7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)


* This is a satirical response to 7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last. If you take offence, then please take it up with my official complaints committee at https://butthurt.com *


7 reasons why nice girls will always finish last (Satirical Response Take)

My mytake is obviously tackling stereotypically self-proclaimed "nice girls" and not real genuine nice girls. That's because their are no real genuine nice girls, just ugly girls that wasn't to date way out of their league and then if the super hot guys won't date them, it's because all guys are shallow and only date similarly hot girls that happen to actually be in the same league as them. (Nice girls are never nice - hot girls are always bitches.)

1. Victim Mentality

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

This victim mentality is a sign of weakness. Who wants to be with someone weak who blames all their problems on men and hot bitches?

Nice girls are always looking for a scapegoat, someone or something to blame their lack of success in the dating world on. Nothing is more unattractive than entitlement (joke: it's because they're ugly).

2. Lack of confidence

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

We can all agree that lack of confidence is one of the biggest turn offs. Other than rage, anger and bitterness, insecurity and lack of confidence are what most nice girls have to offer...Actually, wait... Those things are pretty sexy as long as the girl is a hawt biatch ... my bad.

3. Bitterness towards men

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

Nice girls hate alpha studs because these guys are totally not materialistic and only looking for what's on the inside of a woman. Of course it helps of she's facially aesthetic and carrying a nice pair (melons, of course).

Nice girl: Hey man! You're just a sexist pig. All you do is degrade women and case after them for their bodies. How dare you suggest women are sexual beings also and how dare you look for women in your own league. #DOWNwiththepatriarchy

Here are some things many "nice girls" say to men:

- Men are useless without two keys

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

If he doesn't have a key to his car and a key to his apartment, the guy's probably a useless late twenties virgin basement dweller. Ditch him, my sisters!

Hot bitches are usually confident enough to secure the right kind of high status male. Nice girls have a way to go however!

- Men in their twenties are immature and just want one thing

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

That's right: we need more rich, patriarchal sugar daddies in their thirties snapping up the hot blonde bombshells in their twenties so that younger, resentful men will go ahead and do the same thing. Fuck marriage, fuck commitment.

Of course, ugly nice girls always feel the most entitled to Rolex wearing swag. Given the chance, they'd happily jump on the alpha fuck boy bandwagon, it doesn't matter what is age is.

- All men want sex

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

"Nice girls" usually are the loudest when it comes to voicing their hate towards open-minded sexuality because "guys only commit to some so they can fuck and chuck" (chances are they don't even have the looks to get a guy like that anyway).

Nice girls tend to have this very pessimistic view of men and think they're all sex-crazed players. Why can't they get a man? Oh silly, it's because confident attractive alphas like hot bitches of course... oh wait... that's true, damn, my point is invalid!

4. They constantly hate on hot bitches instead of fixing their looks with plastic surgery

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

This is very common with nice girls. They try to bring hot bitches down by labeling them "insecure", "plastic" and "fake"... wait there might actually be some truth to that. Damn, I'm not having a very good day today...

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

Guess what? Hot bitches are not necessarily manipulative, gold digging divas. Ok well a majority might be but let's take a moment to honour the silent minority though, eh?

*1 minute's worth of silence dedicated to the hot bitch victims of gender discrimination... They have life so hard*

These nice girls want us to think that hot bitches are just superficial, materialist good diggers and who won't talk to you unless you buy them a drink and the second you sign over the marriage deeds without a pre-nup, they scram like a fleet of Canadian geese. How dare they insinuate such atrocious generalisations!

5. Nice girls aren't really "nice"

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

Let me put it this way: baking your man a nice apple pie and then promising to be a faithful wife to him doesn't exactly mean you're entitled to that trip down the aisle with your godlike alpha stud dream partner. Saying that all men are looks oriented shallow pigs because you can't get one to commit to you doesn't exactly make you a "nice" person. Even hot bitches are nice too... Damn, I keep doing this, it's something about Wednesdays.

6. "Nice girl" became the new definition of a boring, unattractive practising Mormon

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

Saying your a nice girl basically means you have nothing else to offer except your "niceness". No humour, no confidence, no looks and no career/money because let's face it, no attractive woman ever had problems getting a guy and no nice girl was ever confident or attractive. #generalisationsforthewin

If you were really nice, you'd just accept your impending doom and stop bothering hot bitches and alpha studs about it. Face it: you're gonna be single for EVER. Take your tears and cry else where. Nope, nope ... don't come to me with your legitimate complaints. Don't come to me asking for constructive advice because you won't get it. Nobody gives a damn about "nice" girls. Nobody.

