7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last


7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last
This MyTake is obviously attacking the stereotypical self-proclaimed "Nice guys" and not real genuine nice Guys.

1) Victim mentality.
7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

This victim mentality is a sign of weakness. Who wants to be with someone weak who blames all their problems on women and successful confident men?

Nice guys are constantly looking for a scapegoat, someone or something to blame their own lack of success in the dating-world on.

2) Lack of confidence.

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last
We can all agree that lack of confidence is one of the biggest turn offs. Other than rage, anger and bitterness, insecurity and lack of confidence are what most Nice guys have to offer.

3) Bitterness towards women.
7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

Nice guys hate confident women because a confident woman would probably not be interested in an insecure hateful boring man. Therefore they will try to do everything to break a woman’s self esteem .They want to make a woman believe she is just as ugly as they are so she won't leave him for someone in a better league.

Nice guy: Hey woman! Without make up you're ugly and after 25 you're ugly, so you should be thankful that a nice guy like me is giving you attention and willing to be with you! How dare you reject me?

Here are some things that many "nice guys" tend to say and seem to have in common from my internet and real life observations:

- Women look ugly without/with Make up:

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

Most of the time, it's the least attractive guys who complain the most about makeup. They're most probably jealous of women being able to "fix themselves up" with make up while they (supposedly) can't do anything to fix their ugliness.

Hot Guys are confident enough to know that a woman who enhances her features (and therefore making herself more attractive) won't leave him for someone "better looking".

- Women are Rotten after their 20’s:
7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

What else do most "Nice Guys" have in common? Shaming a woman because of her age. It's a very common strategy used by the self-proclaimed Nice Guys. They're the first to say that women after their 20's are unattractive and that once they pass the 25 years mark, they're past their prime and (therefore) should be choosing from the leftover men (aka, them, the nice guys). They believe that this tactic gives them more chances of scoring someone because a 33 years old woman shouldn't be expecting to date Nick Bateman but instead she should be thankful that a Nice guy gave her some attention because no other man would.

Even worse, unattractive older guys feel the most entitled to a younger "Hot girl" when they, themselves have nothing to brag about look-wise. Given the chance, "nice guys" would be the first to jump on a hot Milf.

- All women are gold diggers:

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

"Nice guys" usually are the loudest when it comes to voicing their hate towards marriage because "Women only get married so they can screw them over in a divorce and take their money" (chances are they don't even own enough money to really attract a real gold-digger) .
"Nice guys" tend to have this very pessimistic idea of women and view them all as gold-diggers. Why can't they get a woman? Oh silly! It's Because women only like rich men of course!

4) They constantly hate on more successful and attractive guys instead of working on improving themselves.
7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

This is very common with nice guys. They try to bring hotter men down by labeling them all as "Cheaters" and "Shallow" and "Jerks".

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

Guess what? Attractive, fit guys are not necessarily most likely to be cheaters. Many average or even below average men are cheaters, I see this everyday with the number of times my girlfriends have been screwed over by "Nice Guys". LOOKS AND FIDELITY ARE NOT CORRELATED.

Instead they want us to believe that Hot fit guys are cheaters and this is why us women (specially Hot women of course) should avoid them.

5) Nice guys aren’t really “Nice”
7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

Let me put it this way. Expecting a woman to spread her legs for you and jump in your arms because you say "please and thank you" makes you an opportunistic jerk. This is called simple courtesy and guess what? Even guys you like to call jerks because they're more successful are "Nice" too! But unlike you they don't only rely on courtesy to get girls.

6) "Nice guy" became the new definition of a lazy man without ambitions.
7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

Saying you’re a nice guy basically means you have nothing else to offer except for your “niceness”. No humor, no confidence, no looks, no career/money, no REAL LEGIT kindness and no ambitions.

If you're really nice and have an amazing personality you wouldn't need to constantly remind everyone that you're a Nice Guy.

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

This guy can be a nice guy...

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

.....This guy is a jerk.

7) Nice Guys are shallow.

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

The "Nice Guy" specimen is very shallow. He doesn't even lift and excepts to get the hottest of women. They're usually the ones to set the highest craziest standards for women and feel entitled on getting the Crème de la crème because they have the Oh so unique quality of being nice.

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

Listen honey, the dating world is competitive like any other world. Hot young women are more likely to be dating young hot men. So stop saying that women are shallow because they won't date you.

