Do you like foraging for food?

In the UK many people enjoy a day out in the countryside foraging for food. Ok, a lot of the time it's easier and cheaper to pop to the shop but where is the fun in that?

We've just had the first hard frosts so the sloe pickers will be out gathering sloes from the hedgerows to make sloe gin.

But where do you like to forage and what do you do with your harvest? (I'm guessing most ends up in jams, jellies or wine)
Hedgerows, e. g. Brambles, sloes, rose hips, hazelnuts
Coastal areas,, e. g. Seaweed, cockles, Samphire,
Woodland. E. g. Mushrooms,
Hills and mountains. E. g. Bilberries
Sod that, I'll just go to the shop
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Do you like foraging for food?
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