Why do I feel sick after eating Sun Chips?

I had oatmeal for breakfast, butternut squash soup for lunch and then I had a small sip of my mom's frozen alcoholic drink. I got some Sun Chips on the way home, a sugar free Gatorade and a water. After I started eating the Sun Chips and a few sips of Gatorade, I started feeling sick for some reason. I never feel sick after eating or drinking either (not that I have them often) of them. Could it be dehydration? I just thought it was weird, help pls
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Y'all, I found out what was wrong. I saw my primary and he said a medicine I was previously given slowed everything down (i. e. My bowels), which is why I was having stomach upsets. He told me what to purchase to help and now I'm good 👍😊 thanks to anyone who answered and tried to help!
Why do I feel sick after eating Sun Chips?
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