I'm not saying that this is a rigidly set rule and average looking people can't successfully date "out of their league" look-wise, but the "average looking" people who indeed date hotter people usually have some other interesting traits to offer, for example real genuine kindness.

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

(Ps: I'm not implying that Jesse William's wife is unattractive, I find her cute she's just not the stereotypical model type of Hot).

If a hot guy only wants to date a hot girl, at least he worked hard for it (By working out, working on his confidence, having a job,..) the hot girl he wants to date most likely tries to work on keeping herself good looking as-well so she can date the Hot guy. Hard working people deserve to date each-other.

Don't feel entitled to date a woman who works out, takes time to take care of the way she dresses and looks, works on her confidence.... if all you do is lay on your couch all day crying over your fate.

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

"What? Me? Dating someone who doesn't look like Jessica Alba? How dare you say that? I'm a Nice Guy! I should only date 8's and up!"

Real nice guys DON’T finish last, only bitter lazy, insecure hateful men do.

Thanks for reading, I know this is controversial and chances are I'll get back-lashed but #SorryNotSorry #ShotsFired

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ConsultantIsBack
    Lmao love it. Yeah they just go for girls not in their tier, ofc get rejected and think it's because they are nice lol
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    • EvilPimp

      But its funny how you'll tell someone to lower their standards aka tier. You can't expect anyone to "lower their tier," people like what they like.

    • @EvilPimp Yeah so they have to increase themselves to deliver equally high standards that they expect

    • EvilPimp

      I don't agree, if that's the case, people blessed with the genetics would have to work just as hard as those who don't. Do you think a person with Idris Elba or Angeline Jolie type genetic looks will have to work as hard as someone with honey boo boo one's? Will they be able to command high standards if they don't fit even the average standards of beauty?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • lumos
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    • lumos

      I'd like to add that "nice guys" are like the epitome of narcissists since they think their ONLY "bad" quality is being nice. Oh sure honey, you're so perfect that it's your perfection that's making you not get any girls. Lmao. There's no chance in hell that it could be because of any other factors.

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  • Fathoms77
    Guys, when oh when will you learn that just about every woman alive wants a BLEND?

    I suppose it's just too logical to say, "be what she needs when she needs it." Of course, it's a lot harder than it sounds... ;)
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  • cth96190
    The My Take is way off target, but I am so tired of dealing with entitlement princesses that I cannot be bothered answering the points in detail.
    Yes, there are men as described by the author of the My Take, but not many.
    During my teens and 20s I could almost not get a date, not because I was a beta loser, but because most females in that age range wanted oily nightclub players or some version of the sociopathic bad boy.
    About the age of 30 I abandoned the project and walked away. Then, a strange thing happened.
    After I stopped asking women out, or displaying interest in females in any way, women began to hit on me. By the age of 35 women were asking me on dates, or propositioning me for sex. That is still going on, even at my somewhat advanced age.
    It seems that wherever I go women in my age range go out of their way to introduce themselves to me. From time to time, one will be forward enough to ask me for my mobile telephone number, or email address.
    My level of interest was and remains less than zero.
    They can go back to the bad boy in welfare housing who made them tingle in their panties when they were 20.
    I was not 'fun' enough for them then, they are not good enough for me now.
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    • Lol, I'm right there with you. I haven't gotten to the point where girls are asking me out yet, but when I do, I will completely disregard them since they didn't think I was good enough for them until they were no longer good enough for their dream guy. I've worked too hard to be the best I can be to be with some woman that would never have considered me in her prime.

    • ElissaDido

      This is actually enforcing the idea thar all attractive successful men are jerks. It's not true.
      Most women are attracted to nice guys. Nice intersting guys.

    • Definitely not saying that all attractive successful men are jerks. In fact most of my friends are attractive successful men and they are wonderful people. What I am saying is that I'm not going to be the low hanging fruit for a girl that would never consider me until her looks fade.

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  • OpenClose
    I agree with a lot of what you said here. But for the love of all that is holy. Do NOT miss the quotes around "nice guy".

    A "nice guy" is not exactly a nice guy. That's what the quotes are for. Sarcasm.

    We need to come up with a different term for these guys, and help redirect them. I cannot tell you the emotional struggle I dealt with in high school and early college that quite easily could have been avoided if someone just took the time to clarify things rather than sit back and call me a pathetic pile of rotten flesh. Hell, half of that could have been avoided if someone would have pointed out that "Nice Guy" is a term dripping in sarcasm.

