for an answer or keep asking to be friends with me.

I thought it was pretty obvious that a woman in hijab is considered "off limits" so to speak and not interested in any relationship with guys...

SO my question is:

Do white guys really find Muslim girls attractive? If not, what exactly is the point of what they're doing? And how am I supposed to get them to stop?
WHITE GUYS: Do you find Muslim (hijab wearing) girls attractive?
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