7. Nice girls are shallow.

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

The ' nice girl' specimen is very shallow. She can't even be bothered to do girly aerobic workouts and she expects to get the most masculine, confident men. They're usually the ones to set the highest, craziest standards for men and feel entitled on getting the creme de la creme because they had the oh so unique quality of being "nice".

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

Listen doll (and don't you dare cringe at my poor choice of sexist, patronising language, doll) the dating world is competitive like at any other world (let's not even bring the 80/20 theory of female hypergamy into this, ok doll?). Confident attractive men want hot bitches. So stop saying they are shallow because they won't date you: after all they're a small percentage of men and they already have a large pool of hot bitches to deal with. What do you expect from them?

I'm not saying this is a rigidly set rule (it is a rigidly set rule) and average people can't date out of their league. That's because average girls can but average guys can't. Nice girls: go for an average guy. * insert some feel good, cringe worthy dribble about genuine niceness *

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

(e.g.here is a pic of an average girl with a confident, successful man. See - average people can date above their league ... well, women anyway)

If a hot bitch wanted to date a confident man, she had to do a really hard Pilates regiment and slap on some make up. Hard working people deserve to date each other.

Don't feel entitled to date a super hot high status masculine man because you still have your pick of millions of other men way above your league.

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

Real nice girls don't finish last: they finish first in every baking contest known to man

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)

If they never get laid or marry a man, it's not a big deal because they're nice and nice girls always have that feel good factor regardless of how much their life sucks. #realitydealwithit #suckitupnicegirls #femaletears

7 Reasons Why Nice Girls Will Always Finish Last (Satirical Response Take)
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  • Anonymous
    Way to go! That was an excellent (and nice) satire piece! See how the shoe fits on the other foot!
    Is this still revelant?

Most Helpful Girl

  • ElissaDido
    Bahaaaa someone felt aimed by My Take 😂😜
    Is this still revelant?
    • the_rake

      lol, well don't feel too pleased with yourself: I see a lot of nice guy bashing b. s. on this site. somebody needs to point out how ridiculous those threads are.

    • @ElissaDido I don't think it's fair for people to assume dating in one culture is the same as another. I can say women here in the United States are shallow, and picky, and there is no way you can give me a rebuttal, unless you've lived here.

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  • KRIEL55
    i dont know a single girl who labels herself as a "nice girl". that is the difference. unattractive females that have nothing going for them dont go around claiming that they're nice girls. however, guys who are in the same boat CONSTANTLY do so this take was completely pointless.
    • 1. this take was satire

      2. thats because the way men and women date is different. women wait men advertise so of course a nice guy whether he actually is or not says he is.

      3. I've seen some girls call themselves nice girls but they are usually fat.

    • Well if it isn't Miss Literal. They may not specifically claim to be "nice girls". But its delusional to suggest there aren't women out there who complain about guys not finding them good enough or that do any of these aforementioned things. Also you're completely missing the whole point here and taking a lighthearted thing too seriously. None of the women on here are getting this though. I think you have to be a guy to get it. The nice guy thing is as ridiculous as this which is basically the point he is trying to make.

    • KRIEL55

      @Pacificblue62 miss literal? lmfao got a nickname for me and everything. who are you? and i didn't notice that it was just a joke at first. but the reason we aren't amused is because this isn't common at all. but more then half of the takes about "nice guys" are done by guys. the ones complaining about how they're soo nice but then bashing women for being too stupid to acknowledge how amazing they are. i've neverr seen a girl talk that way about herself, not even on this site.

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  • Herman_the_Merman
    Dude, this is hilarious. It speaks volumes on society's double standards and stereotyping the nice guys/girls. I swear on my copy of Poetry for Cats this isn't sarcasm. Everyone complaining about being friend zoned and how society has made it okay to bash successful, aesthetically pleasing people without regard to any actual personality traits they may have. Write a book, please. Unless you aren't really up to writing about how society has affected us as a species which is entirely okay.
    • the_rake

      finally, a girl on here gets it. if a 15 year old gets it, I think all of the 20+ and 30+ women should be able to get it also.

