5 Easy, Extremely Adaptable Recipes

Don't you hate recipes that require a long list of ingredients and instructions? Do you want to make your life in the kitchen so much simpler? Well, try these recipes!

5 Easy, Extremely Adaptable Recipes

Overnight Oats

Put rolled oats and milk (cow's milk, goat's milk, plant-based milk) into a glass jar to form the base of the recipe. Then, you are free to add whatever your heart desires.

Egg Muffins

Put assorted vegetables or leftover vegetables into a glass measuring cup. Crack open a few eggs and mix the eggs in. Pour the contents in each muffin cup. If you have trouble with pouring the contents, then you may use a pair of chopsticks to grab the items, put the items in the muffin cups, and pour the remaining egg liquid into the muffin cups.

Rice Porridge

Just increase your water-to-rice ratio. The result is rice porridge. You can add whatever you want in it. It's just like eating oatmeal, but more watery.

Frozen Fruits

This is the healthier version of ice cream.

Beans and Rice

Beans and rice consume some preparation time and cooking time, but the end result is a protein-rich, low-fat meal. You may add vegetables and meats to complement the beans and rice.


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  • oeh imma try the egg muffin :P Great idea. BUT on what temperature and on how long should they be in the oven?

    • I usually put the egg muffins in the oven at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Your mileage may vary by your oven's altitude respective to sea level, though.

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    • ty. and oh yeah, i tried ;D it was good :3

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  • i would like to try one of them which is easy


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  • Cool!

  • For the frozen fruit also blend it so it can be more like ice-cream and add honey

    • I think fruit is sweet enough. But if someone has a more intense sweet tooth, then more sugar/honey can be added. Also, whole frozen fruits need no blender. You just eat them whole.

  • Most of these look delicious