Five Feminine Things Men Do That Turn Women Off


Hey, what's up guys, this is your host, Dr. Hostboy. Today I'm going to be discussing the fifteen feminine or sissy-like activities and traits that immediately turn women off. You might be doing these things and scaring women away without even knowing it.

The first one I'm going to mention is wearing Axe body spray.

1. Wearing Axe body spray

Image Credit: Vox
Image Credit: Vox

We are in 2022 and I can't believe many of us are still wearing this funky body spray.

Axe has been proven by peer-reviewed sources to be one of the worst forms of "hygienical" tools, if you could even call it that.

This is not the 1990s or 2000s anymore when the artificial body spray used to be a trend. At the same time, the most "attractive/gangsta" (or considered as so by immature female peers) high school or college men were rolling in big American "luxury" cars with plastic interiors and underpowered engines.

Just a repeated reminder to all the guys that are still wearing that hunk of crap, WE ARE IN 2022. The Axe thing literally went out of style more than a decade ago. Stop wearing that s**t. It's a thing of the past.

If you really want to smell good, get the Arm & Hammer kind. Don't forget to buy Nautica cologne along with it and spray it all over your entire body. Combine those two products and you will turn women on in no time.

The second one I'm going to mention is watching adult animated sitcoms.

2. Watching adult animated sitcoms

Image Credit: TheThings
Image Credit: TheThings

With the exception of The Simpsons and Bob's Burgers, let's face it, adult cartoons suck. And most are lame as hell, especially the little-known ones on Netflix, Hulu, and Adult Swim.

Just like Axe body spray, adult animated sitcoms are one of the kinds in degenerate society that peaked in the 1990s and 2000s. They may be worse than Axe body spray actually, because you are what you watch on TV. If you choose to watch garbage on TV, such as South Park, Family Guy, or Rick and Morty, you are telling yourself you like perverted off-color "humor". It's basically like the virtual version of being either a perverted douchebag or a childish douchebag.

The worst of all, if you are a Christian, you absolutely never want to watch these shows anyway because they literally mock Jesus Christ.

I highly suggest watching sitcoms, preferably non-animated, that provide you with any situational boundaries or offer you with any educational or realistic social values.

For younger men (middle and high school), Power Rangers, Saved By The Bell, Full(er) House, iCarly, or Degrassi; and just about anything on the old-school Disney side (before Bella Thorne came to ruin the channel) is great too. For older men (college+), The Office or Trailer Park Boys. For males of any age, Friends, That '70s Show, or Seinfeld.

The third one I'm going to mention is discussing politics.

3. Discussing politics

Image Credit: Forbes
Image Credit: Forbes

That simple, you're not a true gentlemen if you don't keep your political rants to yourself (or at least leave them out of your social media platforms).

Image Credit: CNBC
Image Credit: CNBC

Seriously, unless you either are at least 70 years old or a billionaire or both (like all of those six guys above), literally no one wants to hear (or read about) your unsolicited rants regarding the patriarchy, feminism, white privilege, gas prices, or the New World Order. Especially in this day and age when politics have been radicalized by the worst of the subhumans: incels and mass shooters.

The fourth one I'm going to mention is owning a fast car or a gas guzzler.

4. Owning a fast car or a gas guzzler

Image Credit: Throttle House
Image Credit: Throttle House

It's time to accept that fast cars and gas guzzlers are crappy as hell, and like it or not, you are a jerk if you own one.

To be fair, I'm not talking about those of the exotic variety. I don't consider cars made by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or McLaren to be "fast" or "gas guzzlers"; they're exotic status symbols and everyone knows it. I'm actually talking more about cars you buy simply for bragging rights.

I hate to break this to you fellas, but if you own a muscle car, a high-performance luxury car, a tuner car, or a gas-guzzling truck or SUV, and especially if you drive like a douchebag in one, you just might be hiding in the closet.

To be honest, most men who buy these cars either don't know a thing about cars or have a big ego hanging around them; less commonly, it can go both ways. Either way, they brag about them and flash such materialistic garbage on Instagram and TikTok for the followers and the gold-digger chicks.