    • It really depends on one's personal experience and opinion. I find the fact that anyone would complain about the person they love not being with them, ridiculous. However, I am a rather piss poor excuse for a normal fifteen year old and as such cannot be the voice of every fifteen year old girl. I am but a fool who is wise beyond their years.

  • babyfunny
    Sorry but i didint understand nothing about this. You say nice girls are ugly? When men teel you that you are nice it means that you are ugly. A person that is nice is suppose to be ugly? Im beautiful woman and i am very nice to people because its the education that my parents give to me. I see a lot o ugly girls that are arrogant and think they are beautiful like a princess. I dont understand what youa re talking about. You take the extremes.
    • the_rake

      "You say nice girls are ugly?"

      Not at all, but when women talk about nice guys such as in takes as the ones I linked, they always say that nice guys don't get women because they are unattractive and then they moan about the fact they don't get girlfriends, saying "nice guys finish last". So, you see the generalisations exist just about men, I'm trying to show these women that make takes and videos about nice guys how annoying it is.

    • babyfunny

      ok i didn't know that , im portuguese so i dont know much about the expressions that people use to discribe a a ugly or beautiful person. But here in uk a lot of people say you loook nice or something so i though when people say you look nice or you are nice agirl its agood thing. Maybe in America is difrent right.

    • the_rake


      "nice" has different meanings, it depends on the context.

      for example, if you say "you look nice", then yes that means that the person is physically attractive.

      if we say a person has a nice personality, typically we mean that they are a good person - genuine, sweet, etc.

      but there is another kind of "nice" - that is where somebody does favours for people and thinks that they are a "nice" person. but they also expect things in return for them.

      in dating, when women talk about "nice" guy, they are talking about a guy that is "nice" to women but expects things in return (sex). so you see, that kind of guy is not so "nice".

      but now men are complaining because they say when we do nice things for women, sometimes we mean it and don't expect anything in return.

      also, not every nice guy is an ugly guy that tries to make up for being ugly by being "nice" to get sex.

      lots of guys are genuinely nice and attractive so people should quit with the stereotypes.

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  • 99percentangel
    Whats with all these bitter response takes? This was not funny at all. Epic fail.
    • It was pointing out how utterly stupid the original myTake was.

    • slimstiffy

      what are you talkibg about? it eas hillarious

    • @slimstiffy didn't find it funny one bit, but okay.

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  • slimstiffy
    man that was savade af.
    and i think this was yout best one till date. i even had to agree with the part of women putting all the blane on men part.(part 3) that is so true a actually see that irl. and point 4 is spot on as well. great take
  • Poppykate
    I think that when dating you have to put your best foot forward. Look after yourself, workout, look fashionable etc. but you can still be well mannered and kind!
    • the_rake

      yes, it's true niceness is not sufficient but it is (or should be) necessary.

      the thing is - and this is part of the reason, I think, that men complain about this whole thing more so than women. average girls tend to do better on the whole than average guys. it's a question of hypergamy, specifically female hypergamy. now in a non-satirical context, I'm not saying women date specifically for looks. quite the opposite actually. in one of my best takes on this site (but one of the takes that coincidentally received the least attention), I explained the high-status traits women look for in men and yes, they have nothing to do with niceness, but everything to do with dominance, charisma and general bad-boy alpha male stuff. In this same take, my criticism of female dating behaviour is that (a) women make out like they are so virtuous and non-superficial because they are oriented towards the intrinsic qualities of a man (which might not actually be that great) ...

    • the_rake

      and (b) it's much more difficult for men to see success than women (female hypergamy).


      But everyone always makes this a question about looks, especially men because they do not understand that for women, attraction might be different. Also, the misogynists on this site want to make women appear superficial, but it takes too much brainpower for them to figure out how women could be status-chasers and still be superficial.

    • Poppykate

      Well I read all you said. All I can say is that I would love a man who could wake me up in the mornings with mind blowing sex, and them bring me breakfast. ( even if that breakfast is from the deli/ McDonald's down the street)- happy days!

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  • BelleGirl21
    Nice try at humor but it falls a little flat. That being said I'm just a morman girl so I wouldn't know humor if it smacked me in the butt it sounds like.
    • mormon*

    • @thatkaruguy haha yes mormon. 😜

    • What does lack of humor and being mormon have to do with anything?

