10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

1. We wear makeup for ourself only.

Some woman do but most wear it because they like it and get confidence by it.

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

2. We don't care how many exes you have had, it doesn't matter. And it doesn't make you cooler.

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

3. If we are mad leave us alone and come back later.

We will get more mad if you stay and try to hug us. Anything can happen if you do so just leave.

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

4. We don't only want a solutions on our problem we want to talk about it.

Men are natural fixers woman are not. So even if you have come up with a solution we wanna talk about it and get out feelings out.

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

5. If we say we don't wanna talk about it. It is because:

1. we either are afraid of your reaction

2. think we are overreacting

3. think we will annoy you

4. you don't really care

5. we want you to get it because otherwise you don't seam to care

6.or think it's a waste of time talking about it.

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

6. We don't want your dick pics unless we have asked for them.

We really don't. And it doesn't make us turned on by just a pic.

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

7. We like that you tease us but not about personal stuff.

Don't tease about a trauma we have been through and don't joke about something you know we are insecure about.

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

8. We don't need a man to take care of us.

We can live on our own and be successful by ourself but having a man by our side is even better!

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

9. We are less attractive to mean men way more than ugly men.

Mean men (people over all) are waaaay less attractive than ugly nice people. (By the way, don't mistake the bad boy for the mean guy, the bad boy stand up for himself, has a cool style and has killa confident but respect people when they deserve it, mean people don't respect anyone except themself.

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

10. We love compliments that aren't sexual.

For example instead of calling us sexy call us beautiful. (Unless you are our partner)

We really love getting compliments (who doesn't?) but don't give us comments that are sexual unless you are our partner. It will make us uncomfortable instead.

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew


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  • Most of the things I simply agree with. With 3 and 5 I have discovered that it is better to simply state: if you want to talk about it, I am here for you, and then walk away; then just leave it altogether. Leaving immediately can feel like a 'running away when things get tough'.

    4 is important, and really hard in my opinion. Like you said: we/men immediately want to look for a solution, especially when times are tough. Of course it is best to just ask: do you want my take on it, or some advice? If she says no, then you clearly should not provide it :P

    Six is a definite agreed. I really do not understand why men think this is sexy.

    • I agree with you. I usually say what you suggested to people that are mad (and close to me obviosly).
      Question 4 can definatly be hard. Great solutions.
      And yeah number six is not sexy.

  • We're a lot alike!

    I have a girlfriend, but I don't look nice for her. I really don't care if she thinks I look good.

    I don't allow her to talk about her exes in front of me.

    If I'm mad, she better go away or she might get hit.

    She is not to help me with my problems. She's my emotional punching bag, not my helper.

    I don't talk to her about things that bother me. I just slam stuff and stomp around, showing her that I'm pissed, but I let her wonder why, hoping she realises what she did.

    If she sends me a picture I didn't specifically ask for, I get mad. Just because you think your ass looks good today doesn't mean I want to see it.

    I don't need her. I can do everything without her. She's just convenient and makes my life easier.

    If a woman isn't 100% nice to me, she's ugly.

    I only like compliments from women on the things I want to be complimented on, unless I want a compliment from her on something sexual. Especially if I'm wearing a button up shirt with the top for buttons undone so you can see my chest. That's not for YOU to look at. Its for who I want to see it. That hot girl over there can look all she wants. YOU? Keep your eyes forward, scrub.

    Its amazing how similar men and women are, when you think about it.

    • I can relate to what you are saying so much lol!
      I don't dress up for others I do it for myself and it brings confident.
      I don't wanna hear about any exes
      Same if I'm mad lol
      I don't talk about things that Brothers me unless it's so big It might end the friendship or relationship
      Agree on the picture esspecially when it's a nude
      Agree on the next. I mean it makes us happier and easier but we can live without them fine.
      Absolutly agree that if someone is mean they are ugly.
      I also don't like compliments that are not for them. And I Only like it from People I'm close too and I want it to be true. Ofcorse there can be sexuall if it is with a partner and in that mood.

      Yes it is lol. I didn't Think anyone could relate this much😂😊👌

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    • That's one of the best compliments I've ever recieved. Thank you so much.

