I passed gas on mistake in front of my immediate family and brothers fiance and her mom...please read details?

I'm not trying to be immature about this and I'd appreciate serious answers..to me it wasn't a big deal...it was small and high pitched. I was siting and..it just happened...I've had a history of bowel issues...but this has never happened before. I just kept going on like nothing happened. My sister however, heard it and started laughing...I think everyone heard.

My dad is someone I don't get along with at all. He is extremely judgmental and critical, especially of me. So after everyone left, a couple hours later...he tells me to sit down and asks if it was me. I denied it..especially because I was taken aback by why he would even ask this. My dad never talks to me, except when he wants to point out something I've done wrong. He was worried what the guests would think and how it looked in front of them.

First of all, would I really have done this on purpose? No.

It made me feel very hurt that he continues to ignore me unless it is to correct me, especially in front of my brothers fiance and her mom.

My sister that is 13 years younger than me even gave me her two cents and said how disgusted she was by me and asked me if I have any morals.

Is it just me, or is this being blown out of proportion? Its really more than about this incident...I'm completely tired of being criticized and under a microscope. All of my faults and mistakes are very quick to be pointed out by my family, but not my accomplishments. For example, after getting my job last year that took two interviews and effort to get...there was no recognition at all from my father. He doesn't know what I do, and doesn't seem to care at all...all he knows is it's not what he wanted me to do.

And then I walked passed my father again to my room...and passed gas again...again...a high pitched short one...he must have heard because he was closer...I didn't do it on purpose...I didn't have control over it...but it's just that shame I feel...and being judged.

How would you handle this situation? I don't feel like I did anything wrong, especially since it wasn't on purpose or something I felt like I could control...but the thing that affects me the most is how my dad treats me. And I live at home, so there is no getting away from it. And what also bothers me is my fathers hypocrisy...he passes gas ON PURPOSE in front of my immediate family all the time.. Thanks...I could use any help.
I passed gas on mistake in front of my immediate family and brothers fiance and her mom...please read details?
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