    OF COURSE girls like guys who are nice. Actual "good"ness is pretty much always a positive. Hell, the prototypical "Bad Boy" girls refer to is often a rebel with a heart of gold.

    I think the spread of this issue is based around the spread of the "PUA" mentality. It is basically how to "get laid" by some chick at a bar without having to emotionally commit to anything. That basically means being so narcissistic that other narcissists can't resist you. Seriously. I have never dated a girl who liked what PUA's call an "alpha male". Do you know who does? The type of girl who values some sort of "confidence" or "social ranking" over being a good person. How laughable.

    NEWSFLASH: You don't owe that type of girl anything. Being attractive to that type of girl is not some "high-status accomplishment". Girls can be bitter, damaged jerks, too. If she thinks you aren't a "real man", just accept the compliment of being rejected by the kind of girl who thinks she knows what a "real man" is.
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  • cherrymarina
    Yeah, these ''nice'' guys. The reason they fail is because they underestimate us. You have put it quite well. Many are passive agressive, bitchy types. No woman wants to be around a dude like that. On one side we have these fake nice guys and on the other scumbag fuckboys. Only a small number of men fall into the category of good men WE ALL WANT.
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    • Jayson101

      Maybe some men haven't failed just because they didn't get YOUR attention.

    • @Jayson101 awww somebody is butthurt. Good, good. Let the butthurt flow through you.

    • Perhaps I have been a little mean in my previous comment :D I have a mean humour, sorry Jayson. On a serious note, you could be right. But we live and we learn right. I respect good, trustworthy men. They know how to disarm my inner bitch :D

  • evenlift
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    • ElissaDido

      I'm not whining though. I'm just pointing somethings I noticed.

    • evenlift

      Those aren't mutually exclusive. But, you will learn a lot from myTake.

    • bobbyxx

      It is all women seem to do these days. Whine at men, the way men treat them and winging at men jot being how women say we should be.

  • Bandit74
    Well this take is really cliche and overdone but I agree that if all you have to offer is niceness then you're delusional if you think thats enough.

    "a hot guy only wants to date a hot girl, at least he worked hard for it (By working out, working on his confidence, having a job,..)
    the hot girl he wants to date most likely tries to work on keeping herself good looking as-well so she can date the Hot guy. Hard working people deserve to date each-other"

    Well first I find it funny you admit that a guy needs to be physically fit, confident, and have a decent job to get a hot girl while the girl just needs to keep "herself good looking" to get the hot guy.

    Anyways, I disagree. I don't think girls have to work that hard to be hot. Women with the most mass appeal are generally thin with soft curves. It's mostly genetic mixed with ocassional exercise. The ammount of effort the typical hot girl puts into her physique is nothing compared to the effort an equally hot guy had to put into his. Also faces play a huge role in attraction and those are like 80-90% genetic.

    As far as confidence, social skills, and wealth are concerned, if you are attractive its easier to be confident and develop social skills, which also benefits you in your professional life. So its all linked back to genetics in my opinion. Sure you have to put in effort as you do with most things but genetics play a huge role.

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  • madhatters4
    i'm a "nice guy" and literally none of your 7 items describes me.

    nice guys are nice because they are kind, thoughtful, selfless. thinking women are gold diggers, having a victim mentality, being lazy, lacking ambition, etc are all things that could describe any guy but certainly not necessarily nice guys
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    • Jayson101

      The article makes no sense.

    • snowangle

      That means you're genuinely a nice guy. You're not the stereotypical "nice guy."

    • @snowangle but if this article is stereotyping nice guys all the reasons she listed could apply to nice guys, douche guys or anything in between. really the things listed are just types of guys who may have trouble finding a partner not any particular character (nice guy or otherwise)

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  • desidoll
    I like all of your points especially number 3 and 7. The truth is the 'real' nice guys aren't as many as people think. Most of them are all the self-proclaimed nice guys who whine about how they can't get a girlfriend just because girls go for rich bad guys when they actually go for the girl who is outside their league. I've seen a few men here who say there is no such thing as league which shows that it's okay for them to demand a hot, successful girls though they're broke themselves.
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    • I don't get people like you. You say guys should not go after women out of his league but when they don't you say he is a wussy and has low self esteem yet you have no problem with women going after guys out their league. Double standard. And for about 4 years I only went after ugly women since I am ugly. And know I have a girlfriend. Happy now?