    • 😊👍

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  • I'm sure you wear make up for confidence, and it's nice when women wear less make up though. But while I do believe it's for confidence and I also think to compete or look good along with other men. It's still relevant to men as in being or looking presentable to other women and feminine and like a keeping in with the joneses thing. Men do things that men not be for women it seems, but it is. Simply hair cuts, etc is to be presentable and attractive to women. You say it's for women. But if men suddenly disappeared this very day. And years going forward, don't tell me most women wouldn't mostly wear sweat pants, probably stop shaving their legs or much less and would not be wearing make up. Nothing wrong with admitting it. I have a beard, but I keep it trimmed and maintain my apperance to look good. If women disappeared from earth, and i'm around only dudes from that point. I'd probably just let my beard out without ever trimming it. I'd probably look like a caveman lol., but I have a feeling most guys would too. I mean granted there are plenty of guys who look like cavemen now, and they have wives. But make up, appearance work is still in some way a relation to looking attractive and presentable to people and often the opposite a big part of that.

    • I get your point but sometimes I put on makeup when I'm Home alone for a whole day. But obviosly some woman will were makeup for other but I hope most will do it for themself

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    • *wear

    • Yes I agree. I like being fresh. Take a shower, dress Nice put on makeup because it gives me confidence and makes me happier. But I could leave the house without makeup.

  • This looks like the type of inane article that you would see published in a womens magazine. But anyway here's my reply.
    "1. We wear makeup for ourself only."
    Women wear make up in order to look attractive to other people, especially men, please don't try to pretend that this multi-billion dollar industry only exists as some sort of confidence booster for women.
    "... most wear it because they like it and get confidence by it."
    In that case many women must be seriously lacking in confidence.
    "2. We don't care how many exes you have had, it doesn't matter."
    Yes you do care, which is why you're always asking us about how many exes we've had. And yes it does matter, to you, that is why you get annoyed when we don't want to talk about it or tell you. Then when we do tell you about our exes you start to get all weird and ask if we're still friends, do we still keep in contact etc. Women do this because they are naturally jealous so don't pretend that you don't care because every guy reading this, whose ever had a relationship with a woman, knows that you really do care about it.
    "3. If we are mad leave us alone and come back later."
    When we do that you then get even more pissed off with us because we are ignoring you and not trying to find out why you're mad and give you attention.
    "We will get more mad if you stay and try to hug us. Anything can happen if you do so just leave."
    Sometimes I hug my g/f when she is really mad at me, a couple of times this has led to us having angry sex. A tip to the younger guys reading this, sex with an angry g/f is some of the best sex you will ever have.
    "4. We don't only want a solutions on our problem we want to talk about it."
    Problems need solutions, not words and talking about feelings.
    "5. If we say we don't wanna talk about it. It is because:"
    -you love drama and you're in the mood for an argument.
    "6. We don't want your dick pics unless we have asked for them."
    Read the title of the article. Do you really think that men don't know this? Just because some creepy dude in India sends you pics of his wedding tackle doesn't mean that this is something that men don't know about women.
    "7. We like that you tease us but not about personal stuff."
    There's no point teasing someone about something that they're completely comfortable with and not at all sensitive about because that is not teasing.
    "8. We don't need a man to take care of us."
    Relationships work like this: he takes care of you and you take care of him.

    • "9. We are less attractive to mean men way more than ugly men."
      I would imagine that both mean men and ugly men find women to be equally attractive.
      "10. We love compliments that aren't sexual."
      Again is this really one of the top 10 things that women really wish that men knew? What universe is the author of this article living in where random men just walk up to women and give them sexual compliments? Obviously there are creepy men out there and men who don't understand appropriate boundaries, but there are also some inappropriate women too. So how about a compliment like: Nice make-up, you must be feeling really confident today!

