What is the difference between flirting and talking?

I am still confused on what flirting is and just talking. Give me some examples please.


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  • Mostly it's mixed, so it can be confusing.

    Talking is just normal, chitchat you'd have with people of the same sex. So pure conversational, chitchat.
    Flirting is meant to show your interest to the other person in a subtle way. So you'd try to make that person feel special or make them feel like you're really enjoying talking with them.

    Normal talking: ok, thanks, I think I'll do that.
    Talking with flirting: oh wow, that's a great advice. I think I'll do that. You're really smart, is there anything you don't know? ;)


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  • A lot of the time the meld together a bit so it is hard to tell. Flirting is playful and a little or a lot more suggestion than talking. Talking is pure communication.

    Talking: "Wow, you are really good at that!"
    Flirting: "Wow, you are really good at that! Maybe you could teach me sometime?"

    Haha um I don't really know how to give examples. Flirting has a lot of giggling and smiling and fidgeting.

  • Well talking can be from general talk like weather, interest, what happened during the day but flirting and talking can be mixed a bit. Flirting it just taking it to a different level being playful in the conversation or something similar. I just hate when people think being nice is flirting. Some guys think I am flirting when I ask if they are feeling alright, if they had a bad day. I can be nice but I am pretty sure I am not flirting when I am not interested in the guy.

  • Well, talking is exchange of words an opinion but with flirting it's not just talking it also means there's a little bit of playing with some intentions, like to get the attention of the other person, usually sexually. Lol