Did you have a summer romance that you can't stop thinking about?

Would you like to appear on Steve Harvey Show by telling us your unforgettable summer romance?

Do you still remember that one special summer when you met this total stranger who stole your heart like a summer breeze? Did he or did she disappear suddenly as the summer turns into the fall? Did you lose track of your summer love? Or is it one click, one call away?

Tell us your stories about your comic/tragic/extraordinarily most romantic summer romances/flings and get a chance to appear on Steve Harvey Show.

If an answer is chosen by Steve Harvey, the answerer will appear on the show with his/her story and will be hosted in Chicago during the recording of the show, all travel expenses paid (air, hotel & transportation to/from airport)

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  • I was 18 and I was staying with a detached aunt and uncle in their San Fransisco home. I was there to help care for their two daughters ages 4 and 6 while their home was being remodeled. I wasn't allowed to be left alone for more then 24hours.

    The first time they both parents left was 2weeks into my summer. I wake and start dressing myself when in walks the 27yr czech babysitter, a girl with the figure of every teens wet dreams, doesn't knock, just walks right into the room. I'm standing there naked one leg in and one leg out of my pants. Shock and awe? I froze in place and she quickly closes the door apologizing.

    That was the first time I met this grown woman who would shake my reality down to it's core.

    A little over a month later things are going fine. The house has advanced to a state that is uninhabitable. We're relocated into a condo with all the fixings. Not long after they announce their going to be taking another trip. This time they're going away for a full week. In comes the babysitter and out goes the parental supervision.

    We take the kids to the condos public pool for the day. First time I saw her in a bikini. OMG. I tried so hard to impress this girl that I must have made a complete fool of myself. I swear I was walking around chest pumped out to the max pretending to be the alpha male I wasn't.

    Later that night, kids are in bed, I'm in my room, doing what I can't remember now. In walks the babysitter. I'm standing there mind frozen in place and out of no where she compliments me on my pants. That was all I could handle. I lost it. I don't know what happened but all self restrain went out the window and I launched myself at her and the next thing you know we're tumbling around under the sheets.

    The weekend went on much in the same way. Before the parental supervision returned home she sat me down and had a conversation about how no one can know about what happened. It was an effort, I wanted to tell anyone who would listen, but I restrained myself.


    There was also a week long vacation we all took together at Lake Tahoe.


    The night before I was set to return home they left again and in came the babysitter. I was horrified it was all coming to an end. We mingled twice more that night and the following morning not long before I was set to leave, I couldn't help myself, I told her I was in love.

    I can still remember her facial expression. It was a mixture of confusion, flattery, and pity. She quickly recovered her composure and explained to me that what happened was beautiful but it ends with my trip. After the conversation we had one last romp in the sack and she drove my to the airport.

    We never saw each other or spoke again but I learned a great deal about myself during that summer. I owe her allot and can't thank her enough. It shaped my world at that age and help turn me into the man I am today.

    The End

    [p.s] Sorry... I told everyone who would listen when I got home!

    • Omg lol love this if its true ;)

    • What exactly did you learn about yourself through this experience and what did she teach you that you owe her so much? just wondering.

    • My opinion of myself and my self identity were both scrambled in those days and having someone like that take an interest changed how I perceived myself. It was a pivotal point in my life when I went from feeling like a boy to a man. I wasn't the same person when I returned home.

      And yes titi18, this is all happened. People can ask me factual questions if they like, just don't ask for her name or address :) The story is bare... character restriction limits any real detail.

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  • I had a summer romance. I meet him on Halloween (dressed as a sexy cop haha) through a mate. we hung out about twice then about a month later we had a drunk encounter lol. fast forward a couple more days full of texting and he asked me out on a date, I remember not wanting to tell my mum as I had never been on a 'date' before and I didn't know what to tell her, that and he was 2 years older than me haha, I was 15 and he was 17. that weekend we went out for some food then the next month we were official. :) of course there is no relationship without some drama, which came in the form of his ex trying to break us up but we got through it. that summer was amazing, we spent it just hanging out with each other and having fun. I lost my virginity to him that summer as he was just so amazing and I knew it was right. thankfully my summer romance didn't end as the season finished. after summer we went on road trips and spent even more time together. and to end it all, this December will be our 3 year anniversary, I'm now 18 and he is 20 and we have been living together since we moved from our hometown to go to university at the start of the year. :)

  • Yes, I did last summer.

    I met him in school and the first time I saw him I felt like I had to know him. So after a month of crushing on him in school I went up to him in the halls and tapped him on the shoulder and introduced myself. We hung out and instantly clicked and on our first date we found this tree fortress place with treehouses everywhere and stayed there for hours, and for the first week of knowing each other we hung out every day. After that first week he had to go away for a month and we sent each other pictures every day and talked every second till he got back. And when he did, we had a whole summer together and it was incredible and we fell in love.

    Weird thing is that yeah, in fall things did get pretty sour. Lots of weird stuff went on with him and his thoughts about us and he broke everything we'd had around fall time. Which is sad, because what we had was very special and we could have been great together long term.