    • 1. I wear makeup when I'm Home alone and I can go out without makeup. And so does many other woman.
      2. I don't and I meant you shouldn't brag about it unless she asks
      3. You can ask "do you wanna talk about it?" Or "is there anything I can do?" And then leave and come back later.
      4. I understand that you Think like that because you are male but woman don't work the same so we do need to talk about emotion.
      5. No not really but if you wanna imagine that, go ahaed.
      6. Some don't actually
      7. Doesn't need to be completely comfortble but if you joke about Peoples traumas you show lack är empathy. You can do it different ways
      8. I know I didn't say it doesn't. Read again. I said woman can survive without men not that you don't need to do it in a relationship

  • 1. If your only doing it for yourself, even though its literally designed to attract male attention as it simulates an aroused state, then how do you get confidence from it? i. e. by the attention you get from men because of it.
    2. Actually I know of several women who have cared about the number of ex's, it bothered them quite a bit.
    3. eh.
    4. That's true, but its also true that men cannot understand why you would talk about a problem (usually over and over again) and not actually bother to fix it. It drives men insane.
    5. eh, I consider that just poor communication skills. If your unwilling to talk about it the problem can't get resolved and then your just going to ruminate and get pissed off about a problem that could have easily been resolved if you just had the courage to actually say what you where thinking.
    6. I think that applies to most women. Men are visual and as such I think they believe women will be aroused in the same way they are by visual stimulation. Clearly its not the case.
    7. sure, but that's how men act, we tease because its a way of dealing with the trauma and insecurities by making them absurd, its a way of conditioning ourselves to not be bothered by it by over exposure and such. So that's probably why that happens.
    8. You do. This is just a fact, their is a reason why 80% of domestic spending (in the US, 70% globally) is done by women yet women only earn about a third of the total domestic earnings, its because they use the mans money. Also your not building a house, building roads, etc. The fact is people need other people in general, and women most definintley need men because again, you on your own would not have anything and you wouldn't be able to handle the jobs men do, hence your biological inclination to want to be with a man (especially a man who is "ambitious"(i. e. greater resources or power and thus security) who is "assertive"(i. e. brave/aggressive so he can better protect) etc.
    9. Nope. One, women actually are attracted to assholes, that's why assholes get sex more often then nice guys, studies back this (one study found that a guy who blatantly wanted sex and was "rude" about it got a more positive response from women then a more "timid" man. Also other studies show that women rated men who where not smiling as more attractive then men who where etc. etc.).
    10. Sounds reasonable enough.

    • 1. I get confident even if I'm Home alone. I feel Fresh. But I get your point.
      2. Yes SOME and I meant that you shoudn't brag about it Only tell her if she asks.
      3. well it's true.
      4. I get that
      5. Partly true but its not that simple for every woman
      6. yup
      7. Yes but most woman don't
      8. YES ofcorse I mean a woman won't die if she doesn't have a man (partner) she can live by herself.
      9. Bad boys and mean guys aren't the same. But some woman do.
      10. Yup

    • You've heard men brag about how many ex's they have had? Seems stupid, that's like saying I failed this many times, not really much of a selling point. For three yes its true, some times, other times in my experience and from what I have seen its not (bit of a crap shoot). For five, that's my view, maybe I am to blunt of a speaker but to me not speaking about a problem and resolving it never ends well. 7. Not saying women act that way only explaining why men act that way and why they get confused if it bothers you, its a culture clash essentially (same thing with the dick picks, confusion is based upon not understanding the opposite gender. This is also why women seem to think that sexual desirability is the same as being attractive which it is not (a man is willing to lower his standards for casual sex, a woman on the other hand generally won't or will even raise them and that's because male sexual desire is more physical, like being thirsty or hungry and a womans is not).

    • Yes and it's stupid like you said. Not speaking about a problem is not the best idé. And number 7, okay never thought of it like that

  • For me... This is more like the 10 complaints that have always made most women boring, aka 10 things you hear when you're talking to an unexceptional girl... (Although I have to admit, fellow guys... What is up with number 6? Why?)

