When girls do nothing but constantly bitch about men


I have only been a part of this site for a few short months. Within the time being on here, I have seen more women bashing on men then I have in my entire life. Its mostly in the opinions section of the questions being asked and not all women are doing it. So if you take offense to this then you are probably one of these women I am referring to. I just want to speak to all of you about some shit.

The "We are in a casual relationship but I like him and I want more but he says he doesn't want a relationship" girls. Lets just start here, where I see a lot of these floating around. Not in all, but in MOST cases, the man you are in a 'casual' relationship with will tell you before even sleeping with you that he is not in it for a relationship, as he wants nothing serious. And you obviously agreed, and that is why you are sleeping together. If you are not one of those women who had this conversation with you fuck buddy then please dont take offense. As I said, this is not directed toward some. ANYWHO- This really bothers me. For One, you agreed to go into this relationship knowing that he wasn't into you at all. He was in it strictly for sex. You possibly went into it because you wanted him anyway you could have him OR you just wanted the sex too but then you caught feelings. I get it! It happens! However, you STILL know what he was looking for. So to later on become this love struck puppy and expect him to just drop what you two had already agreed upon because you want 'more' is completely selfish. Because then not only are you making him feel horrible about even sparking things up with you but you are also making him question why he trusted you enough to engage in this sort of relationship. Note to women- DONT GET INTO A FUCK BUDDY RELATIONSHIP IF YOU ARE JUST TRYING TO SUCK HIM IN. Its pathetic, really.

The "We have gone on one date and he didn't kiss me, should I just assume he has lost interest?" girls. No. Just no. We are women. These types of questions are just in our DNA. I get that. However, just because a guy brings you on a date and doesn't kiss you or hold your hand or whatever, does NOT mean that he isn't interested. Maybe it just means that he simply respects you enough to not overstep invisable boundries. You have to remember that this guy barely knows anything about you! He doesn't know what boundries you have and he doesn't know if you are a "kiss on the first date" type of girl. And even if he did know, maybe he isn't the "kiss on the first date" kind of dude! I know it is hard to believe (with all the men-bashing on here) but some guys still have their respect in tact and still treat women the way they should be treated. Hence, why he didn't jam his tongue down your throat upon your first date.

The "He takes 2 hours to text me back and he doesn't send me smiley faces. Should I be worried?" girls. No, you should not be worried. Not every man likes to look cheesy in a text and send you smiley faces or hearts to show his affection. Some guys would much rather show you then tell you. Which, trust me, isn't a bad thing at all. Actually, its better than telling you. You have to remember that men are hard wired completely differently than women. There for, the things we like to hear or see, probably doesn't even cross their mind because THEY DONT THINK LIKE US! Dont get freaked out so easily. It is the overthinking that will ruin the relationship. As for him not texting back for 2 hours... Not everybody likes being on their phones 24/7. In the beginning of womens relationships, we like speaking to our new lovers as much as humanly possible, right? Right. There for, we will spend our every waking moment speaking to that guy. Even if it is one word texts. We dont care. Because just seeing their name light up our phone is enough to put a huge smile on our faces without even looking at the text! However, men aren't like this. I mean, Im sure some are. But some aren't as well. Some men dont like talking to you all day because then the stories get repeatitive and boring. Men like some mystery, so leave some for him! If you dont, chances are you both will lose interest quicker than you thought possible!

The "He hangs out with his guys more than he hangs out with me?" girls. Okay.. I used to flip shit when my boyfriend did this. Because obviously, I am a girl. And in the beginning of our new relationship I was quite pissed that he would rather go ball with the boys than chill with me. I realized quickly what it was, as I have been with my man for 4 years now. Now, here's the thing.. I found that in the beginning of my relationship, I wanted to spend every second with my man. When he left I would be lonely and straight bored the entire time. So I hated that he was off having a good time while I was stuck at home. I didn't want to go chill with my girls. I wanted to chill with him. But, a little while into the relationship, he tables turned. I wanted to go out and be with my girls, where as he didn't want to go out and do anything. He wanted to stay and chill with me. So given my experience (above), the advice I would give you is this- if your man is out chilling with his boys and having a good time, take advantage of that and go chill with your girls. So that way, when you both get home at whatever time, you will both have had a great day and you can enjoy your night together. If you stay home all day and wait, all pissed off that he ain't with you, chances are you are still gonna be pissed when he gets home later on. There for, to save the fights, just go out with your girls. Its simple. And just because he hangs out with his guys doesn't mean that he doesn't want to be with you. Everybody needs their friends. Even while they are in a relationship.

