Things Women Do That Piss Good Guys Off While Dating


Congratulations! You're finally tired of Dating dominant neanderthals who don't drive, create lots of drama, and shortly quit their job almost immediately after moving in with you! You're ready now to take a bolder step to an ENTIRELY different realm of dating filled with different rules when it comes to dating us good guys (sometimes referred to as nice guys... I don't mean THOSE nice guys by the way that think you owe them just because they are nice). I know it can be a little confusing... So here's some tips.

Things Women do that piss good guys off while dating.

1. If you are dating a more shy type of good guy He isn't ALWAYS going to be aggressive.

Just talking to you might be nerve wracking for him, or asking you out, or holding your hand on the first date, or even kissing you! He probably doesn't have a lot of experience so give him some credit! When you want to move things along, Drop big hints that are hard to miss, or if you have no problem taking control once in a while, just do so. Remember: he's not a player, so don't treat him like one or expect him to act like one

2. Stop playing hard to get.

Ok, he's already talking and laughing with you. You've gone out a few times together, you like him, he wants to take things further with you (at any stage) and you... Run and then act all surprised when he won't play along or even avoids you? No! I overhear girls talk a lot where i work and out at other social venues. I really cringe at a lot of advice that I hear other girls give their friends. Things like, "if he really likes you he'll keep chasing you.". Okay... Maybe works with player types who do like to chase and pursue a lot... But not really with more reserved, shy or nice guys. It might be a big thing just to ask you to the dance floor at a club, or your number or whatever. So if you feel good about him so far, say yes, no need to tease too much. If you go too far and he gets a disappointed blank look, just say, "awe I'm just kidding. of course I will.." and be playful.

Things Women Do That Piss Good Guys Off While Dating

3. Listening to your friends and/or other useless dating articles (like this one) advice, when it doesn't apply to him.

Do you already have some positive experiences together? Good build on THAT. Does he tell you what he likes and doesn't like or go out of his way to tell you what really works with him? Really listen to that and heed that advice. Did you ever finally cross a certain boundary with him on your own and establish a more easygoing relationship with him? Good build on that too. If the advice you get doesn't really fit don't try to force him into that model, use what you already know what works with him. Remember it's two steps forward one step back not one step forward two steps back.

4.The no chemistry excuse.

For god's sake you've only been on one date so far... You can't expect him to sweep you off your feet into Disneyland (or whatever it is you expect) right away. You were attracted enough to say yes the first time, so try a bit longer. If talking isn't his strong suit right off the bat, try a few dates where you just do different things together, Karaoke bar, dance lessons, or anything that gets you spending more time with him and finding out what he's really like that doesn't always just involve sitting or walking and talking.

5. He's not a texting guru.

Remember he probably doesn't have much experience anyway, he's much better in person (as you already know) anyway so only use texts to set up a meet and/or wish each other a good day, or to sort of check in.

6. If things aren't working, promptly just say so and walk away.

Why not? He might be a little hurt if you abruptly have to end things if you don't really feel it. but it is much more insidious to a person's soul if you just stop talking to him. It doesn't matter how deep in the relationship you are, (just friends first or dating) Communication is key.

Things Women Do That Piss Good Guys Off While Dating

7. If it pisses you off, it will probably piss him off too!

Don't like guys texting on dates? Don't do it. Don't like guys that brag about their other girls they are seeing? Don't do that either. Don't like it when your guy flirts with other girls in front of you? Definitely don't do that. On the plus side. if he does things you like. reward him with doing things he likes! Common sense!

Things Women Do That Piss Good Guys Off While Dating

Good luck! :-)

Things Women Do That Piss Good Guys Off While Dating
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  • Azara
    are you qualifying 'dominant AND doesn't drive aAND quits his job, because you think just 'dominant is ok, or are you just painting an overall picture of the kind of guy you're thinking of. i just ask because a lot off women myself included are not attracted to guys trying to be dominant and its not bc they don't drive or lose a job. its bc their behavior is unnecessary patronizing disrespectful and unattractive. and they are usually intractably sexist.

    i have nothing to say against your article--except perhaps that its directed at women. i dont think anyone, man or woman should do the things you tell women not to do. and men and women do these things.

    one thing though, i think barring physical violence or a situation where a person is being coerced--it takes two. there's never a situation where only one person is playing games. being complicit in ages is participating. if a person does not want to play games then they have a responsibility to not condone it by putting up with it. of course people should not play games, but they do. so if you really don't like it, object. call them out on it. be willing to walk away.

    players will play until there's no one to play with. its a lot like bullying. you have to stand up against it so that is ceases to be beneficial to the culprit.
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    • Azara

      honest communication is great bc it keeps things clear and l;etas you know the other is not laying--or is. players will always evade direct communicxayion., as will a shy person if they feel uncertain about your mptiveds. but if you're clear and show trustworthiness, this will expose a plater, bc a genuine but shy person will be honest with an honest person, a player will not. they'll milk any oopportunity to try to hold control over you best way to control someone is to keep them in the dark. remain ambiguous. make them wonder then feel crazy for 'thinking too much'.