  • singlebee
    "If you're really nice and have an amazing personality you wouldn't need to constantly remind everyone that you're a Nice Guy"

    This is so true... And then good i am not one of those nice guys... Nice take! Ellisa :-)
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  • AbandonShip
    Forgive me for being explicit, but this post is UTTER BULLSHIT. You are WRONG. Going into how wrong wrong, sexist, and horribly biased this whole post is would take all day (I originally tried, but decided it wasn't worth it after a few paragraphs). You make me loose hope in Humanity.
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    • Jayson101

      When you realize that a lot of women are nasty as f*** you stop being too nice to them. The woman in this article clearly extremely sexist and likes cheating assholes, and she's managed to convince herself that being treated poorly is better for her than being treated well. More women think like this than you'd believe. So it does you better to be an asshole around women and nice around men. this article is case in point. You'll learn eventually.

    • ElissaDido

      @Jayson101 I don' t like self proclaimed pathetic nice guys, doesn't t mean i like jerks

    • Jayson101

      Most men are jerks. We're only human. We can;t be completely certain of everything we do before we do it, that's a waste of time. Men might as well learn sooner or later not to try and hide it as it does n't get us any rapport and just makes us seem like a snooty moralists. Being actually a good person of good substance doesn't mean chasing around after a pretty woman's beck and call to get sex from them. The fact that women like you punish nice behavior is a clue.

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  • AbleLearner
    I am not bitter, lazy, insecure, or hateful.

    But I have been hated just about everywhere I've ever gone.

    Your ignorance will be your downfall.

    Confidence is not the problem. Your lying, deceiving attitude toward men is the problem.

    I was and am a better man than anyone you've ever known, and God himself will be my witness one day too.

    None of you has ever wanted a damn thing to do with me, unless it was for me to solve your problems.

    Hey lazy girl, just because I don't make as much money as other guys, doesn't mean I haven't KILLED MYSELF TRYING.

    Hey lazy girl, just because I have always been nicer to women than they have ever been to me, doesn't make me weak.

    You'd rather a drunk, or a brawler than a thinker, and if he got in a fight with me, I'd drop him like a bad habit, and rebuke YOU to your face for not leaving him sooner.

    This "nice guy" wishes I could catch one of your evil son of a bitch boyfriends abusing you, WHICH YOU GO BACK TO LATER, and I'd rip his eyes out with my own bare hands.

    But that doesn't matter to you. The number one thing you check on a man's profile is his income, and the last thing you check on his profile is his income too.

    I could make a list why, "Seven reasons women who fall for drunks and players aren't worth a damn," but I love you more than that, and you don't give a damn anyway.

    By the way, some people are "shy" because they have clinical depression and anxiety, and being rejected by fools like you repeatedly doesn't help, nor does a pill give a man some kind of super-social skills, but you are a fool after all, and one day you will find yourself in a fall too.

    As I said on my own thread, women and employers have some things in common; they think a man owes them everything, and they'll can the man at any time for any reason or no reason at all.
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  • krash2002
    It's common to believe that the "nice guy" genre that you described. Is truly in alignment with your definition, and from a females perspective. I can understand as to why you came to that conclusion.

    Now, I may be off on my thinking, but my perception of why some men who classify themselves as false nice guys. Are men who usually are below average looking, shy, and have seen men who are players, assholes, and manipulators. Take some of the most beautiful women and treat them horridly, but get what they want. They from there inhibit the traits to which you've spoken of and become jaded. Leading towards further despair... yada yada.

    I myself grew up and watched women in high school, college, bars, and every day life. Be treated extremely poorly by men who use and abuse them (not physically) and threw them to the curb once they're done. This strained my desires as I wanted to be noticed by such said girls, but couldn't bring myself to treating a woman that way. So, I worked upon myself and strengthened my weaknesses.

    The ending conclusion led me to getting my wife, but it took some time and realization that it does take time to aim high and to get what you want. Instant gratification with women is to put yourself above them. For the terms of a successful long term relationship. Taking time to be willing to see them as an equal and be willing to allow yourself to sharpen the edges of your weaknesses, and make yourself better than you once were.
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  • Phoenix98
    I don't disagree with anything you've really said on here, I would say though that is goes for women to. As while we have nice guys women have their own version of it.

    Remember the more you act like a lady, the more he'll act like a gentleman.

    Other then that good take.
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  • ManOnFire
    I never really pay any mind to all that nice guy stuff, or take it that seriously. To me it always seems to be that if you have to proclaim yourself as a nice guy then you must be desperate to prove it to a girl or prove that you're worthy of dating.

