Do you own a cauldron?

Many of you will know my first name Ceri is derived from Ceridwen, the enchantress who owned the cauldron of poetic inspiration.
My late granny had a big one that sat on the fire and always seemed to be full of soup. But you don't see many now except rusty ones in antique shops. (Would you consider a Dutch oven/cast iron pot to be the modern equivalent?)

Since it's nearly Halloween I thought I'd ask do you have a cauldron?
Do you own a cauldron?
Yes I have a traditional cauldron I use for cooking or witchcraft
I have something similar to a cauldron e. g dutch oven or hanging camping pot
I have an ornamental cauldron
I don't own anything like a cauldron
I need a cauldron of GAG inspiration so I can ask great questions
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Do you own a cauldron?
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