      so communicate ! which isn't easy, but some people are worth the effort. some. :)

    • ranma187

      Your long post was kind of way off mark meaning it hardly addressed the issues it discussed... and the opening line of my article was Satire... however it is based upon a girl i used to work with. Girls dating guys like that is quite epidemic around here. and Wahh I made a post directed at women. BOOHOO. I have a penis and you have a vagina, and no matter how much hormones i could pump into my body or chop my privates up, i can never give birth or have periods. different genders exist, deal with it. Also spell check is your friend!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    Looking at this, the one that sticks out to me the most in #4. Women are funny sometimes... do you expect me to sweep you off your feet on the very first date, make you fall in love with me on the very first date?

    A lot of women seem to want that fairy tale love, similar to those Disney movies... BUT in those Disney movies, Beauty & The Beast for example, they didn't fall in love in under 2 minutes. After Belle and Beast spent a lot of time together, their chemistry built and got stronger. That is how the fairy tale movies work.

    However, a lot of women seem to think that is man can't "woo" her in under 5 minutes, it isn't going to work... and that is why you ladies always end up with the wrong man.

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    • This is a perfect example of what chemistry is really like for a long term relationship. The couple that hit it off right away might not have anything special within just a few months.

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  • bleeeep
    "Drop the games and just be straight forward" would be a good one to add to the list. In my own experiences, women have tried to play games in an attempt to increase my level of interest or to get me to chase her. NOPE! I'd probably laugh a little then move on. No room for games and I'm certainly not going to waste time on a woman who thinks playing childish games is somehow cute or endearing. I find it to be vaguely insulting.
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    • And you shouldn't waste time on things your not interested in. I know a lot of girls who play little games and they usually find guys who play little games back or who don't mind chasing and proving themselves if the need be (I know guys who also plays this game as well and it generally works well for them too, it all comes down to who you chose to play with) and are happy. If that's not for you there are a lot of girls that don't play the games... that's the whole point of dating, finding someone who jives well with you. Playing games doesn't make them wrong per say, just wrong for you & by doing that from the start they are saving you both time.

  • 10dsw
    "if he really likes you he'll keep chasing you."

    I'm not shy around women, but I am a "good person" technically. Knowing this, I will only chase a tiny bit. If they do not reciprocate because they are trying to play hard to get... well goodbye then!

    Seeing how far a guy will go by playing hard to get is already an indicator that the relationship will suck in the long run...
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  • aliceinwonderland69
    I agree with all of this except 4. If I go on a few dates with a guy and there still isn't any chemistry I get accused of leading him on. From my experience if you don't want to fuck someone after a couple of dates you probably never will.
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    • ranma187

      If you don't wanna fuck him, why even go on a date?

    • Women aren't like men it takes longer than a few seconds for us to figure out if we are attracted to someone.

    • ranma187

      Then why do strangers look at my crotch within the first few seconds?

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  • LittleSally
    I agree with all of these! =)

    Except the chemistry one - if there is no chemistry right off the bat (You say 'yes' to a date because they're cute and you pray there's chemistry later on) - there isn't going to be any later. I've wasted some of my time and the other person's thinking that this is something that can be changed. Not again. Live and learn.
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    • cyndyrene

      Girl, yes!!!

      Chemistry is no joke. If I don't want to jump you everytime I see you. Then I don't want to see you.

    • Echo123

      On the contrary, I fell deeply in love with a man who I at first had no attraction to. Attraction will fade OR grow as you get to know someone better.

    • dudeman

      i disagree with you on the chemistry part.

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  • RationalMale
    Agreed. It drives me insane when girls meet, then they act kind of standoffish from the start, and then say there was no chemistry. It's like "WTF, was I supposed to bodyslam you and start tearing your clothing off?"
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  • Phoenix98
    I agree with all except 4, as that is kind of a grey area sometimes you know right off the bat if there is chemistry and other times it takes a little bit, and other times usually you'll know by the 2nd or 3rd date. It just kind of depends on the individuals your dealing with so there is no real cookie cutter answer for that one.
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  • onikage
    I agree with this take. I think to make it clearer give examples on 4 and 6 for I think people are interpreting it wrong. 4 is assuming it's their first time meeting an most will have built up false expectations to be swep off their feet like you put it. And as for 6 they've already been on a few dates but it's not going anywhere it's better to end it right there. Most females won't however because they're typically the ones that are benefiting from keeping it going from first hand experience.
  • meatballs21
    Very good take.

    Some observations:

    4 and 6 contradict each other somewhat! Give him a chance, but if things just aren’t working, walk away?

    You keep saying the guy ‘probably’ isn’t very experienced. Being a good decent guy =/= inexperience.