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  • Fearless_banana
    Lol if a girl is a bitch towards me then it's game over. Only a insecure faggot would chase after a chick that treats him like shit. I got options.. absolutely no reason to waste time on a bitch.
  • LittleSally
    hahahahaa Awwww... what IS the difference between having a butt and being an ass?
    • the_rake

      Lol how you think I'm being an ass. I wouldn't even be having to write responses like this if people weren't writing such b. s. "nice guy" articles. the original take owner is the ass.

    • This was supposed to be satire, but you just copy-pasted it... Why not give your own satirical reasons why you think nice girls finish last?

    • the_rake

      because I don't necessarily think that. my point is to show how fucking ridiculous it is to write a take on why "nice" xyz finishes last and ignore the vast spectrum of personality types, stereotypes and factors involved in making such a take.

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  • BubbleBoy69
    Just did a take recently. It explain why nice girls don't have a hate campaign against them but nice guys do.

    • the_rake

      good take but you made one crucial mistake. the difference between the "nice guy" and "good guy" is not looks, it's status.

  • adrianalima0
    Nice girls still get laid more than nice guys
    "Ugly" girls can still get laid easier than ugly guys
    So you were saying?
    • the_rake

      "So you were saying?"

      Stop making stupid takes about reasons women don't like "nice guys" because they just as shit as and means about as little as this take I wrote (emphasis on SATIRICAL RESPONSE).

      Also, yeah nice girls and ugly girls get laid more than their counterpart... so what? They're still gonna have a hard time getting commitment: women are gatekeepers to sex, men are gatekeepers to marriage... geddit?

    • +myTake Owner Amen to that!

    • 1. I didn't say anything about nice guys. But the fact you assumed I did hints at a guilty mind. You can't complain about women not liking "nice" guys when you just made a myTake shitting all over nice girls so fuck off.
      2. You're assuming every woman wants marriage. They don't. Some women don't give one shit if a man doesn't want to marry them , that's not what they want from guys. Women can get married very easily. Even ugly ones. Many guys I see walking around aren't married to beautiful women, they're plain/average or worse.

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  • Tdieseler
    I don't get it... so are we talking about nice girls or "nice" girls?
    • the_rake

      if you wanted to look at it that way then I suppose "nice" girls. thing is, it's not really meant to be viewed like this. I'm trying to show what it's like when you reverse the tables.

      forget about the whole dating thing for a moment, and let's say you're trying to get a decent job, because you don't want to be a milkman or restaurant waiter anymore. you want a job that matches your full potential and that allows you to realise your creative ambition. you are already fully qualified for the job, but when you go to the interviews you're just not as good as playing the game and spinning the words as the guy who beats you to the job every time and isn't actually as qualified. you think this sucks, so you complain about it to your friends and family: after all, you've put your heart and soul into doing something meaningful and productive, you've worked hard to get your job, but employers just don't see your talent because you don't have the same kind of interview savvy.

    • the_rake

      let's say that instead of sympathising with you, or giving you constructive advice on how to play the game better, your friends and family say something like,

      "well that's because nice guys finish last"


      "you can't win people over by being nice to them, you've got to have the qualifications and the full potential."

      Well, you're annoyed now. You know for a fact you're not just relying on the fact you're a nice guy. You actually have the damn qualifications and potential and all the rest of it. But this other guy who always get's the job is just better at spinning lies and the employers always get strung along like in Tom and Jerry.

      Ok, now when it comes to dating, we know that genuinely good guys with attractive qualities do get the girls, but to write takes about "nice guys" and say, "well if you're not getting girls it's because (a) you're not genuinely nice and (b) you're not attractive". It's missing the whole damn point.

    • the_rake

      Stereotypes and generalisations are getting thrown around like breadcrumbs. These people don't know anything about their audience, what their qualities (or lack of qualities are), what the reasons may be they are single, celibate whatever, what their circumstances are, etc. And it's usually women who write these takes about nice guys and those same women are usually feminists. When you try to explain what's wrong they say,

      "well we're not talking about genuinely nice guys"

      But they're still missing the point. You can be a genuinely nice guy with attractive qualities and still be unsuccessful. Conversely, some incredibly unattractive guys that aren't nice at all can get with women because they're just good at manipulating and pulling strings.

