5 Insanely Stupid Things Women Say About Nice Guys

1. Nice guys aren't really nice

Duh! We're not talking about bad men who pretend to be nice guys, we're talking about genuine nice guys. Yes, even the genuine nice guys usually get rejected or cheated on. So again, we're not talking about bad men who pretend to be nice, we're talking about genuine nice guys being rejected and finishing last.

2. Nice guys have a victim mentality

Well yer, because they ARE victims. They see other men being rewarded with sex and beautiful women for simply being assholes or jerks, while the nice guys continue to get rejected. Nice guys are being deprived of sex (unless they pay for it) and are being deprived of a happy relationship, all because women today are more interested in having fun and excitement with a bad boy rather than have love and commitment with a nice guy.

3. Nice guys lack confidence

Well considering how bitchy and unpleasant women can be today, it's no surprise that a lot of men lack confidence when it comes to dating women. And even if a man lacks confidence, if that a good enough reason to reject him? He could have a heart of gold. If only women weren't so shallow.

4. Nice guys are bitter towards women

Oh no, how awful. What have women done that could possibly make so many nice guys turn bitter? Like I said before, nice guys constantly get turned down while seeing assholes and bad boys get all the sex and beautiful women, while at the same time women complain that there's very few good men left. I don't know why people find it puzzling as to why lots of men become bitter towards women. I thought it was blatantly obvious.

Imagine if you, as a woman, desired to be in a loving relationship. You were a sweet caring lady who was faithful and respectful towards men. But you kept getting rejected and had to witness all the bad women getting all the good men. It would be soul destroying. The injustice and unfairness would eat away at you and eventually make you bitter towards men. All you want is a loving relationship and you keep getting rejected just for being a sweet caring lady. Go figure!

5. Nice guys just hate confident guys who are successful with women.

In my experience nice guys don't hate other successful men. What nice guys hate is their frustration of the stupidity of women who choose bad guys and then complain when they get treated badly, while at the same time keep rejecting good men. If women rejected the bad men then the bad men and assholes wouldn't get the chance to treat women badly. So nice guys don't hate the successful men who get the women, they just hate the stupidity of women who choose these kinds of guys.


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  • Just because women don't like you doesn't mean that you're a nice guy. and just because women do like a guy doesn't mean he is a bad guy. There are actually guys out there who can get in relationships and aren't assholes. So why can't nice guys look at those guys and think "What am I doing wrong and how can I improve?" instead of expecting women to change their preferences to date you? More than likely it's an attraction issue and that particular nice guy just isn't that attractive to the women he's trying to go for.

    • I believe that was covered in #2 and #5

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    • @SinisterS yourworfs are wasted on this one

    • I would also add. Just because women don't like you doesn't mean you're not a nice guy and just because women do like a guy doesn't mean he's not a bad guy.

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  • Do you think a girl that is so unbelievably hot and can have just about any guy she could ever want, will settle down with a person that has this type of mentality? The reason girls go for "assholes" is because they want a guy that respects themselves and has confidence in their abilities. If it's not the "asshole" inside them that attracts girls... then what is it?

    The "assholes" that always get laid are the ones that show self worth, confidence, stand up for themselves, stand up for the woman, provide a challenge for her, are still very nice but don't fall in line to do her dirty work, are spontaneous, and do not consider themselves VICTIMS!!

    From my understanding of nice guys, most of them are very judgmental, do the girls dirty work, have no self-worth, lack confidence, act as victims, hate on people just because they have sex, and never try to change themselves for the better!

    In you're eyes, I would be considered an "asshole," but in reality, I'm one of the nicest guys you will ever meet! So how do I turn girls on? I stand up for myself and her, don't whine about my problems, provide support for her problems, be a little cocky with her, show my confidence and self-worth, provide a challenge, make her laugh, and above all I respect her BUT don't let her rule my life!!

    • Not true at all.

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    • and the reason why I know what a "BAD BOY" is is because I was one I changed my life around cause i had no choice cause I "HIT ROCK BOTTOM" okay I've worked through full spectrum in everything in life and you wouldn't know that cause you ain't been around my life to know that and I have a lot more of an understanding then you do i'm ahead of you in years of understanding I've been around people I've dealt with all kinds of people to understand who I'm dealing with and everybody is ignorant of the fact that they think they know who I am

    • in case you were wondering your dealing with an "INDIGO CHILD"

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  • Why are nice guys attracted to women who make bad relationship decisions?

    • They're nice but they don't care if the girls nice only if they're hot.

