Things I like when girls do

Here are some of my favorite actions/things that girls do that always seems to turn me on and get my attention!

Top 11 things I like when girls do:

1•Being Classy

I really LOVE IT when a girl dresses in a classy way,girls with magnificent,well tailored beautiful dresses always get my attention! I don't mean that she should dress classy always but on special occasions,weddings,Christmas eve etc...

Things I like when girls do

2•Having arrogance

I don't mean toxic hateful arrogance but arrogance that show that she loves herself and that she is confident. I like girls with some arrogant confident behavior,for example I find this arrogant look so sexy😍

Things I like when girls do


This one of the most things that turns me on! I like girls feet and how they look ever since I was so young,maybe 6 yo! If a girl really wants to get my attention and turn me on the best thing to do is dangling her shoes,this always gets me!

Things I like when girls do

4•taking care of her feet

As I just said pretty feet are one of the most things I notice in a girl! It's not that weird,elvis Presley also said that! So taking care of her feet like getting them pedicured and painted and cut is also something that I really like

Things I like when girls do

5•moving her hair with her hand

I don't really know what this is called but many times I see girls moving their hair with their hand while talking,I really like this move!

Sorry for the watermark
Sorry for the watermark

6•Taking charge sometimes

I like when a girl is dominant sometimes,not a tomboy,feminine but still sometimes would take charge and tell me what to do. Not all the time but sometimes

Things I like when girls do

6•Being bossy (sometimes)

I don't know if this is wrong or strange but only sometimes I like being bossed by women,like her yelling at me to clean something,get her a drink, or even take off her shoes or wash her feet

Things I like when girls do
Things I like when girls do

7•crossed legs

I really like when women sit with crossed legs,probably because it shows arrogance. Especially if their crossed leg is on my side

Things I like when girls do

8•wearing sunglasses

I find women with big sunglasses really stylish and classy,probably because my favourite teacher always wore one

Things I like when girls do

8•Chewing gum

A girl with chewing gum in her mouth is sexy as hell for me!!! This one really always looks so feminine and sexy! I can't even describe it.

Things I like when girls do

9•She's well educated

Not so neccessary but a girl that has a lot of knowledge gets my attention,I always seem impressed when a girl knows a lot about hisotry or geography or a lot of languages etc...

Things I like when girls do

10•She wears bikinis

Most women/girls I know wear one piece bikinis where I live but I really like when girls wear bikinis,so it really attacks me when they do

Things I like when girls do

11• She's brave

A submissive woman that accepts humiliation or insults is a huge turn off,I like women who can put others in their place and stop them. I've seen women that know how to put their insulters in their place and stop them..I don't mean brave like taking phisical risks but just being strong and independent and standing for themselves

Things I like when girls do
Things I like when girls do
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Most Helpful Girls

  • 1. I’m not classy.
    2. I’m both forms of arrogant
    3. I don’t do shoe play
    4. I go bare foot
    5. I do this sometimes. My hairs extremely short though
    6. I’m always in charge unless I say otherwise
    7. I’m bossy
    8. I don’t cross my legs
    9. I don’t wear sunglasses
    10. I don’t chew gum
    11. I am well educated
    12. No bikinis

    • alright generally I love your arrogance and dominance!

  • Awesome Take♥️🥰

Most Helpful Guy

  • HeyThere94

    I like when my fiancée boss me around 😏

    She also wears the pants

    • MoneyBeets


    • HeyThere94

      @MoneyBeets You sound triggered

    • MoneyBeets

      I rather be triggered than a beta male ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • I am not always confident.

    I am not always brave.

    I hate bossing people around.

    I’m not arrogant.

    I’ll dress whatever I can find. I am not the fashion type, unless I think it’s something that I’d love to wear.

    What I want to see in females and males:

    Not narrow minded.

    Cares for me.

    Loves me.

    Doesn’t use me.

    No gold diggers.


  • JosyJosy

    Me and dresses... nope ;)
    Never had chewing gum either

  • You like to be dominated by women? C'mon man. Tighten up. Women don't respect little cucks like that.

    • Not dominated, in it's popular meaning. And I said not "always" just sometimes I like when they take charge instead. Did you read the mytake? And actually each girl is different and likes different things

  • insecureperson

    I don’t know why but being bossy makes me feel important and needed. Usually in my groups I always have to tell people how to work and what not. I like being in charge though. I like sharing my ideas to incorporate into the groups work

  • Crossed legs- all the time.
    Chewing gum- all the time.
    Education- A levels atm. (Always been a 'straight As' student)
    Moving her hair with her hands- mostly

  • Gopnik

    crossed legs usually tend to indicate a girl really doesn't give a shit about whatever's going on.

  • MoneyBeets

    Yeah you ain’t gonna find a Christian woman with those personality traits. Because what you described is a man (for the most part),

    • Wtf do you mean is a man? They're all feminine

    • MoneyBeets

      Dominating, arrogant, brave, well-educated, bossy, confident, taking charge... you are describing men.

      You need to stop listening to your mother cuz you’re acting like a woman.

    • If this was real, and you keep talking about my mother like that I wouldn't have acted like a woman. So settle down

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  • Secretgardenblood

    Good mytake.

  • In short you like alpha females.

    • Yes, thats true. But what's wrong with it?

    • Aren't you the one who wanted the genders to be traditional?

    • You don't get it, but.. why are your direct messages unopen?

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  • Kelly6

    I think all fit me except bossy

  • Anonymous


    • What is conformism

    • Anonymous

      All these traits on your list

    • Anyways If that's conformism I like it

  • Anonymous

    Omg I almost perfectly fit in.
    Only my feet just don't look that nice but I do take care of them.
    And I'm not that confident nor brave.

    • Anonymous

      Oh I am a strong independent woman, I don't let myself be humiliated.

    • Why?