      So in this take, I reversed the tables. It's probably true that "nice girls" will be more successful than "nice guys" on the whole but that's not the point. The point is to show how shitty and lame it is to write a take like this.

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  • dwiller943
    What about ACTUAL nice girls who are sick of wild mean girls
    attracting nice guys that mean girls don't even deserve;
    wondering why a nice guy won't go for a good women like them
    and assholes that they don't go for prey on their good nature
    to a point where they feel the need to become mean and bitter
    to get the good things they actually deserve for once?
    • dwiller943

      And yes, I realize this is satire.
      So I'm not offended by this take.
      But I did have a random flashback
      and I had to vent it out somewhere.

  • TakeMaker
    "deficits in social communication and interaction across multiple contexts, as well as restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour... or activities"

    I'm just gonna leave this here for you to think about ;)
    • the_rake

      you ain't smart, you ain't sassy

    • TakeMaker

      Whatever you say pudding :)

    • the_rake

      read the comments in here because men are getting it, women are not.

  • Pacificblue62
    Wow this has struck a nerve with a lot of women on here lol.
    • the_rake

      I know right? It wasn't even intended but in a satirical context.

  • skykidx1
    My ex shares a few things that was in this post she even give up on me during our forced break upnas soon as a guy with a car come along. Pss am doing a lot better in life then i was 1 year ago besides the fact my house burned down lol
  • Barrabus_the_Free
    The Princess Brigade is having all kinds of butthurt over this. It's lulzy.

  • SnatchFinderGeneral
    There's no such thing as a 'Nice girl'. You have to be a monstrosity to fail to get laid if you're a female.

    I'm a nice guy. I'm very attractive, but now that I attract a lot of women, I'd rather make them feel rejected than waste my time with them.

    Yeah... I'm bitter. Meh. That's not MY problem now though.
    • the_rake

      I think women do struggle sometimes to get the kind of man with the traits they find attractive because he is so very rare and can be truly hard to identify.

  • Dim_121
    Way to pessimistic man. You also left out the best thingd Nice girls at the end.
  • Unit1
    You should be a comedian with that xD

    Also, what every "nice girl' would say (you have missed that btw) is "I don't care how much money he has.". All too often I see that.
  • Nice_Guy_Last
    BWAHAHAHAHA, this is fucking hilarious. Good Take man!
  • genuinlysensitive
    The difference is guys actually like nice girls. There are even several studies that confirm it.
    • the_rake

      please don't write down "there are several studies that confirm" something and then don't post links. if you know of studies then post them.

    • Here is a link to 3 studies described in layman's terms:

      Actual studies and results summary:

      There are some more, but I forgot to bookmark them, and too tired to find them now. That was about 2 minutes on Google. Maybe you should spend more time there instead of on Twitter, or trolling on here.

    • the_rake

      no because, I'm not the one saying xyz is backed by studies and then not posting said studies. thanks for posting said studies, however.

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  • itsallover
    Yeah, this failed.
    • the_rake

      the main people that seem to not be understanding the satire here is women. guys get it because they know all too well about the "nice guy" bashing b. s.

    • itsallover

      We never claim to be 'nice girls', so it just didn't work.

      Most guys will agree with you because they were butthurt over the other take.

    • the_rake

      who the hell do you actually hear IRL claiming to be nice guys? even on the internet a vast swathe of these guys are just responding to feminist criticisms. when they have more specific complaints it's usually about how some women misinterpret their gestures, or how women say they prefer a certain type of guy but end up dating the opposite, that kind of thing. and believe me women might not come out and say, "oh what a nice girl I am" explicitly but some of them (some, not all) definitely do say things on the list - see no. 3.

      and yes, guys being offended by the other take just proves my point: men "know all too well about the "nice guy" bashing b. s."