      Oh and they're also probably just not actually nice...

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    • @TayTay21 Exactly. I see that happen ALL the time.

    • I ask myself that question everday. And why do they get all upset when the girls that don't even deserve nor appreciate a good guy rejects them when there are other girls they could be chasing after?

  • Well, there are Nice Guys™, who are actually bitter crybabies who still think life is supposed to be "fair" (and that *they* should get to decide what "fair" means, on top of it)...
    ... and there are guys who are actually nice.

    Do not confuse the two.

    • Nice Guy™ have a much lower libido than Assholes or Bad Boys. They can't produce enough androgen to rep up their libidos.

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    • @Paul6754 I make most of my living counseling people on *exactly* this kind of stuff. Stand down, bruh.

      Yes, there's a primitive correlation between androgen levels and sex drive, but, there are plenty of confounding variables.

      In most people, if there's a flood of extra testosterone/androgens, that will just cause SHBG to rise concurrently and "bind" the extra androgens -- with the net result that FREE testosterone remains almost constant, and libido tends not to change (and can actually take a nosedive, in many cases).

      Libido also depends on high estrogen and low prolactin levels, too -- and those two tend to "shut off the valve" much more abruptly. In other words, low estradiol and/or high prolactin will pretty much TOTALLY cut off sex drive, in a way that low androgens don't. (Hence why bodybuilders taking Arimidex don't usually have much of a sex drive -- it knocks estrogen down too low, and *poof* there goes the libido, pretty much regardless of androgen levels).

    • It's not confusing the two; they have most everything in common, except some don't let it 'get' to them.

  • "Imagine if you, as a woman, desired to be in a loving relationship. You were a sweet caring lady who was faithful and respectful towards men. But you kept getting rejected and had to witness all the bad women getting all the good men."

    Do you really think this never happens? Do you really think men are the only ones who get rejected, or watch the people they'd like to date choosing others, or feel lonely and unattractive, or experience heartbreak? This is a human issue, not a gender issue. And by making it a gender issue, you are falling right into that bitter, self-proclaimed "nice guy" stereotype.

    • It is indeed a gender issue.

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    • @CancerianMan81 The problem is rabbit problem with women men want problem solve like green trees problem is soon can't solve men don't problem the squirrels have taken it upon themselves to women want men to do nothing and there's a problem

    • @CancerianMan81 Oh, what's that, you can't understand what I mean? Too bad, don't feel like speaking English umbrella was smoothed running sponge layer this wishing crouton

  • The guy whose whole identity is 'the nice guy' - is a coward who either never asks a woman out, never even looks at women because he's afraid (that she'll kill him? no idea why...), or the dude who asked a woman out once and since bing rejected, has become all these things you said nice guys aren't.

    • The really funny thing though is that people assume real nice guys are completely oblivious to the fact their nice.
      People have the ability of introspection and extrospection. So they have the ability to see who they are and how they act compared to the people around them.

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    • or the guy who asks out many women trued every thing they could to improve and still got no's?

    • These nice guys gotta SHOW this supposed inner strength they have, how "strong" is a guy who CHOOSES to not openly show that he is into a woman?

  • The issue is that some men who say and complain about being "nice guys" is that they're NOT really nice.

    They're men who are pushovers. The ones who let people (not just women) walk ALL over them. They don't know when to say "NO".

    & Personally, I prefer a *sweet* guy to a nice guy any day. Yep, there's a different (i. m. o)

    • Go back and read point number 1. Duh!

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    • @CancerianMan81 - That shows you're not nice. Name calling.

      Already over it. Byeee

    • 1. "The issue is that some men who say and complain about being "nice guys" is that they're NOT really nice."

      So then, you really don't hate "nice guys". You hate liars. Just like if a guy lied to you about being single, being a millionaire, being a Dr., or whatever else. Do you say "I hate married men/men in relationships!" if you find out he lied about being single? NO! So why do so many women insist on bashing nice guys? It needs to stop!

  • ... and here we are again. The self proclaimed "nice guy" who NEVER stops bitching and whining about women, and then gets upset when women don't agree that they owe him something

    Whilst there are plenty of nice guys out there who deserve great women, you, sir, are not a "nice guy"
    Women are not to blame for the fact that you can't get one, it's your own shitty attitude... and that is a fact.

    Stop blaming everyone else and take a look at yourself.

    • "damn it!!! I'm being so nice, why won't she fuck me? ugh I fucking hate women those stupid bitches!!!"