In my opinion, anything above either 250-300 horsepower (depending on the car's weight class) and/or 4.0 liters in engine displacement is just asking for bragging rights. No woman with half a brain would be around a man who conforms himself to living a thug life(style) or whining about gas prices when he consequently got what he bought.

The fifth and last one I'm going to mention is dieting/aiming to get that so-called "summer body".

5. Dieting/aiming to get that so-called "summer body"

Image Credit: The Adult Man
Image Credit: The Adult Man

I really hate to break this to you, but you really need to ditch whatever unsolicited "advice" your parents/relatives, your P.E. teachers, and your doctors gave you about your eating "habits" and your weight. Not only are those people not you, but they don't have a clue and most likely do not want to hear how you truly feel about your body; and even if they did, they'll very likely be in denial about your emotions.

We (as men) are not the same as women. Women are different, physically and emotionally. The whole idea of a diet was created by Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Commercial to attack the traditional, muscular, heterosexual, alpha man. You know I'm not wrong when I say the devil is in the details; diets are made for women and young children.

Whether you are going through morbid obesity or anorexia nervosa, or even if you're just living a fine lifestyle, you need to skip that lame diet thing (because I've been there and done that, keto and vegetarian both are dumb as rocks). With that being said, hit the treadmill, lift heavy weights, and get yourself a protein shake and a caesar salad.

That's it for today. It literally took me more than two hours to write this MyTake.

Five Feminine Things Men Do That Turn Women Off
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Most Helpful Girl

  • countrygirl8754

    I want to clarify

    1. I don't mind anything like that for the body sprays at all

    2. Watching those kind of shows I don't mind just have me in ur arms and cuddle but that is optional

    3. The cars? A vechicle shouldn't matter to a female what matters to me is

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    • Politics

      They don't have to

    • lucas262

      I'm the kind of guy who wants to laugh at what I find funny, cuddle up snuggle bug and let's watch a crude humor show shell order some pizza

Most Helpful Guy

  • Kaneki05

    Is this supposed to a ironic or joke of some kind? Because I don't get it. And it took you two hours to write this mess? I do hope you find a hobby or something more fun to do because this ain't for you and I do say that without trying to be hurtful.

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    • anon1903

      I can't imagine dating someone who doesn't watch kid shows. Like, they'd most probably be judging me if that's the case!!

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  • Whatever2929292

    Why should anyone care about this? I mean if that is stuff someone genuinely likes doing then I don't give a flying fuck what someone else thinks. I mean I am not into all those things but if I were.

    I would be finding someone who shares interests. You do understand that not all women are the same and neither are all men. Right? Why should someone change who they are for someone.

    You are also a MAN!!! Remember that

  • MysteriousDarkness

    How is any of wjat you said feminine

    1. Wearing Axe body spray - Instead of Axe body spreay you said "If you really want to smell good, get the Arm & Hammer kind. Don't forget to buy Nautica cologne along with it and spray it all over your entire body." So you're telling people to smell like they bathed in cologne and that would make others think those people do not wash themselves.

    2. Watching Adult animated sitcoms - if women hate it then why are there women who watch it and enjoy it?

    3. Discussing Politics - There are women who wil discuss it.

    4. Owning a fast car or gas guzzler - if no women likes SUV'S, truck or sport cars then why do a lot of women drive them especially SUV's let alone with a guy as who has any of those types of vehicles?

    5. Dieting aiming to get that so called summer body - this one goes both ways. Anyone wanting to be healthier by eating healthy for their body and not going by a pre drawn out so called diet. Not everyone wants to be bulky some rather have more lean muscle especially swimmers and long distance runners.

  • DarkWinterNights

    What you drive shouldn’t matter. Whether or not you drive like an a-hole may, but many of the girls where I live drive trucks and SUV’s. If that’s a turn off, then we’re probably not compatible anyway. Some of us enjoy cars as a hobby and there is going to need to be some understanding of that.

