5 Insanely Stupid Things Women Say About Nice Guys

5 Insanely Stupid Things Women Say About Nice Guys

1. Nice guys aren't really nice

Duh! We're not talking about bad men who pretend to be nice guys, we're talking about genuine nice guys. Yes, even the genuine nice guys usually get rejected or cheated on. So again, we're not talking about bad men who pretend to be nice, we're talking about genuine nice guys being rejected and finishing last.

2. Nice guys have a victim mentality

Well yer, because they ARE victims. They see other men being rewarded with sex and beautiful women for simply being assholes or jerks, while the nice guys continue to get rejected. Nice guys are being deprived of sex (unless they pay for it) and are being deprived of a happy relationship, all because women today are more interested in having fun and excitement with a bad boy rather than have love and commitment with a nice guy.

3. Nice guys lack confidence

Well considering how bitchy and unpleasant women can be today, it's no surprise that a lot of men lack confidence when it comes to dating women. And even if a man lacks confidence, if that a good enough reason to reject him? He could have a heart of gold. If only women weren't so shallow.

5 Insanely Stupid Things Women Say About Nice Guys

4. Nice guys are bitter towards women

Oh no, how awful. What have women done that could possibly make so many nice guys turn bitter? Like I said before, nice guys constantly get turned down while seeing assholes and bad boys get all the sex and beautiful women, while at the same time women complain that there's very few good men left. I don't know why people find it puzzling as to why lots of men become bitter towards women. I thought it was blatantly obvious.

Imagine if you, as a woman, desired to be in a loving relationship. You were a sweet caring lady who was faithful and respectful towards men. But you kept getting rejected and had to witness all the bad women getting all the good men. It would be soul destroying. The injustice and unfairness would eat away at you and eventually make you bitter towards men. All you want is a loving relationship and you keep getting rejected just for being a sweet caring lady. Go figure!

5. Nice guys just hate confident guys who are successful with women.

In my experience nice guys don't hate other successful men. What nice guys hate is their frustration of the stupidity of women who choose bad guys and then complain when they get treated badly, while at the same time keep rejecting good men. If women rejected the bad men then the bad men and assholes wouldn't get the chance to treat women badly. So nice guys don't hate the successful men who get the women, they just hate the stupidity of women who choose these kinds of guys.

5 Insanely Stupid Things Women Say About Nice Guys
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Baumber
    Do you think a girl that is so unbelievably hot and can have just about any guy she could ever want, will settle down with a person that has this type of mentality? The reason girls go for "assholes" is because they want a guy that respects themselves and has confidence in their abilities. If it's not the "asshole" inside them that attracts girls... then what is it?

    The "assholes" that always get laid are the ones that show self worth, confidence, stand up for themselves, stand up for the woman, provide a challenge for her, are still very nice but don't fall in line to do her dirty work, are spontaneous, and do not consider themselves VICTIMS!!

    From my understanding of nice guys, most of them are very judgmental, do the girls dirty work, have no self-worth, lack confidence, act as victims, hate on people just because they have sex, and never try to change themselves for the better!

    In you're eyes, I would be considered an "asshole," but in reality, I'm one of the nicest guys you will ever meet! So how do I turn girls on? I stand up for myself and her, don't whine about my problems, provide support for her problems, be a little cocky with her, show my confidence and self-worth, provide a challenge, make her laugh, and above all I respect her BUT don't let her rule my life!!
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    • Not true at all.

    • Baumber

      You admit to having a victim mentality, you consider people that are getting girls assholes... Thus you're judging them without even getting to know them, you admit to having a lack of confidence, and OBVIOUSLY if you act bitter or disrespect girls... Why in the hell would they give you the time of day?

      Based on what you openly admitted in your article... I don't see a single false statement in my opinion.

    • Baumber

      If you see anything that is false... Please explain why!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • pr3ttybr0wn
    Just because women don't like you doesn't mean that you're a nice guy. and just because women do like a guy doesn't mean he is a bad guy. There are actually guys out there who can get in relationships and aren't assholes. So why can't nice guys look at those guys and think "What am I doing wrong and how can I improve?" instead of expecting women to change their preferences to date you? More than likely it's an attraction issue and that particular nice guy just isn't that attractive to the women he's trying to go for.
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    • I believe that was covered in #2 and #5

    • SinisterS

      Just for info if I allowed my self to be even a little asshole i would have girlfriend now. Actually if i did what guys usually do use some girl he is not really in to for sex i would have 2 at moment. And from what i saw every time i ignore some girl she is interested, every time i dont pay attention to some girl she finds me attractive. So basically all i hawe to do is dont give fuck ask some girl out if things work way i want them just act like asshole or not interested and well she will be there. Problem is if i actually care they see it and dont like it for some retarded reason. Ask some of guys you know to be "nice guys that have problem with girls" to walk up to girl she find attractive most of them will have hard time doing that. Now ask same guys to go and ask out some girl they are not interested in and they usually won't have problem to walk up to that girl and ask her out. Now why is that? Well whan you dont care you dont care, you dont give fuck if you get rejected...