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    • The fact that you're so bitter about women. Otherwise why do you care?

    • @Carefuloutthere I'm just putting the truth out there. If you don't like it then why even bother commenting?

  • So much bitterness in this post. How attractive.

  • bahaaa 2nd person who got pissed by my Take lol

  • A lot of nice guys are bitter crybabies... the ones I've met are anyway.

    • then they aren't necessarily nice guys. just bitter cry babies

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    • @ObscuredBeyond I was just asking because you kind of came out of no where with a rant against women. I know plenty of girls who think they are nice and they aren't, they're bitches and psychotic. But I only commented about the Nice Guys because that's what the Take is about, not nice women.

    • Well, that does make more sense. I'm just hoping to meet a girl who is normal. I've had my fill of pscyhos.

  • um well im a tom boy so i guess i see an ass hole when i see one so i can say i have never been with or even thought abut being with bad guys but i have only had to bf's im still with the second one and he's just as nice as can be and i love him more for it i have had ass holes try to hook up with me and i always end up getting pissed off at them being arrogant and trying to talk to me like im lower than them i think the last guy who thought he was bad ass and could treat me like shit i punched him i dont like being pushed around lol but i do under stand why nice guys would get mad abut women being air heads

    • THANK YOU!!!

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    • all joking aside and it's not nothing against women in general but it's best to not deal with women cause my mom always tells me not to deal with women cause their nothing but fucking trouble God love my mom she always has been with me through the worst of times and the best of times I couldn't ask for a better mother

    • but me I act to much like my dad

  • I think most of this is true except #3. I think a lot of nice guys are too self-conscious and don't feel like they're what girls want, so they doubt themselves and end up sabotaging their chances. Nice guys need to learn to be more ruthless and just go for what they want.

    Otherwise, yes, I'd agree that most younger girls will choose losers over the respectful gentleman in most cases. Most girls don't come to appreciate nice guys until they've been fucked around a bit by sexy losers lol.

    • Well true. But again that is what is core of being nice person you care about things more then you should. Being ruthless if ether not caring or caring and forcing your self to act like you dont care.
      Problem with girls going for nice guys when they crash and burn hard many times is that some of guys at that point will look at them like damaged goods, like something that would remind them of all hard time they had with girls will she was messing around with everyone and now thous guys dont want her any more. World is weird place where things dont really work way the should. So you get 3 options 1) adapt (become somewhat bad or sleazebag) 2) keep doing same thing and fail and lose 3) say to hell with it all i set my own rules and dont need anyone

    • @SinisterS What I mean by being ruthless is that nice guys should not worry so much about what girls think and go for what they what.

      Remember, sometimes girls don't even notice a guy until he steps up and shows some interest. Most girls want to know who wants us. Many of us are open to various types of guys, but the critical thing is that a guy makes his interest known. You'd be amazed at the change in a girl's attitude about a guy after she finds out he's interested and willing to put himself out there.

      So it's not about forcing yourself on anyone, it's about chasing a bit. I feel bad for guys who get rejected a lot, but there are things they can do to make themselves more attractive. There are waaay too many guys who put zero effort into the way they dress, their fitness, and their social skills and then complain about why they can't get girls. Yet these same guys put hundreds of hours of effort into mastering other skills. I don't get it.

    • I like this reply after i lose my ex through a forced break up by her parents too someone she told me she felt like nothing but a bootycall too. All i did was 2rd guestmysel and become so self-conscious.. i started to feel like every women wanted to be treat like a sex objected and a little like shit but good nicely at the same time. I almost let my ex girlfriend parents change who i am.. but took a year off yo improve on myself and said even if thats what women want i dont wanna be that kind of guy. Now every other day people tell me i seem like a nice guy&gentmen in factat work someone was telling me that.. we mostly talked about the fact i wanna be a nurse. But anyway i can see how so many guys are turned into bitter dicks by younger girls becuase even through i find a new girlfriend thats a lot more mature then my ex girlfriend she's toll effects me till this day. I even face 1 problem i did with my ex girlfriend with the new girl her parentslol

  • Lmao what a joke

  • aw look guys it's another bitter nice guy how cute (:

    • You're unwittingly proving his point.

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    • @ShaeNielson For someone who pretends to hate generalizations you sure do have a lot of them:

      "No woman hates a man who treats her with respect and thoughtfullness." Multiple personal examples of that generalization being untrue, not to mention what others say.

