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What I Like About Girls!

What I Like About Girls!

I have done one of these types of myTakes before but this is something slightly different. This is focusing less on my ideal girl and more about girls in general. This is a fun list saying the things I like about girls.

1. Girls are driven by their emotions

What I Like About Girls!
What I Like About Girls!

This is something about positive emotions. When a girl is happy. A happy girl can be life changing for anyone that she comes across. She can help a person to open up confront their fears and live a little. To embrace their life and make the right choices, simply based on one encounter/night with her talking. It is a very powerful thing.

and in addition to that, they can be more open and willing to try new things based on how they feel. While guys might have to have time to think things out, girls just dive in and take guys with them :)

2. Girls are cute

What I Like About Girls!

No matter which girl it is, every girl has a little bit of cuteness to them. Not every girl shows it right away but it is always there in some form just waiting to come out. It is something that transcends the attraction to the body and makes you just lost in their eyes.

3. Girls are adorable

What I Like About Girls!

What I Like About Girls!

What girls lack in size makes them gain in attractiveness. Every girl is different, this is not exactly uniform but smaller girls can be adorable. Standing on tip toes, the size of their feet and hands compared to mine, and just their size compared to other larger things. It totally sounds like a down side but it is attractive to me because it is adorable. Other little things can also count as adorable such as using whimsical hand writing for making posters and hand gestures while talking.

4. Girls have softer skin

What I Like About Girls!
Ideal bodies in 1. Brazil 2. UK and 3. US
Ideal bodies in 1. Brazil 2. UK and 3. US


So this is to show that views of body size differ. Overall, girls have more weight to them than men do. Just click on that article https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=8519

and this is natural and it is something I like. That makes girls fun to get close to. I don't want to see bones or feel bones when I am next to a girl, I want to feel soft cushy skin. I want to lean against her face and her side and just fall into her. It is so funny that girls are so concerned with trying to bring down their weight, when extra weight is what makes them more attractive in the first place.

People will disagree with me but this true in varying degrees ideal girls focus less on muscle and more on a smooth skin appearance. I would say focus more on featuring your curves instead of trying to focus on how to make them go away.

5. Girls are caring and supportive

What I Like About Girls!
What I Like About Girls!

Girls on average are more caring and supportive than guys are. They are more able to listen and more able to make you feel better after opening up to them. If you are having a really bad day, go open up to a girl in a in couple of hours odds are you feel a lot better when you are done talking with them. Time with them can bring a lot of healing.

6. Girls help to inspire

What I Like About Girls!
What I Like About Girls!

Girls bodies are so beautiful. They have been the source of great art throughout history. Also they can and have inspires a great many people to write, create and bring to life things that would not have existed without them with their support and beauty to inspire. Not to say that girls can't create in themselves but they are a source of a lot of great art among other numerous things

7. Girls are comfortable

What I Like About Girls!
What I Like About Girls!
What I Like About Girls!

Girls have more clothing options that arguably can be more comfortable by choice. This allows them to relax and pose in more comfortable ways. Even if it is not comfortable girls still manage to have a comfortable pose that makes me feel comfortable and relaxed just by looking at it.

8. Girls can help with advice and embrace makeovers

What I Like About Girls!
What I Like About Girls!

Like a best friend or a big sister, you tell them what happened and they tell you what you did wrong, how to fix it or even set you up with a girl. You say makeover and that is a delight and a challenge that they will help you with. Sure it is not for sure it will happen every time but more than not.

Hope you agreed to some extent and enjoyed the myTake, have a great Saturday wherever you are :)

What I Like About Girls!
What I Like About Girls!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • JackSmy

    Such an amazing, wonderful post, respecting, loving and adoring women, in the various ways that they just enrich our lives, as guys, and make us better men, just trying to live up to the 'perceived' standard, that they don't even set, but some of us imagine.
    Then, like usual, some TROLLS, D-Bags, and dregs of our gender post CRAP, GARBAGE AND HATRED, because they don't know any better, being the Troglodites, that they are.