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  • ClariceOwen23
    This was a fail attempt
  • abdultkd
    Really factual. I find like 95% of all these truthful. Good one here
  • charlie95
    it did say it was satire, right?
  • John_Doesnt
    A girl who can bake is awesome.
  • Ace_of_Exile
    Damn, spitt'n the hard facts though.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Lmaoooo nice take mate
  • Dred1614
    These dumb women don't know what satire means.
  • rachel1112
    ugh this is not even funny
  • Keepcalm89
    Todos estos mytakes a la orden del día! Woo woo
  • Anonymous
    What if a girl really is nice and she's not 'boring'. She doesn't talk bad about the other 'guy studs' or call the other girls names. Also she doesn't need the plastic surgery because she already looks above average. Is she still... Bad?
    • the_rake

      right, so what if a guy is nice and also not boring, unattractive and all the other stuff feminists are saying about nice guys on other takes? the whole point of this mytake is to see how aggravating it is to write an article about the reasons you're probably failing to get a partner when none of them actually apply in the real world. that's the reason I title this "satirical response": because it's a response to a mytake that was the exact same thing just with the genders reversed.

  • Anonymous
    Gotta love the girl tears over this. Wow they love to dish it out but can't take it at all.

    Just shows you- do not take what women say seriously. They will say anything to APPEAR noble and great.
  • Anonymous
    lol Americans have a problem with the "victim mentality" don't they? I wonder if they even believe victims can exist...
    • Right? I mean most people who are actual victims do not play that mentality nor put themselves in the position of being a victim (or @ least they do their best not to).

  • Anonymous
    What's this take seriously XD
    • the_rake

      read the other take it's in response to.

    • Anonymous

      The nice guys take?

    • the_rake


  • Anonymous
    I hate this take nobody is ugly or out of anybody'd league and don't have to have to have looks to be hot.
    • the_rake

      Looks might be subjective but people definitely do have their own idea about league. But anyway, that's not the point.

      If you feel so strongly about this, you should criticise the ORIGINAL take, because she was the first one to relate the concept of league to nice guys. I was just doing a satire response because I'm so fed up of seeing takes like that.

    • women can't take what they dish out at guys.

  • Anonymous
    Very funny mytake, but totally true :D
  • Anonymous
    Jeez, if anyone was butthurt, it was the guy who spent way too much time making this.

    Did the nice guy thing hit a little too close to home, sir?
    • Don't see how you are interpreting this guy as being butthurt. He was doing the whole thing as a satirical joke. Its pretty obvious. Out of all the completely unoriginal bad boy/ nice guy articles that pointlessly flood the internet these days and are quite honestly garbage that pollutes peoples brains at least this is something new and pokes fun at it. Or does seeing those types of articles being poked fun at make you butthurt?

  • Anonymous
    lol they want to wail on you and call you pathetic, whiny, blah blah blah, and if you say a peep in response "BITTER, ANGRY!!!". So lame.
  • Anonymous
    I guess because of all these generalizations about nice girls I should become a bitch now :P
  • Anonymous
    It said satire, why are the girls getting all defensive now? The point was to make you see how ridiculous some of what you're saying in these takes is.

    That being said, it's hard to have effective satire if it doesn't offend someone.
    • itsallover

      The point of satire is that it's funny. This was not.

    • Anonymous

      @itsallover No, that's not necessarily true. Even if you aren't personally offended, satire is most often used to offend a specific audience, but also trigger them into thinking in a different way or questioning themselves.

      Not being funny is also not a reason to get defensive. If you told me a really bad joke, I would just stare at you blankly, not get pissy about it.

    • @itsallover Maybe you and other chicks dont find this funny and choose to take offense by it but on the other hand dudes are finding it funny. So it does meet the definition of satire for quite a few even if you personally dont get it. Also why don't you like this? Are you a big fan of all the nice guy/ bad boy stuff on the web. This is in a way poking fun at that stuff. So if you are I can see why you wouldn't like this.

  • Anonymous
    No female calls her self a nice guy thats a man thing. This was a fail.
    • the_rake

      1. Most guys don't either, hence why you see more takes by women explaining what is wrong with nice guys and that ridiculous jenna marbles video on the internet.
      2. ok, so maybe girls don't come out directly and say I'm a "nice girl" but they do definitely say the things listed under 3. --> 'things many "nice girls" say to men'
      3. they also engage in more than a few of the behaviour traits
      4. we can see how it is equally as ridiculous to stereotype "nice guys" as boring, unintelligent and unattractive as it is to say all the same things about "nice girls". obviously there are going to be "nice girls" that don't have the same traits.

    • Well duh. "No female calls her self a nice guy because that's a man thing." Last time I checked females usually don't consider themselves to be guys. Rather they prefer to be considered ladies or gals. But maybe that's all changed very recently and I'm just finding out about it. If so thanks for filling me in.