      "You blame all women..." I don't. I blame women who constantly tell other women that nice guys are frauds, are doormats etc., is it any surprise that when these women encounter men who are thoughtful and respectful they are immediately suspicious and assume we are lying? No, because certain women make a hobby out of demonizing men who act like that.

  • My boyfriend is nice and not bitter, a woman hater, or a wolf on sheep's clothing. I really can't believe this (the nice guy lament) is a thing. Nice sweet guys, I love them 😚😘😍

  • Maybe of you want to convince the world you're a nice guy, don't write a bitter take about how horrible women are and how much of an innocent victim you are. You're proving their point.

    • Free world... I guess its ok to say guys are all assholes, guys only want to use girls, guys only think about 1 thing, talk about gender equality in world that is getting under strong feminist influence and demonizing everything that is male. Guess writing something like this and sharing honest and open opinion about something like this just make you bad person and not just bad person make you misoginist, hateful cry baby woos who is worse than Hitler and devil combined.

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    • @skykidx1 You hit the nail on the head. It's women's stupidity that is the most frustrating, constantly going for men who treat them badly. Idiots.

    • Yea it does suck but they will realize it when it too late... am with a new. Girl and why its not like what i had with my ex girlfriend.. she makes me happpy and i truly love her. And even better shebloves me for who i am as a person and truest me so much it makes me afarid

  • I actually go through 4, but I don't hate men for it. I've never been in a relationship because I am not pretty, but I don't get bitter towards guys at all. The hatred is directed at myself instead and my looks. I am going to be 30 soon, but I've never been in a relationship.

  • U r telling that nice guys r being rejected but most of the time we girls are not able to figure out who actually the nice guy is... The problem is nice guys usually gives up on girls n bad guys who pretend to be nice keep trying so the problem to this solution is nice guys should Hv little confident on themselves at least they should start loving themselves then only a girl will able to love her...

    • Grammar > abbreviations

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    • so you didn't is the problem

    • One of the reasons women say they "love bad boys" is that "they need to be fixed." So do a lot of nice guys. Most of us have poorly developed social skills. We need to be helped, just like the "bad boys." that women get so wet over.

  • Being nice is not the most important part of a relationship, sorry folks. Anyone can be nice. Kissing, cuddling, compliments, taking us out on dates, yeah that's all nice, but any guy can do that. Lots of guys pride themselves on these things but almost anyone can do them with ease. Those things don't take a lot of work.

    No matter how nice you are, you still need to have a job, a car, some level of initiative. You need to be responsible, do half of the work of the work in the relationship and don't rely on us to do everything for you.

    • Yeah well I guess shagging an asshole is much better than a good guy.

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    • My gold-digger sense is tingling!

    • I can argee with this 100% but you can't expected every man to have his life together unless their parents give it too them. Most people both man&women gotta work hard to be independent. Which is something my ex girlfriend didn't understand after being given everything her whloe life and begging me to not join the marines. i flapped my life around for her and she expected me to fix my life fast when i give up everything i every wanted for her... we break up o will. 1 year later i got 2 jobs thinking of quiting 1 for a Fed ex job I don't know yet but going to a trade school when the summer up but waiting on my house to be fix up after a bad fire and even got my promote which was a bad fear of mine... lets just saybi get sick just riding a bus so didn't even through how i was gonna drive car. But now that i am driving a car i feel perfect fine but still get sick on a bus or if anyone else is driving funnyright?

  • Humans damn it humans!!! XD so fucking complicated.

  • Yeah yeah this is the world we live in. People are going to judge you for anything. We just have to deal with it.

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What Guys Said 42

  • But you're not a nice guy so I don't know why you'd be upset.

  • Being confident and nice are not mutually exclusive.

    What you are describing is simply lack of maturity.

  • 1) In the context of dating and romance, a "nice guy" refers to a guy who thinks women will like him if he nice to them. A genuinely nice guy and "nice guy" are not the same thing. A "nice guy" is nice to women because he believe that will make them attracted to him, hence the name "nice guy", but when they inevitable are not he gets upset and passive-aggressive and sometimes even physically violent simply because he didn't get his way.

    2) Nobody owes anybody love or sex, so it is not possible to be deprived of love or sex from someone in that sense. If a fat and ugly woman bakes you cookies because she likes you, are you obligated to sleep with her? No. Neither is a woman obligated to have sex with you because you were nice to her.

    3) Confidence is close to, if not the number one thing women are attracted to. Of course they are going to reject guys who don't have it. What kind of dumb question is that?

