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Dating and how it screws guys.

Dating and how it screws guys.

Right swipe, right swipe, right swipe, .... Etc. Etc etc. Nothing. Then finally after a few days a match! Then she responds with one or two word answers. Expecting me to carry the entire conversation. Then one date, and no call back. The actual date rarely ever happens, and when it does, it is stressful and fruitless. At a certain point, I feel like I've been used and taken advantage of so much, that I'm gonna need a woman to persue me. Im over being the cat in this dumb cat and mouse game where women get constant validation from men, and men rarely get so much as a compliment. How about YOU do the work. YOU take the risk. YOU try to show ME that I'm desirable, because hunny, so far... Im not impressed with YOUR game...

I dont care that "society" creates a certain dynamic, because if you cannot rise above basic societal pressure, then you really aren't worth my time. You aren't special enough. So I dont want to hear anything like "your not gonna get any women to pursue you" because I'm already leading a completely sexless life, with no romance. Which sucks, because I'm actually a pretty romantic person. Im a nurturer. I was raised by a single mom, and I am kind of a stereotype of that. Im a fantastic listener, I can cook, play multiple instruments, and I'm hilarious. I know my worth. Im worth working for, and honestly I rarely even meet people who I really vibe with. So, yeah. Im over pursuing anybody.

Dating and how it screws guys.
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  • MzAsh
    You’re in the traditionally feminine role. This will require you to wait for a more dominant woman to pursue you. There’s no way around that. Be patient, be attractive, and one will come your way. Just make sure you know that she takes the lead. Follow her as needed.
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    • Bull... there's hardly any decent woman out there anymore.

    • MzAsh

      Yes there are. If you’re a decent man, you’ll find them.

    • Trust me there's hardly any decent girls out there anymore. I've been looking for over 20 years and I finally stopped dating. Plus I don't drive at all so I can't get into any romantic relationships anyways 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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  • nerdybutlazy
    I'm sorry to tell you this and I just gonna guess from the guy in the picture you're in your late 20s but most women won't pursue you the way you want it just doesn't happen. I know you said you didn't want to hear us talk about society but yah it's society. Personally, I've had people mistake my kindness as interest in them romantic so I just walk up to men I like if I really want to ( I guess so becuase in normal roles I have no problem being dominant).
    Not all women really care what society thinks, but it sounds like to be that dating apps may not work best for you cause most women on there aren't looking for something serious. Maybe try an app like bumble was it's the women that text first
    • I've been on bumble and it's like dead air. I don't know what, it's like I think my pictures are good. I put some thought into my profile, I don't know, maybe I'm missing something

  • Screenwriter
    I hope you use online dating and choose matches that MIGHT align with your character. Get dates from friends who know you well? Siblings?
    I don't see your age, so don't know why you have this high level of frustration. What do ALL your dates have in common? What are they missing? Make a list.
    If you recognize a negative pattern, it means you'll have to adjust your "picker." It's not in alignment.
    Are you using meetups? That is a great no pressure place to meet a broad swath of people with similar interests. Could be outdoors, birdwatching, book club, biking, sailing. You'll stay busy and avoid "dating." You can hang out with lots of different women and perhaps get better outcomes!
  • jestergent
    The quality is pretty low in terms of seeing someone as a partner you want to share your body with. The real answer is semi expensive. Find someone abroad. Its cheaper in the sense you have less risk.
  • Alyssa11
    Well that was enlightening and a change of perspective...
  • Interesting mytake! Thanks for the invite 😊
  • Anonymous
    Its simple. When girls don't even try to talk after getting matched. They are gone the same second to me. I hate when people match on dating apps but play their stupid ignoring games etc.
  • Anonymous
    Whatever u do don’t listen to mzash she’s so ass backwards. If men were to listen to her women would rule over us like slaves

    u aren’t feminine for being fed up that online dating has made women into these creatures that dont put any effort into dating whatsoever and just farm dopamine from men’s attention while waiting for some asshole to come along and take advantage of them so they can accuse him of rape while simultaneously complaining why he left XD

    just know that good women still exist. On dating apps, find one that just made her account that day and trade numbers and get her on a date asap before the dopamine farm ruins her brain
  • Anonymous
    Prostitutes. That is the answer to this problem. They cost less than two dates typically, you are definitely going to have sex if you want it, they are generally very nice people as well as interesting, and they welcome repeat business. Treat them with dignity and respect, and you will get the same in return. Who the hell needs some arrogant bitchy drama queen when you can have this?
    • Escorts and prostitutes don't bring happiness and the same with money too.

    • Anonymous

      @scott04sa22 Women bring you temporary happiness, then bring you emotional and financial disaster.

    • Anonymous

      Try going without money and see how happy you are.