    • Some of them yes

  • 1) "I wear it for myself, to get confidence." Makeup doesn't give you confidence if there's nobody around though.
    Think about it. It's an interesting throught experiment. Suppose you live COMPLETELY alone, in an empty, locked room your whole life, without a mirror. Do you know what your face looks like? Hardly. So does wearing makeup matter anything to you? Nope.
    Women wear makeup because society (e. g. other women) convinced them that this is how they are beautiful. Women wear makeup to fit society's idea of beauty. And sure, that gives you confidence - but only through the thought that now you are better than some people, or that you are good enough for some people.
    In other words, makeup IS about essentially lying to the world about your beauty.
    If you said you work out for confidence, or that you read a lot for confidence, I'd say that's fair, because those are INTERNAL characteristics of a person - they don't necessarily affect the broader society. But makeup is ENTIRELY a social construct, and as such it is unalienable from competing for approval from society.

    2) So you complain that men brag about your exes... yet you disparage them if they talk about them. I think you are insecure.
    Also, for the record: and we men DO care how many exes you have. Maybe accept that, and don't call it "slutshaming".

    3) "Anything can happen if you do so just leave."
    That's a threat. You want a pass for behaving irrationally, and then you THREATEN us if we don't comply? Have you no shame, woman?
    by the way rest assured, if you get physical, you draw the shorter straw - 9999 out of 10000 cases, the guy WILL be stronger. So maybe don't poke them - "anything can happen" after all.

    4) "We don't only want a solutions on our problem we want to talk about it."
    Yes, we know that. And we also know that we don't want to talk about it, and we like looking for solutions. So how about you stuff it, and talk with your girlfriends about it, and accept that we DON'T want to talk about it? Is that fair?

    5) "If we say we don't wanna talk about it. It is because: blah blah blah"
    Yeah, we know.
    Here's a shocker for you - we ain't mindreaders.
    You said you like to talk.
    Again, get a grip!

    6) If you don't want dick pics, maybe stop hanging out with fuckboys.

    7) "Don't tease about a trauma we have been through and don't joke about something you know we are insecure about."
    This goes both ways. Don't be an asshole to your significant other.

    • 8.) "We don't need a man to take care of us. We can live on our own and be successful by ourself but having a man by our side is even better!"
      You know that's a lie. Most women lie about this to themselves. The reality is that you THINK you don't need a man because you haven't tried being truly being alone. Most men have, and they admit to themselves that they do NEED somebody. Not always, sometimes everyone feels the need for a break. But you can't become a full, healthy person without someone completing you.
      But sure, if you don't need us - we don't need you either. Be a strong independant woman. Print 20 T-shirts, wear it every day, so that men might know THIS WOMEN doesn't need them, and so they can leave your entitled butt alone. Trust me, you'll be craving for attention pretty soon ;-P


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    • Anyway, I feel that you have some good intentions here, but there are obviously disagreements between us. I got frustrated by your myTake, for reasons that would take too long to explain in a comment, suffice to say accept my sincere apology for being rude, and if you want to talk in a constructive manner, I urge you to do so.

    • I didn't mean to upset you or anyone else. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I forgive you for your apology.
      1. That could be true I never thought of it that way. But I'm not sure.
      2. okay
      3. I would never threat anyone and I know it's serioust I was sarcastic I mean look at the picture.
      4. You don't seam to care about this one so lets move on. And to the rape thing NO
      5. sometimes true sometimes not
      6. sadly People I don't know has sent me and old friends had Said so.
      7. Thanks for telling me I'm not gonna find anyone, lol😂. But anyway I don't Think its wrong to be independent
      If you wanted to trick me you would be nicer. And I'm also a pretty nice person in real life apparently not everyone sees that here.
      10. Okay but its in a much better way

  • Pretty much spot on for the most part.
    Some I would disagree with. Then again every woman is unique and I probably have not met one where those items apply.

    #4 is huge. If I'm really not sure I'll probably ask if she is asking for a solution. 99% of the time I just support her.

    For the love of all things in heaven and above -- guys, pay attention to #7

    • Thankyou! And It's Good that you support them.

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    • Thank you.
      It's just what I do. Took a while to learn though.

    • 😊👍

  • Given #8, 1-7 and 9-10 are irrelevant since the man is an accessory as you state. I am a huge believer in independence and I believe men and women should just have minimal relationships such as I do which is good friends with benefits. This list is silliness.

    • Not true but cute opinion lol

    • If I would have known you are under 18 I wouldn't have bothered with an opinion.