    4) Same as #3. No one owes you love or sex. Suck it up bitch, if you're bitter you've no one to blame but yourself.

    5) No idea who nice guys hate, but you're acting like a victim again, see #2.

  • "Nice guys" are cringe af.

  • Yup, good MyTake.

    It is astounding how many gals (in the real world and the internet world) are suspicious, "on guard", and un-relaxed in general when in the presence of, and conversing with, a genuinely nice and good guy like me initially,

    thinking that I am "hiding something", "have an ulterior motive", or the worst of all "I'm putting on an act".


    It is so exhausting that at times I am punished for being a genuinely compassionate and sociable person by some gals in the beginnings of interaction. So annoying having to wait to drop the Gal Shield. Absolute bullshit.

    Then again, I don't know how many fake "nice guys" there are in the world that approach women with deceitful intent.

    • Yep. Prof brings it, as usual.

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    • you know all this talk about nice guys hating the whole female gender race is nonsense we just don't like the things they do that's all... all because we've had a few bad relationships we get over past relationships because their in the past their not here no more but what I think you women have a hard time with that you don't let your past relationship go it's killing the relationship with the new guys that are coming in your life if you girls don't straighten it out your not going to have a good life cause men are getting sick of it

    • another thing us men are getting sick of is being demonized and criminalized when were not doing anything but trying to help the situation the one thing and this is just me that i'm talking about is i'm tired of women not accepting my emotions that's almost like saying that women don't want to be human like they want to be a brainless robot I just don't fucking get it

  • Hehehehe... good thing i switched over to the dark side when i was younger huh. Sadly, im still called bitter, apparently the definition of bitter to women now is pretty much anything they want it to be.
    Nice guys--bitter because of non-realized feminine stupidity
    Guys like me- bitter because we happen to speak our mind and they don't like it
    Jerks--bitter because some girl broke their heart/mommy issues...

  • Confidence is perhaps the biggest factor and it's a pretty big deal when it comes to winning someone over. A real women wants a man that has it together and carries himself in a way that says "I got this" Confidence is sexy. Whining, complaining and lack of confidence are not attractive traits. When I was younger I used to think that it wasnt' a big deal, but it really is and you need to be confident if you ever hope to get the attention of a good women. . Any guy can be "nice" and as you put it have a "heart of gold" it's nothing special. It's kind of what your supposed to do as a civilized human being. If thats all that it took then every guy would at least have a girlfriend if not already married, but that's not how it works. I don't think I need to tell you that. The best thing any "nice guy" can do is to take a step back and stop trying so hard. Focus on your plans and your goals and living your life. You need to be happy with who you are first. If you not happy single you won't be happy taken, real happiness comes from within, not from someone else, although the right person can do much to compliment your life. I was once this kind of whinny nice guy, but once I started just focusing on my life and goals became more confident in who I was, and not looking for a partner that's when things changed and the women started paying attention to me. Don't sweat it and just focus on you.

  • Yet again we come to the delima of actual nice guys and the fakers... Can we just start differentiating between real nice guys and fakers because it's made it difficult on me since I'm generally a nice guy who is a hopeless romantic, but I have been given this terrible persona because of the i guess you would call them "imitators"

  • I still haven't witnessed this phenomenon where the bad boys get girls and nice guys are all loners.
    I think pretty much any guy with some attractive qualities gets girls. The only ones who dont , are probably pushovers or guys afraid to make a move.
    Or maybe its the place i live in. only girls in the us, i have heard of having a "bad boy fever".
    Pretty much everywhere else , masculinity is associated with good guys. Bad boy traits = douchebaggery

    • but that's where this MyTake comes in cause the women's thinking is ass backwards cause their thinking that us nice guys are bad guys hence why they say self proclaimed "nice guy"

    • their putting up a front

  • Excellent take. If I could just expand on #1. Why is it women have so much hate for nice guys? If a man lies about being single, and she finds out, women typically don't go on rants and bash all married men. They bash lairs! And rightfully so! But when guys lie about being nice, for some stupid reason, the don't bash liars, they bash nice guys! WTF ladies?

  • I think you guys who claim to be nice guys are way to butt hurt. I like to think I'm a good guy but I don't struggle with women like you guys talking about. The feed back I tend to get is that I'm very genuine and straight forward and personally I think it makes women more likely to sleep with me or date me because there is some predictability and interesting conversation

  • the other misjudgement is that nice guys are unattractive. otherwise, good take - not so dissimilar in it's meaning to one I wrote recently:


  • You know, it's pretty simple:

    If what you're doing isn't getting you the results you want, find out what DOES work and do that.

