4 faulty food crazes


1) sweet potato hummus where sweet potato replaces chickpeas..... to begin with hummus means chickpeas (facepalm). It is an Arabic word... so no chickpeas means no hummus.

Secondly, you are just eating CARBS with CARBS... and removing the protein.

If you are allergic to chickpeas, try another type of legume like almond, cashew or a whitish bean/peas... butters are made out of these types of nuts....

Sure, eat your sweet potato Tahiti paste...but know it can not replace hummus ever in taste or nutritional value. Hummus is also not SWEET. That is like mockery.

Mmmmm. Too bad if you dont like hummus, what is said above is still useful information
Mmmmm. Too bad if you don't like hummus, what is said above is still useful information

2) Gloves.

I think it is good to keep using gloves BUT...It is better to wash hands more than once than to use gloves sometimes. Why? Because people tend to have a false sense of security when using gloves. Maybe YOU don't..and YOU wash your gloves multiple times...but this is not about you.

I am highlighting a common misconception people have.

GLOVES GET DIRTY TOO. Our sense of touch is useful. When your hands are actually feeling soiled with substances , you are more likely to wash them before cross contaminating.

😆 Hygiene is guaranteed MY BUTT (means I think its untrue)
😆 Hygiene is guaranteed MY BUTT (means I think it's untrue)

So a warning/reminder ⚠️ not to automatically assume a restaurant or chef is hygienic because they are using gloves.

Another idea is using different utensils. For example, some people knead dough using a folk or two.

Gloves are great for preventing dry skin on hands and if you have cuts/sores... but in a debate about hygiene, gloves aren't always more hygienic compared to a washes hand

Humans survived just fine without gloves for hundreds of years.

For you who are fussy about gloves, Did your mother/father/caretaker/partner use gloves 100% of the time they were preparing food, salads 🥗 and all????? I'd love to hear that

3) Food that looks like real items... lol ..what's the problem? Somebody is going to damage their mouth or eat something toxic .

Imagine being pranked; someone gives you a scissor or real keyboard packaged like a snack and tells you it's the order you made for candy shaped like a keyboard. It is easy to get inedible items mixed up with food because they look super real...especially in the case of hard candy...

Even manufacturers have done so shady things in history.... When you are ordering things from online companies that live far away, it is also more difficult to control. They may go around changing names.

It is pretty cool craftand I admit... for years people have been making large food sculptures... but those aren't usually available to the public at large.

Mass production sometimes comes with decreased quality. Beware about how you can be tricked or you yourself mistake something for food with this new craze.

😜 I might have ruined some pranks and I don't care because damaging pranks are 💩 .

The last thing I'd say is..yes I know some of you are cruel and don't care about others feelings. For those who do might really go around triggering or traumatizing children depending to the type of things you are eating. Does it need to be Halloween every day? Even Halloween isn't providing such scale of skillfully made candies, merely a few creepy items that are usually low quality in realism... and most people EXPECT things like this on Halloween... but not on regular days.

Or a poor, kid may go on to copy you, and you aren't even with the kid 24/7, then they bite into things that damage their mouth. Or let them be careful what "innocent" videos they watch.

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4 faulty food crazes

HunniBee, pictured above, used a Disclaimer on her video...I wonder why 😏 😏 ....

Lol there are candies that were banned that can kill you..so expect everything.

4) it's not ice cream without cream.. there is a fad making ice-cream without cream lol... go ahead and call it a sorbet....but in this case sorbets (sorbets don't have cream) are the healthier choice, UNLESS your cream is non-dairy... using ice and fruit to create a paste. Smooth, creamy in texture, yet lacking cream...Bananas tend to make it creamy without milk. If you know any fruits like banana, you could use it. But for the love of sense, don't call it ice cream.

Sherbet on the other hand sometimes has dairy products but is meant to be a drink...not frozen dessert...Sherbet is also a powder.

4 faulty food crazes
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