    • So People that are under 18 don't have great opinions. Lol Good luck with that attitude

  • 1. So when you doll yourself all up and no one notices, how does that make you feel?
    2. Then why bring it up? Most women I know expect me to have been a straight up hoe.
    3. Gladly. If women didn't have 37 other men waiting at their beck and call I imagine they wouldn't be this cocky about wanting space.
    4. Thats what Becky is for, otherwise you're wasting our time. Bonus points for being the first woman to acknowledge that though.
    5. We're supposed to figure out which one while also respecting #3? Gotcha. Ignore you till you figure your shit out. Roger that, Going golfing, shooting, hiking etc will post the pics on the Bookface so you can be pissy that the world isn't miserable as you.
    6. We know. Its like a meme now or something >_> Kinda like when you wear skimpy McSkimperson out with your girlfriends and take your sweet time telling suitors that you're spoken for.
    7. That rule only applies to us. You're gf's know we peed the bed till age 10 by week 3 of dating us. Your alopecia, sweaty palms, IBS, alcoholism , bulimia etc are all kinds of off limits though. And no its not below the belt to shout out any and all touchy subjects to the entire planet when you're upset with us.
    8. You're welcome.
    9. LOL! Ok Brittany. 10 Things Women Wish Men Knew
    10. *You love compliments that aren't from ugly people.


    • Your one positive dude *sarcasm* red pill for sure.

    • @demonics
      1=Good sometimes I put on makeup when I'm Home alone. And I and many other woman can go out without makeup. But it does give me confidence to wear makeup. And ofcorse some woman wear it for others and some don't.
      2. Every woman won't bring it up, sometimes men do. And many woman don't want a hoe, but some do.
      3. Every woman don't have that many men waiting and just leave us alone when we are mad is a Good Idé.
      4. Well if you care for someone you will talk to her about it even if you don't like everything 100%.
      5. Lol I understand that it makes you annoyed to see that there are so many different reasons and if you don't have empathy for a woman then don't bother this isn't life or death and I haven't Said I do that when I'm mad.
      6. apparently not all guys
      7. It aplies to both genders but look at the title again.
      8. Lol?
      10. Not Always true.

  • 9. We are less attractive to mean men way more than ugly men.
    This is so not true. Notice the male model getting away with saying things most guys wouldn't attempt. If a normal guy sent things like these he would be shamed, caled a creep etc.
    https:/ /goo. gl/iD5sqc

    Women may say they "want" nice guys, but the truth is they will happily let a hot guy treat them much worse than an ugly nice man.

    • I don't like the modeling world these days because they are discriminating and ofcorse there are some woman that are bitches that will Only go for looks but I'm not one of them and many aren't. But your opinion is sadly true sometimes

    • It is true the vast majority of the times. I don't blame women or anything but i prefer to be completely honest with myself. DNA tracing has showed that 40% of men have reproduce throughout the course of human history while 80% woman have reproduced. Online dating site stats show that woman rate 80% of men below average when it comes to looks.

      Everywhere you look it shows that attractive people get MUCH better experiences in the dating world.

  • Pretty good. #4 is the one I have the most problem with. I like to just get problems fixed and forget about them. Women can't seem to accept just solving things, they want to endlessly discuss them. That bugs the s*** out of me. Just FIX IT and move on!

    • Thankyou! And I understand that number 4 can be annoying and sometimes it's even annoying for us, lol

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    • Yeah basically I want to point out to everyone because I would guess almost nobody has realized this perspective. Basically you actually have control of your own personal happiness and it is up to you to not let external situations effect your inner well being and happiness. If someone is a complete asshole to me and calls me hurtful names it doesn't effect me at all because I realize the problem is not with me at all, but with the insecurities and personality of the asshole. I actually feel sorry for him because he might be having the worst day of his life or something, at the very least has to navigate his life with a terrible personality. His words actually only mean something if I let them hurt me. I wouln't even need to be mean back, I would just move on continue being happy and nice to everyone. I have no need to like win in an argument escalation. It would be totally pointless, If someone cuts you off, like getting mad and being offended makes you the real loser.