    This applies to anything. Dating, sports, fitness, business, whatever.

    But I guess it's easier for some people to whine and expect the world to change to suit their expectations. 'Nice' guys are a lot like feminists in that regard.

  • Well, this has got the women worked up! lol

  • Very true. I think our world is fucked when young guys are told they'll never get laid if they're respectful and kind-hearted.

    • Respectful, kind hearted, genuinely sweet guys will always be able to get girls. It's the guys who act like real assholes, but believe they are "nice guys" just because they haven't robbed a bank that have the problem.
      Blaming everyone else for that problem is actually a huge part of it.

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    • @thecd1979 and what your not getting Is I don't have problems alright people have a problem with me there is a difference

    • and do I give a shit no

  • It's apparent that lots of women (certainly not all) are highly insecure and will just jump all over stuff like this to try and boost their low self esteem. They'll make it out like you're complaining and find other ways to twist things around that you wrote and misinterpret it how they please. They want to get under your skin and like to hear about your misfortunes. They want to feel like they have control over your emotions and prey on them. Dont give them this opportunity. It's simple be firm and confident. Don't buy into their bs or take it seriously. Honestly don't take anything anyone of these women said seriously. You'd go insane. Dont let them get under your skin. Don't complain about how you're not getting sex or you're entitled to it. Don't let them know you are feeling victimized. Don't put them on pedestals. We all know there are those women who couldn't recognize a good thing if it was sitting in front of them it's annoying yes but don't value them or their opinions. There are obviously guys out there who have good intentions and go under appreciated. What you are saying has truth to it. Clearly. But trying to preach that to these women will never work. It's a hopeless cause.

  • The answer is simple. You listening, nice guys? Good: STOP BEING NICE. No more paying for dates, no more moving heavy objects for free, no more listening to her talk on the phone for god knows how long, no more chivalry. You want sex? Adapt. Start hitting the weights and treat women how you see the so-called bad boys do.

    At the end of the day, you don't owe women anything and vice versa. Be pragmatic, be practical, give no fucks. You'll find that your stress levels drop dramatically when you stop caring what anyone thinks. Besides, once you've had your fill of women and the sex doesn't keep you interested anymore, there's a big world out there to appreciate.

    • I agree with you that that's the best way to get a woman, but isn't it sad that men have to be assholes in order to attract women? Very sad indeed.

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    • If you don't think it's sad that men have to be assholes in order to get women then you are a complete and utter moron.

    • Or a sociopath.

  • If nice guys aren't nice then I am neither a jerk nor a nice guy.
    Then I'm my very own kind.
    But so what.

  • the Whole nice guy thing is out of hand, period.
    For me being nice and polite is becoming a nightmare, mostly because girls thinks i'm down of getting mistreaten and then if i react and call them out for being rude they label me like an asshole. Meanwhile, the real assholes get the girls. From my own point of view, everything nowdays is fucked up - if you're decent looking and have what seems a decent instgram life you're more interesting than everyone else even if you're an asshole. THAT'S JUST A PHOTOBOOK people! So, to me, is all about the apparences nowdays. You can be a Brad Pitt (and i do not) but if you act polite too many times you end up alone if you dont have A) little to no respect to girls B) a photobook or a social media account with dozens of likes c) money.
    Yes, money. Nobody wants to date with bums, sad to say the truth, most women wants to be treaten like they're in the middle of a courtship with a prince. An ideal man with all his shit togheter. That's it.

    • and the last reason is why younger girls go with older men : they're secure, they dont act like babies and most importantly, they know there are girls everywhere. So if not one, on with the next.

      I'd like for once to see if there's the male equivalent of Nice Girls, but it all seems to me that there's no such thing - either misunderstood princesses or strong indipendent women who for the sole fact that they have a vagina can treat you with the upper hand. Am i right or i wrong? i dont give a shit anymore, this "game of tag" is pointless!

  • The only difference between a nice guy and a not nice guy, is the not nice guy knows it's a numbers game.

    He knows he's going to be rejected. As a matter of fact, he's counting on it. He knows he's going to get rejected, so he doesn't it bother him. He knows he's gonna have to get through probably 7-9 more rejections before he gets what he wants.

    Problem with 'Nice' guys is they aren't as indiscriminate. They only go after girls they really like, not just what's available at the time. So when they are rejected, it hurts.

    Guys... Don't get your feelings involved until you meet (and land) a decent one.

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