    I even thought of our tree place we found on our first date as a metaphor. In summer, we were alive, in fall our love faded, and it winter it was dead. Which is extra ironic because this summer, when the trees were alive again and it summer again, he came back to see me again and we hung out for one day and it was as lovely as it always is with us. He messed it up again though and we left each other in June crying and saying we love each other and we parted ways for the last time.

    But still, yes, I have had a summer romance that did fade away with the seasons! I just hope next time I have a summer romance it lasts through winter, haha.

  • Sort of. I met this guy who lived next door to me. He was bulky and tall and always wore baseball caps. My friends and I liked to make up plays and when he moved in everyone, even his sister, tried to hook us up. So they decided to do Romeo & Juliet. We got through about 2 scenes but never the kissing one until he had to move. It's not much but that's the closest to one I've gotten.

  • I fell madly in love with this guy and he liked me too two summers ago. I can't even remember when it is anymore. Now I have no feelings for him whatsoever but I still see him around a lot cause we live in the same area.

  • Yeah. About 20yrs ago I had met this hottie who was a little older than me. It was just a fling but ahhh it was nice. Did I mention he was Hot?:)

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  • Attending a club meeting for the first time, I was one of two new attendees -- the second being a cute, quiet girl who I would later find myself dating. She didn't talk much at first, but after becoming intrigued by some of my positions she began to ask me questions and engage me in conversation. I quickly learned enough to know that she was someone I might want to see more of and so I asked her out. Not that it was even necessary to wait for an answer... she'd basically been throwing herself at me.

    To say that our 1st date went well would be an understatement -- it lasted 7.5 hours. Our 2nd was spent on a couch with her in my arms as we watched 'Paul'. I kissed her; she was so nervous her voice cracked. Our 3rd was in my bedroom where we became more (but not fully) acquainted with each other; Something we remedied on the 4th date.

    We lived some distance apart and we were both busy with classes so we primarily communicated via e-mail. This facilitated in-depth conversations and we ended up learning far more about each other than was usual in a such a short period of time. We'd meet up once or twice a week and spend the majority of those days in bed. For 3 months we had fun. An almost perfect summer, punctuated by a trip to Seattle and a few days in a private suite.

    Alas we were too different to play well together for long. We were alike in almost every way, except the ways that really counted. She was "spiritual" and I was not, and while my personal philosophy mixed well with her Buddhism I was clearly lacking that supernatural spark. Moreover I'm prone to attacking ideas that I disagree with -- and she was prone to confusing attacks on beliefs with attacks on those who possess them. Combined with my direct manner of speaking she felt that I was endlessly insulting herself and her spiritual friends.

    This idea of hers led to the conversation wherein we agreed that our relationship would end after I moved. We'd enjoy our time together, she'd spend 2 weeks with me in my new apartment and then we'd separate -- perhaps meeting up a few times a month for a roll in the hay until one of us met someone else. That didn't happen. 10 days after we returned from Seattle she misinterpreted something I said and exploded. 2 hours later she said she didn't want to date anymore. This was all via e-mail, 8-10 hours after we'd discussed seeing each other again in two days and I'd walked her from my house to her car.

    I never saw her in person again.

    This is of course an oversimplification. The truth is that she was a troubled girl whose abusive ex-boyfriend had prompted her to repeatedly cut open her upper thighs. The truth is that something happened which caused her to cut herself 4 more times a week prior to her explosion. I don't know what that was. I don't suppose I ever will. In the end all I received was an apology and a vague comment about how she couldn't let anyone care for her, that she deserved to be treated poorly -- something I refused to do.

  • Not a romance but I had a huge crush on a girl a few years ago. We were both counselors for a camp for kids with kidney diseases (we've both had transplants). At first we hit it off great but once I developed feelings for her, my shy side took over and I froze up and stopped talking to her. From that day on, I never stopped thinking about her.

    Recently, we both volunteered at the same camp again. I thought I'd have the courage to finally say something to her, especially since we had chatted on a social network site a few times not too long before then. Unfortunately, I couldn't. One, I didn't want to make things awkward for the both of us during the camp and two, we never really saw each other since we were in different groups the majority of the time.

    I knew she liked me by the constant glances by her and her friends. I had planned on saying something after camp but I had to leave early because of work.

    I think about her every day and I kick myself in the ass for not saying anything. I have this feeling that I know we're meant to be together. I've had these feelings for her for over 5 years. I'm not even sure if I'm going to be able to move on. At least not anytime soon.

  • I meet a girl a few years back during the summer , she was from the city and parents had a cottage here , we meet online and at local bar a few times , it kind of had some potential for a little while then went really sour . it was unfortuenate cause I did like her but maybe it was just a summer fling as they say and had no real potential but at the time I though it was something special . I don't really think about it much anymore as time goes on , no idea what she is up to

  • had a fling with this girl this summer, were still friends and all. probably the most amazing sex I've had and I still think about her even though I know I shouldn't since I have a girlfriend now :P oh well iam only human

  • No summer is the worst time for me to get a date. I rely on rain and fog obscuring her vision. If clearly sees my face its game over.

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