    • @dieharder2k

      "Basically you actually have control of your own personal happiness and it is up to you to not let external situations effect your inner well being and happiness."

      Exactly right. You can't control what other people do. But you can control how you respond to it. I don't like when other people fail to take responsibility for their own happiness or blame me for their lack of it. That's their job not mine. But it's a little different when it's someone you love. You want them to be happy and you should be willing to make some sacrifices to help them achieve that.

  • I know all of these already.
    One thing you should know is as a man I am a wo”man” too. If I wasn’t a woman I would be a man developing in my mother. And because of that l know how women basically part if myself work (the woman part).
    Lastly 8) lettuce be honest the few yes but a majority of women do need men to live why else do women bounce from man to man apartment to apartment ahem.

    • Lettuce😂👌
      Some woman do but they can survive without men. They won't die if they don't have a man in their life. But I get your point

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    • Unfortunately just wish it wasn’t but that part is in control of the girls. And most girls don’t like taking control hence were all stuck here.

    • I guess so

  • Well, I'm screwed at #4. I'm pretty much incapable of having an emotional conversation, whether it's about me or someone else. Whenever I feel sad, I don't want to talk about how I feel but how to fix it, so I have no idea how to talk about how someone is feeling.

    • I understand that. You can ask "how do you feel about that?" If you wanna have a emotional converstation

  • Most of the points basically are points on how not to be an asshole in general.

    Seriously, if you send someone a dick picture then you are an idiot.

    • This are things some men do that woman don't like so that's why the captain is :10 things woman wish men knew"

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    • @newPython i hope you are joking. Because that's not normal thinking.

    • myTakeOwner Don't hate me for having an extra large penis. :)

  • Not going to agree with #3. Had an ex girlfriend and when we got into an argument and she got mad instead of escalating the fight I would often just leave or drive off in my truck. Later on she said the worse thing for me to do was leave her when she felt mad, because then she felt like I had abandoned her.

  • I think most have moved on to better women instead of the likes of you who think we want to listen to all the griping you want to do. No one really cares about all your rules.

    • This is not about me, some of these thing I can't relate to it's from what woman has Said but cute opinion bit really wrong tho. I at least don't judge people before I haven't even talked to them or have FACTS about them

    • And if you have so little empathy that you don't even wanna listen to some womans desires than don't talk about it

  • 1. You don't HAVE to! In moist cases, you're already gorgeous the way you are!
    5 (and a bit of 4). If we don't know what the problem is, we can't try to fix it!! "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you!" Then SUFFER!! If you aren't going to tell us, it MUST mean you actually LIKE it when we do what you claim pissed you off!! Otherwise, you'd TELL US!!!
    9. Then WHY THE FUCK do you CONSTANTLY fall madly in love with mean, evil bastards? You ALL SAY you WANT a nice guy, a prince charming, but when you've got one staring you in the face that is actually in love with you, you avoid him like the plague and get hooked up with Major Asshole of the Sphincter Brigade!! Oh, but DON'T shun that nice guy JUST YET! You're going to NEED him pretty soon for an emotional tampon once Mr. Boyfriend starts beating the living shit out of you because you put 3 too many granules of sugar in his coffee this morning!! THEN, when you finally LEAVE Mr. Asshole, instead of going with the nice guy that helped you out, what do you do? You go after... ANOTHER asshole!!! Didn't see THAT ONE coming, did you, guys? A guy with a dog, white cane and dark glasses on could've seen THAT ONE coming!!!

      5&4 you can just ask "is there anything I can do" or just not do anything like you said. And a lot of woman don't dare to tell when they are mad that's partly because they want you to know so you don't Think they are overreacting or something.
      9. Lol I understand that it makes you upset that many woman do but some don't. And there is a difference between a bad boy and a mean guy sometimes I guess woman can't tell the difference. And I'm sorry if someone turned you down for being a Nice guy

  • Many of the stuff I don't agree with just giving you an honest opinion. For example yes I do believe that you wear makeup to please the opposite sex and you don't just wear makeup for yourselves only

    • Okay. Obviosly some woman will wear makeup for others but I hope most do it for themself and I'm one of them

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    • Sounds good. Example when you go to a cemetery the guy that dies has a big build up mention on his marker and his wife gets nothing but just beloved wife than the dates no honor or mention to her on her marker

    • Alright. Just saying I'm not one of those feminism that are actually sexist and hate on men. And I don't hate on woman either I just want equality.