    • Unit1

      Troglodites πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      What I Like About Girls!
      What I Like About Girls!
      What I Like About Girls!
      What I Like About Girls!

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    • Unit1

      "Get a life and join the human race" is that all you have? Really? Such low standards you have i must say. Not to mention your lack of sense of humor. Humanity is doomed. I like to stay on the borders of it. I'm absolutely no fan of evil and backstabbing ego lords, who keep hurting others.
      Call me what you will but i enjoy what i do. Do you?

    • DWD94

      @Unit1 Imagine being so fragile that you block someone for pointing out your stupidity.

  • tartaarsaus

    I agree with this

Most Helpful Girls

  • smg99

    Thankyou this is so amazing to read. Even my best friend was a girl and she healed me thoroughly. Only that I chose to relapse at a later time. But I remember her and then it’s all fine.

    She was better than anybody ever !

  • rylielovessoftball

    I loved the post. Exactly what I needed to read from feeling a little down on myself. Thank you for this.

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  • Lliam

    Yep. I absolutely love women. You did a good job listing some of the ways that they enrich men's lives. I could go on and on about it myself.

    There are certainly stupid, shallow, selfish, mean and/or downright toxic women out there, just as there are men. But that doesn't change the fact that women and men have different general characteristics, and women's characteristics can be absolutely inspiring. Thank the gods for women!

  • Unit1

    I absolutely love women ☺❀️️ They're a man's precious gift.

    However the emotional driven part can be unpleasant at certain points. But this is most likely why we men are here - in order to lead our women.

  • loveslongnails

    Hmmm... I can only say that "some" of what you say, from my pov, is true about "some" girls, and certainly not all of them. It's not really vital that I debate each point with you, all women do not fall under these descriptors for me. If I had to say it in one paragraph, I'd say I like women because they're different from guys, think different, smell different, look waayyy different, walk and talk different, and did I mention they can have amazingly beautiful bodies?

  • PinkMichae

    It's nice to hear some positive things about us in a time people seem to focus on the negative. How you see women I too see all the positive things men are to this life.

  • Passinggas

    You created this ideal imaginary blossom within your psyche. I say, go hug a few feminazis to get back to reality space.

    • I agree that feminazis don't fit his description. However not all of us are feminazis. If we were then no one would be married or in a relationship. Feminazis don't need men and put them down. I would say most women see the value men have to give to this life.

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    • @PinkMichae "feminist still see a man's worth" sure as just another consumable. I grew up in all the hate of that feminist mental illness and they are simply sociopaths. Feminists are sociopaths and feminazis are psychopaths. That is the real definition. And the disease is leaching into the last remaining few.

    • In my experience I still see more women that see a man's worth more than just what they can get from them. But I'm not blinded by the battle of the sexes going on with todays generation. Like the whole mgtow. I see them as no different than the feminazis. These are the extremist that will continue to destroy healthy relationships between men and women. I understand mens frustration with these extreme "pychopaths". But I don't understand acting the same way and giving up on all women because of them. And as long as you discount all womans worth based on some that are psycho you will miss out on a chance to meet the good woman that he speaks of. And we do exist. Sorry you haven't experienced it. But like I said you will run off any chance of it because you think we are all the same.

  • breadusa

    Ngl, reading this made me really upset. None of these apply to me because none of my features look like a white girl's. I can't even pass off as "exotic" because my skin colour is dark, which means even my OWN RACE doesn't find me appealing. Being ugly means I get subjected to racism MORE than pretty girls of the same race. Maybe once I get money (in what? 20 years?) I can finally fix my whole face and make it to the list...

    • Jjpayne

      They still apply to you too!

    • Jjpayne

      Comfort, support, soft skin, comfortable... I mean the whole list still applies to you! Girls with dark skin can still be cute

  • Hurdleez-Swampede

    Those are not girls. Those are women.

    I disagree with women being enriching towards men because if a person dictates how enrichful your life is and not your individual self, then you lost all responsibilities to your humanity.