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  • CasaNorba

    I do all these 5 and believe me when I tell you that I dont give a flying fuck if it turns women off

    and if you actually do worry that such things might turn women off then I'm sorry to say this brother but you are a total simp

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  • FunkyMonkee

    I never watch any of them but it's The Simpletons that sucks!! It's one of the stupidest cartoons ever made!!

    And, by the way, I don't do ANY of this stuff, never have!! Yet, I'm still completely devoid of female companionship!

  • MCheetah

    Eh. I don't agree with any of these. Even if I did, I wouldn't change my behavior just cause some chick doesn't like it. I only actually do number 2 and 3, though.

  • USLegionary

    In my experience having a decent car is a real panty moistioner. Though I will say as long as it looks fast and powerful generally doesn't have to be.

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  • Redstang88

    Axe was never bet for chicks so I’ll give ya that one

    You do know some girls actually like cars too? And most of us buy said cars because that’s what interests us, nothing more to it

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  • Kaytiee

    On todays episode of lets debunk delusional men, I'll answer all of these honestly.

    1. Wear axe bodyspray = Nope wrong, I'm not a fan of axe itself but I very much enjoy and love the smell of bodyspray on men.
    2. Watching adult animated sitcoms,= Nope, although I find some of them cringe, some are also funny and I could care less, if he likes it whatever, doesn't turn me off.
    3. Discussing politics = I enjoy this to a degree as long as its not over the top, if they can form their own opinion it shows critical thinking skills.
    4. Owning a fast car = Again, don't really care, doesn't turn me off whatsoever as long as their car isn't their child.
    5. Dieting/aiming to get a summer body =, Doesn't turn me off whatsoever, sometimes stresses me if partner is doing it for the wrong reasons (insecurities), however if they could do better for their bodies and are striving for that, then I see that as self-reflection and improvement, which is very attractive.

  • abc3643


    "With the exception of The Simpsons and Bob's Burgers, let's face it, adult cartoons suck. "

    Bob's Burgers sucks. Everybody looks like fucking Q-tip and a guy voices the mother and the idiot daughter wears bunny ears.

    You need to start watching more adult cartoons.

    South Park is brilliant and Family Guy is funny - certainly if you are older and you get all the cultural references Seth MacFarland injects in Family Guy and American Dad.

    You should also watch animated Star Trek. It was NOT a kids' show despite being a "Saturday morning kids cartoon" in 1973-1974.

  • HighValue

    Being a democrat is an instant deal breaker for me. I'd never date one so I must ask some political/moral questions.

  • Roden_Hartsough

    Bruh this is so much inaccuracy in one article its insane. if you look at the girls opinions they all disagree with you. you just pulled this out of your ass so don't be surprised if people call you out on being an idiot.

  • hihihiok

    No , I really find it inappropriate at most of the parameters.

  • ALewis30

    What do you consider to be good cartoon animation? Animation is very creative and expressive art form. There is a huge variety of animated movies and shows for all ages if you look hard enough. Countries like Japan, France and Italy prove that.

  • Wubs3000

    How are literally any of these things seen as strictly feminine traits?

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  • skeetskeetskeet

    The diet one needs to be clarified because yeah a guy on Jenny craig... counting food points for weight watchers is one thing but not eating candy bars for dinner and shit like that is another

  • notwoke

    Umm, none of these are feminine or true. This is a list of what you don't like personally

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  • Alphonsolawa

    " but you really need to ditch whatever unsolicited "advice" your parents/relatives, your P. E. teachers, and your doctors gave you about your eating "habits" and your weight"

    Bruh, do you think that you know better than even doctors? this has to be an ironic joke.

    "diets are made for women and young children."

    Says who? There isn't much difference between how absorption of nutrition works between men and women.

    "With that being said, hit the treadmill, lift heavy weights, and get yourself a protein shake and a caesar salad."

    The last part is technically a diet.

  • _deeznuts

    literally none of these turn me off

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  • Kelly6

    Non of this is true.

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