  • 1. I will never believe this no matter how many women say it.
    Especially when women 'dress up' to impress a guy they like, I usually includes make-up.

    2 to a point I agree 4-5 exes is fine. At more you start to get suspicious of why they fell apart.
    Is it because they weren't right for you or because you have a trait that takes a special kind of guy to deal with it.

    3. Same with guys

    4. Only if you agree to help us with our mental health. Men can sometimes solve your problems but we get annoyed if gossiped at for too long.

    5. This is the major problem, in the sub category 1,2,3,4 and 6 are reasonable but 5 that's what leads to relationships collapsing.
    If you don't tell us how you see it, we often won't look at it from your stance.

    6. I never want to do this a d never have

    7. I won't tease you about anything , I'm not that kind of guy

    8. Take care is the wrong word. Share the burden is better. You take care of each other in a relationship.

    9. I agree and disagree with this one. Guys who are mean aren't worth your time but I have never seen a woman fully into an ugly guy

    10. I agree, I don't want sexual comments untill later relationship too.

  • A nice article here.
    Could you please go on and explain what a mean man means. This word is so often used I wonder whether I get you right.

    • Thankyou!
      A mean man (or any person) will make fun of your insecurities, cheat, lie and won't just be loyal. And He doesn't treat people with respect even if they deserve it.

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    • Ok, I see. You mean a sociopath.

    • Sociopath or insecure People

  • Good Take.

    #s 3, 5, and 10 are the most useful ones. All were pretty good, though.

  • I don't know about #3, I have had many women tell me to leave me alone when they are in a bad mood and get even more pissed when I do. I am so confused.

    Other than that, everything else makes sense.

  • Very insightful - Don't get me wrong I love women but I realise that women love rule no.11 which is women can change rules 1 to 10 anytime they want. I look forward to appendices 1 through 178 on this
    In all serious the happiest and clearest day in my male/female interaction was the day I realised that I don't understand women and never will therefore should give up trying. I recommend it to all even women trying to understand men just go with the flow and see what happens.

  • I read this list and then remember the lovely term "mansplaining"... now that's fucking irony for ya 😆😆

  • These are things YOU wish YOUR men knew. These are clearly not rules that apply to all or even most women, given what I've seen on here. I respect your own preferences but please don't speak for other women who aren't like you.

    • Again I didn't Think People would be so upset about this and understand that. This aplies to a lot of group of woman some not. Obviously

  • 1# is complete bs
    My teacher, a woman, confirmed that by saying a girl wears make up to look good around guys, if not, then she wears it to look good around girls, in a competitive way.

    • Thats not Always true. Ofcorse some woman will wear it to impress People but sometimes when I'm Home alone I wear makeup because I love playing with makeup. But it does give us confident to put on makeup

  • I don't think I agree with #2, because all but one girlfriend I've ever had wanted to know how many, and some even wanted names and details!

    • Okay. I mean if she asks ofcorse she wants to know but you shouldn't bring it up unless she asks you.

    • Now that makes more sense :)

  • I can relate to some of these points

    Should i be worried?

  • Woulddn't you feel ignored if we left you alone when you are angry.

    • Yeah thats a trap waiting to happen... like if you try to help her she's going to bite our head off, and if we don't we will be labeled as insensitive. Women always want to have something to get mad at us about

    • @jackblue no not the best you can do is saying "if you wanna talk I'm here" and then leave. You can come back and check after an hour or so but it's not Good talking to us when we are really mad.

  • I have never ever sent a dic pic and dont understand them

  • I have a perfect suggestions for your. Girls don't want to hear wether you never had a girlfriend and low self-esteem. How you look at the world. If you live with you parents in a negative way. If you're cat died. If you ever been to prison. How many girls you had sex with. How big is your jock. How creepy you are and if you need more just let me know 😉.

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