    Only you can enrich your own life. Others canβ€˜t do it for you.

    Not a single mentioning of God for the help for yourself leads me to think youβ€˜re too good to submit to God.

    • Lliam

      Yeah, bend over and submit to god.

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    • Lliam

      @Johnnyjay, sounds good.

    • Life is about balance. Enrich yourself, and allow yourself to be enriched by others, why deny yourself more of a good thing?

  • Aiko_E_Lara

    Yep. They're good supporters and I love supporting them.

    • Gotta admit that's what makes me have a soft spot for them and I'm not talking about bitches.

  • Liam_Hayden

    Even though I sometimes find your stuff a bit over-the-top in cheesiness, I do find the positivity refreshing.

  • Bmories99

    Great post, good way to show what guys are really looking for in a women.

  • humanearth

    Cool very cool man. This story was far out man. Peace

  • Fantastic l like every thing you say and girls are so Fantastic and a few are so daft

  • supercutebutt

    Stop generalizing. A lot of us suck.

  • Ihaveasuprise4u

    Legs and ass for sure. Eyes. And the gap of there legs when there in the air

  • Celtero

    What I like about girls:

    Their physical attributes and... sorry, can't think of anything else.

  • DrHonesty

    Girls are merely for the sexual satisfaction of men, period, you're welcome πŸŽ“

  • Giggletr0n

    I like how they can destroy castles, fly around and breath fire... wait, no that's dragons.

  • Mamamialetmego

    I love girls when under me, or abov me or front of me :D What uuuuup?

  • PrincessGrail

    Totally agree with 1, 5 and 8

  • UnknownGagsUser

    Aww this is sweet lol

  • kayaleyla285

    Awww that's lovely ❀

  • Wowgirl30q

    Yayyyyy the whole thing

  • Ordinarygurl_

    This was a nice and cute mytake it was great

  • LuvAsh


  • BrittBratt2416

    aww well that's very lovely.

  • Nadim171

    Good take, I really like your MYtakes!

  • AL1994ind

    Flattering πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Poormanscomedian

    The cute girls were cute

  • asd_nasa

    Dude how stupid are you, use your head virgin

  • FragileSnowflake

    Ehhhh, we're not really that great but thanks lol

  • Aphrodite801

    This is nice 😊

  • Joker_

    What you like about girls

  • You like all girls

  • DDpsy

    You can pick them up and throw them far away.

  • Smegskull

    #5 hahahaha 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 nice one.

  • themomo84

    Girls or women?

  • Twenty2

    In short, you have a dick and are a manπŸ˜ƒ

  • MoneyBeets

    Ya you beta all the way

  • Anonymous

    Dont be decieved

  • Anonymous

    I like how they're good girls and they suck our cocks

  • Anonymous

    This seems creepy

  • Anonymous

    "Girls are caring and supportive" LOL the same girls who say "I would never date a guy with an insecurity, be 6'2 ot taller."

  • Anonymous

    9. They make my penis stiff just thinking about them

    10. They have those wonderful warm, soft places that make my cock feel so good.

  • Anonymous

    My personal observations and interactions with Girls taught me that
    1. ALL Girls are driven by their emotions
    2. NOT ALL Girls are cute
    3. NOT ALL Girls are adorable
    4. NOT ALL Girls have softer skin
    5. NOT ALL Girls are caring and supportive
    6. NOT ALL Girls help to inspire
    7. NOT ALL Girls are comfortable
    8. NOT ALL Girls can help with advice and embrace makeovers

    • Shhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    • Pretty sure he didn't say all

    • Badballie

      To say it quite plainly, women can be real bitches, after the marriage, the husband soon goes on rations. Vengeance is hers, try and flirt with, beautiful women in her presence. You are just looking at the menu when men stop they may as well curl up and die

  • Anonymous

    The things you describe are what we all like about IDEAL girls, but few are ideal, especially today with respect to #5 and #6.