Why does my ex still look at me sometimes but she won't talk to me?

still look at me sometimes but she won't talk to me we haven't talked in 2 months but she still looks at me sometimes does that mean anything by chance?


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  • HI, I'm 16 and a girl.

    And I recently broke up with my boyfriend,

    No matter why you broke up, the feelings you had for each other will always be there, in my opinion, even if you have moved on, and are "over" someone, you still remember what it was like before, so maybe when she sees you, its just some of those left over feelings that she has, I have certantly done this before.

    It could also mean, that she still does have feelings for you, is not over you and wants you back, I can't really say without knowing the situation. But who broke up with whom? if you did the breaking up, its very possible she's not over you, but even if she did it, its still very possible she still does like you, I have been in that situation.

    If you reallly want to know, then maybe you aren't over her. Try smiling at her the next time you see her looking at you, and maybe wave or at least acknowledge that you see her and that she means SOMETHING to you.

    -xo apple.

  • it could mean something and yeah there is a chance but a very very small one. Chances are whoever ended the relationship ended it for a reason and maybe she just still thinks your attractive but I think tht about my ex and there is NO chance of us getting back together but tht is probably for a different reason. You should go up and talk to her. Trust me we girls love wen guys come up and strt the convo for us! Good luck wit ur ex.

    • Lol I wanna think that's why not to judge but her new boyfriend is butt ugly

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    • Lol well everyone says he's a douche but can anyone really date a douche for long???

    • Kindda- I dated a douche for almost a month then I found out he was using me so I dumped him!

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