Yummy Spring Cocktails

Yummy Spring Cocktails

1. Upside-down piña colada rocks

Use the rocks glass. Place a pineapple slice that has been caramelized. Than soaked in pinnacle whip cream vodka, and pineapple syrup equal parts. Light it on fire.

2 oz. maraschino syrup
2 oz. coconut milk
2 oz. pineapple juice
4 oz. Black rum

Shake, and quickly pour. Add a sphere seven up ice ball. Light on fire again.

2. Miss Daisy coupe

2 oz. daisy oil
2 oz. orange oil
3 oz. orange juice
2.5 oz. candied daisy petals
4 oz. sweet champagne
4 oz. white chai tea

Stir in a bowl. Dunk champagne coupes edges in honey. Than in dried orange zest. Pour gently.

3. Watermelon Musical tumbler

6.5 oz. Absolut tune

4 oz. watermelon purée

4 oz. watermelon syrup

8 oz. calypso lemonade frozen ice chunks

Mix, and pour in tumblers.


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  • They all sound very nice lol but I'm not really into stuff like that. I'd rather just stick to vodka and whisky, i don't like to complicate things


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  • I (for obvious reasons) don't drink but I clicked on this and liked it just for the first photo haha.

  • Thank you for #1 lol I love coconut flavored things


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  • Ooh number 3 sounds good but what flavor is Absolut tune? I've never heard of that vodka.


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