    Once you’ve experienced proper chemistry with someone (when you immediately hit it off, and are like old friends in no time at all) you’ll know why it’s so important to have.
    • You just need to find the right balance. It is good to keep an open mind, but you also need to know when to call it quits.

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I will throw in a disclaimer first, I am sure guys do things that annoy girls too but that said there is a lot of truth in what you say, if a girl goes for that type of guy, a lot of your points will come up in their relationship.
  • 106473
    communication communication communication thats all we ask for. These one to three word answers don't give us an answer especially if we ask you how you are and just make us want to ask again but then we don't because we realize we won't get a solid answer. Better to tell us then leave us in la la land wondering if we fucked up.
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  • thatboye
    Story of my life. I have been cheated on most of my life because I have been a really nice guy, and the women I dated told me because i'm "too" nice or soft. No big deal I just do me, and keep on going.
  • astrOnaut01
    Cannot stress #2 enough.

    Many players will still chase, even though they only want sex and many other guys aren't as keen on chasing, even though they want more than sex, which they don't necessarily even want (the sex).
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  • Echo123
    Playing hard to get... If a person enjoys that senerio I'd avoid him completely.
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  • Fugue
    The word "chemistry" in the dating context makes me want to puke. It reminds me of Lacy Green saying something like 'it's so science".
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  • John_Doesnt
    I hate it when they mace me on the first date or use a taser on my balls. Or when they ask "What are you thinking about?"
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  • BullyDawg
    Problem is we stand next to you daily say hi and smile but we are rarely noticed hugz ladies your best friend could be your best romance.
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  • SüßeJäger
    I don't necessarily agree with every detail but generally, a good article.
  • samhradh_leannan
    Most of these are fairly good advice, but I disagree with the chemistry one. Chemistry isn't something you can force, and if it isn't there once you start to get to know someone a little, it probably never will be. I was friends with my current boyfriend for a couple of years before we started dating, and we went from not having chemistry to having chemistry (or at least realizing that we had chemistry). But that was because of changes that took place in both of our lives and our friendship that allowed us to start seeing each other in a different light. We both broke up with our previous significant others, we started to spend more time together one on one, etc. There were reasons why we didn't initially feel chemistry and those reasons went away. If you're already in a dating situation with someone and you still don't feel like you have chemistry with them, I'm not sure what would suddenly cause chemistry to appear.
  • Calex
    I didn't read the whole take but I like it. I am very inexperienced and I find it disheartening that some girls expect me to be all "player like" just like other guys.
  • Corine
    Points 1 and 2 are very pertinent and relevant. Good post!
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  • Steelcore1085
    This is definitely my favorite MyTake I've read so far on here. Thank you for writing this!
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  • michael45
    I am so happy my girlfriend made it so easy for me. For an 18 year old she was really direct lol.
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  • soulbabe
    i agree with ya. I don't really know why people find it so hard to understand how guys feel.
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Lolo thanks for this, we need more of these types of my_takes
  • JoeAlmighty92
    Well I like this very much so. Gives us nice a good chance at dating.
  • talloak
    Excellent points to ponder!
  • Belliebella
    Very nice take and very helpful!
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  • joeb73
    really good my take
  • the_rake
    I love this take
  • HoneyButterCup525
    Pretty good my take, two tumbs up!
  • admles
    2, 3, and 5 cannot be stressed enough!
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    • Poppykate

      5/ I have some funny stories about my 65 year old Dad, who is dating again for the first time in 35 years, and has just discovered texting!. I am so glad I don't have a mobile phone!.
      2/ I think that sometimes guys will think a girl is playing hard to get, but it is just shyness. ( I know that this is usually the case with me)
      3/ is anyone still reading dating advice in magazines anymore? Horrible advice! The three day rule is the worse. If you like someone, make that call, book that date, before someone else does!

  • Anonymous
    Agree with all accept 1 and 4.
    Yes she can't expect him to always be aggressive, but if that's something she's attracted to she probably should be with another guy.
    Which leads into 4. If there's no chemistry you'll know very quickly. One to three dates is enough time to find out.
    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
    I also agree that this is great, but #4 has some gray area. We're constantly told to give guys a chance even if we don't find them very attractive... But when we do, we're leading them on or aren't allowed to turn back peacefully after a date or two (even splitting them!). It's a no win.
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  • Anonymous
    Sorry but this take goes against women biology to want assertive men. They want a leader who is not afraid to make his attention known. Man up and stop being beta.
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    • Says the guy who decided to go anonymous...

    • Anonymous

      @Steelcore1085 Says the bunch of whiners who expect women to change their sexual desires for them. What your asking women to do is the same as if a woman wrote a mytake telling men they should like fat chicks.

    • I'm so glad someone finally gets it.

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  • Anonymous
    6 and 4 seem contradictory.

    6 is the correct one.