    If I'm a nice guy and I know it, chicks are gonna know it too, and I don't need to shout it to the world. Furthermore, I don't really care whether she or anyone else thinks I'm nice or not, and just being nice isn't enough to date.
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  • Beaver19
    I think the first 5,000 nice guy takes will do Hun.

    Look you generalize a lot about decent guys, yes of course there are those whiney guys who claim to be great but in the same turn you villainize a man for feeling self conscious and unattractive (which certain factors can't be helped by fitness, I lost my hair to shock when my father died so I'm bald now and no amount of fitness changes what girls think of me) yet then bash them for being disinterested in plain girls. That is a double standard as well. I disagree with the 'go out of their league' no it's not about what's equal, it's about who's attractive to you and you keep going for that period until one says yes, I personally wouldn't date a girl who was even average looking (partially because of what average has become weight wise in the U. S.) however my standards aren't too high, lookup Lindsey Stirling that's the kind of girl I date, small petite cute face etc. so I'm not overly picky but my point is no one should be chastised for having high standards as it's not sort settling on, also I've never heard guys get jealous so much as angry that attractive guys exploit women more, maybe because they have more opportunities to do so but regardless it does happen and we all know women say looks don't matter but are statistically just as superficial as men, not saying that's bad I'm saying guys are more honest about it. Also it does seem ridiculous you don't understand why guys who would truly give all to a beautiful girl feel upset that the guy who abuses them or lays around was born with good looks, don't say jealously is just the trait of men we all know different.

    I'm not saying I'm a nice guy and I'm not sticking up for the annoying brats who pull the nice guy card, but GOOD MEN like myself who are honest and have high standards are tired of seeing this as well, it's a genetalization. We are able to have our high standards on a girls body and mind, even if we are bald, or a hunchback, we don't have to tell people how good we'd treat a girl because we KNOW how well we'd treat a girl. We aren't always the most attractive but we know what we stand for and that we don't accept less, there are nice guys out there like you describe but for the most part you and others over generalize those brats into actual good men and that does irk us especially after seeing tons of posts on it. it just makes you come off as complaint full as any one of the 'nice guy' brats you complain about.
  • Rock_Steakface
    Well, you heard the woman, guys. Drop any pretense of being nice and embrace the Dark Triad. Don't know what that is? Fear not! Rock Steakface has got you covered!

    The Dark Triad describes three traits: machiavellianism (manipulative attitude), narcissism (excessively high opinion of oneself) and psychopathy (lack of empathy - although this is technically called sociopathy in modern psychological terms). In other words, don't be afraid to lie/cheat/steal, be as arrogant as possible and learn to give no fucks about it. If it sounds evil, you're not Dark Triading correctly.

    Don't take my word for it, though! Ask your local drug dealer how much the *COUGH* "ladies" respond to him and his general psychotic behavior. Ask Harley why she returns to the Joker time and again. You all know of at least one woman who repeatedly goes back to an abusive relationship when there is a "nice guy" willing to treat her with some dignity. DON'T BE THAT GUY. Let her go and practice your newfound Dark Triad skill set on a fresh target.

    Or if you have a conscience that refuses to die no matter how much you smother it to death, just skip the whole thing and do something that actually makes you happy. They're both fine choices.
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  • CasaNorba
    kick ass article sis!

    I agree all the way with #5 and thank God you pointed that out. you know mr nice guys always have ulterior motives just like bad boys/jerks do while coincidentally portraying the role as being the mr nice guy themselves. but this one goes even deeper as this is one thing that rapists and even serial killers use to trap their victims
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  • Prof_Don
    "4) They constantly hate on more successful and attractive guys instead of working on improving themselves."

    This is the most important point of the whole Take.

    Making oneself look as attractive as possible is something EVERYONE should do, and hygiene should be top notch with no exceptions.

    Talking to women is a social skill that CAN be learned... but these guys would rather bitch and complain that work on themselves.
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  • Namelessface
    See, I don't understand your view of hot people only dating hot people. I think it's more along the lines of shallow people only dating shallow people. Years of comparing myself to other people have taught me this: there are literally endless amounts of beautiful people physically out there. It's what's on the inside that matters.
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  • the_rake
    Yes, because all nice guys are boring, unattractive, unassertive, entitled, fake nice nerds... and this kind of take has not become boring or old whatsoever. You know, I might just do another satire take...
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