I'm only going to do one more, where this is a long myTake and it is 12:27am (holy fuck I should be sleeping). The "Why doesn't he bring me out on fancy dates or buy me nice things?" girls. Maybe it was the way I was raised.. But I do NOT believe that your man should be obligated to buy you a bunch of material shit. The going on fancy dates every once in a while thing I can relate to. Because it is nice to go out with your boyfriend every once in a while and go to nice restaraunt or a movie or what have you. I understand that. The "buying me nice things" shit makes me angry. Just because you are dating him does not mean that you need jewelry or purses or new shoes whenever you see fit. He is not your daddy. He is not your personal bank account. He does not owe you anything. Material shit will not help your relationship and the more you expect it, the more your relationship will fail! Money will become an issue! You WILL eventually start fighting over finances and your man will think you are a gold digger. Do I think your man should spoil you? Fucking right I do! BUT you need to spoil your man as well. I spoil my boyfriend all the time. Not with materialistic crap, but with things I know he enjoys. If you want to be spoiled, you have to return the favor.

So to conclude my message:

*Stop over-thinking.

*Stop expecting.

*Start spoiling.

Its not always the men doing it wrong. Sometimes its the women!

When girls do nothing but constantly bitch about men.

When girls do nothing but constantly bitch about men
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  • Remonster
    "Its not always the men doing it wrong. Sometimes its the women!" I wish more women realized this. Some really lack the ability to self-reflect! And of course being raised as a princess who gets her way always doesn't help. :(
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  • Estellexm
    Women do as much things wrong than men. It isn't always the guys fault.
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    • KidInk4

      I wish every woman thought this way

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  • Xelebrum

    Lmao all jokes aside, this has to be the best myTake I've read yet!
  • ArchDruidMordred
    You forgot the "he said I'm not his type, he's such a jerk". I actually saw that exact question. The opinions from the girls were hilariously sexist. But I get what you're trying to say and I love it.
    • DessieDoo

      Wow I haven't seen that one yet. Some girls just need to run their gums about men not being interested because its the only way to heal their wounded ego.

  • HyperOrphic
    I really liked this, I share a lot of the same opinions (in fact there wasn't one I disagreed with) and would like to see you do more posts about men from a woman's perspective. People forget that gender inequality exists on both sides, and men have unfair expectations as well.
  • Octavion
    I think some people just enjoy having drama in their life. It doesn't matter what happens they will find a way to create a stressful situation out of it. I just tend to ignore such people. If they don't have drama they are bored nothing you can do will change that. You can create a situation where you give them exactly everything that they will ask for but they are not satisfied and will try to find a way to screw it up because it's the drama itself that they were craving.
  • genuinlysensitive
    Love it, especially, the he didn't kiss me so he's not interested and he didint text me back wihin 2hrs lo!

    Also, thank you sooo much for pointing out the gold diggers! chances are every guy at least in his early twenties has been used by a gold digger before, and is wary about it. Sorry ladies money does not equal love :p

    There are a lot of guys out there who do it wrong, but thank you for pointing out there are just as many girls who do to :)

    There are a lot of guys out there who do it wrong, but thank you for admitting there are at least
    • DessieDoo

      LOL you are welcome! I get so tired of women thinking that it is a mans fault for everything. Because there are so many people who think that way. Its quite sickening.

    • Its our modern culture, brainwashed by feminism, women are always right, men are stupid, mean, only want sex, etc . Im personally sick of it as well!

    • DessieDoo

      I'm glad I'm not the only one sick of it!

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  • SunDevil11
    Thank you for this! I like to be spoiled sometimes by a girl as well! YES some guys, like myself still have my respect intact and treat women properly :D
  • 26ukdude
    Your boyfriend is one lucky guy, I agree, especially with the over thinking paranoid questions along the lines of: does he/doesnt he/will he/should I/what does it mean when (if) etc.
  • The_Technomancer
    People love to complain, it is more common from women but complaining and creating all that "drama" does get people their sought after attention.
  • DocT1977
    I don't really have much to say other than wow, You have made a very nice case! Well done!
  • kaminalove
    Great take girl! Really :)
  • fenixx0083
    *starts slow-clapping*
  • MrDetermined
    Best take i have seen on here so far.
  • Anonymous
    Other than "Men like some mystery" I would say you're right. I don't like mystery like that, I don't text because I would ust rather talk in person, I don't want to run out of things to talk about when we actually see each other and I'd like to get your proper reaction and be able reaction properly when you tell me stuff. Simple.

    "Men like some mystery" sounds like you're encouraging girls to continue sitting around waiting to guys to text first or approach first or something like that instead of just being direct.
    • DessieDoo

      That wasn't what I meant by mystery at all. But yes, I can see where you're coming from.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, so what did you mean then?

    • DessieDoo

      I meant that guys don't like it when you tell them your whole life story in texts. Leave them to figure stuff out and actually get to know you in person. Have a good day, sir.

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  • Anonymous
    Yeah, I don't get it. Why so negative (ladies and gents)? Granted, I've been guilty of seeking advice about the "He made plans with me but flaked out and it's been weeks of silence" question. I know the answer, but I guess when I first started on her a while ago I wanted validation on my thoughts and get opinions.

    These are really good points, and I agree. Nice myTake!