    • skykidx1

      @SinisterS yourworfs are wasted on this one

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  • Anonymous
    Really good points! You have articulated the plain truth the a lot of people can't accept! The cold fact is that many people (especially females) automatically take a man's genuine kindness for weakness! The very act of a man showing genuine, kind respect to a woman makes her automatically see him as DOG CRAP! Yet, women actually CHOOSE men who are openly disrespectful and even physically abusive! And then women have the nerve to COMPLAIN about it!

    This all changes after women typically get humped, dumped and burned repeatedly till they approach the unstoppable wall of middle age! Then they miraculously discover the value of an ACTUAL nice person who genuinely cares about them! But in many cases it's too little too late! By that time, many true nice guys stopped being nice and became uncaring "jerk" characters! Others lose all respect for women and give up on the idea of relationships with them.

    Because true nice guys are genuinely good people, eventually most do well in their careers and amass considerable resources that they see no point in sharing with females who suddenly come out of the woodwork trying to push the financial trap of marriage on them. And so, we have cat ladies!
  • Anonymous
    Studies have shown that women do not value kindness. What i mean by this is kindness while is nice does not increase or decrease your value in a woman's eyes. Women value: Looks, money and social status above all else.

    On the flip side for men a woman being kind actually increases here attractiveness. It must be linked to nurturing aspect and children that a man is looking for in a potential mate.
    • Anonymous

      Oh by the way you ever wonder why women and men aren't up in arms race shaming "NICE GIRLS" and yet "NICE GUYS" are public enemy no.1 ?


      It's because our society has sympathy for when the roles are reverse and the women gives unrequited love. While for men thanks to feminist nice guys are looked at as monsters.

    • I have read some of those studies, they seem to be correct.

  • Anonymous
    I dunno man, just it seems like the "nice guy" people describe is someone who is patient and knows how to use his damn brain. After awhile guys just back off and dont give a sh*t anymore.
  • Anonymous
    well, from my experience iv noticed guys that seem to be "nice guys" are just frustrated assholes that haven't gotten any. about a year ago i started talking to this new guy in my frisbee team. after being friends with him on facebook for about a month I've noticed he was "one of those guys". he'd mention how he wanted what i had. (i have a hot girlfriend btw). and also post junk like "girls are so dumb to fall for assholes" . eventually when ever i would dissagree with him he'd snap and say things like "gosh, larry not everything is about you!" and " you don't appreciate you have". classic nice guy.
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, I guess you're right about some of these points.
  • Anonymous
    This is gold. I agree with all these points. Yet again, some commentators here are opining that "nice guys pretend to be nice and aren't nice at all", yet you clearly addressed that not only in point 1, but multiple times in the article! LOL

    I agree with this take, and it should be highly promoted and deserves accolades. As well as being well written, it has many many valid and interesting points about the ACTIONS of women versus what they claim they want.

    The point is that a good guy (a genuine nice guy), who is confident, charming, and polite to her, seems to get this very innocent side of her, whereas a guy who doesn't text her nice stuff, doesn't act nicely to her, often gets her posing in wild poses, haves her more touchy and acting more suggestively around him. She may in some circumstances even sleep with him, because he's not boyfriend material unlike the nice guy.

    And to top it all, how can many women be clueless when a guy likes them? Do you honestly think that this guy would be so nice to you if he didn't fancy you?
    • Well that's what usually happens, women just completely ignore what you actually say.

    • Anonymous

      Good point, I can see from the comments here that what you say holds true. Clearly didn't read the points you mentioned above.

      Also how do women not "know" that a guy likes them? It should be obvious given that he is nice to her. Guys or girls don't do that if they don't like you.

      And for the woman to act innocent around a guy who is nice to them, and yet more suggestive/free around a guy who is less sweet to them is ludicrous is it not?