An open window never lies


The eyes are the window to the soul.

The world disappears and all that exists is their eyes
The world disappears and all that exists is their eyes

It's not just poetry, there's something almost mind-reading about staring into someone's eyes. It''s very open and intimate.

While the research does come across as coming to accurate conclusions, it seems like it is only a part of the picture. It focuses on pupil response to aroused emotional states, but doesn't speak to the connection, nor the ease with which I (and others) can read someone's emotional state and intentions by looking deeply into their eyes, especially when their shields are down.

Though I don't experience hallucinations, the results of this study seem like it's closer to the reality of the experience. It's like the world fades away and all that exists is her. He eyes sparkle and seem to be looking into me. And they are, and I am looking into her. In those moments that seem like seconds and eternity at the same time, we are connected.

Consider last night. I had just gotten to the bar. Outside there was a couple that I was talking to after they overheard me talking to someone else about being single. The woman was saying that she had lesbian friends who were having trouble finding a third. I wasn't as interested as she was expecting. I was guarded. Not only did I not believe her, I wondered why. Do they hate men? I asked if they don't like men. Then the conversation got into women who do and don't like men and feminism and I was saying that not all women and not all feminists, but yeah. I don't think I came across as hating women or anything (and I obviously don't) but probably as being cautious or damaged (which was accurate lol): my shields were up. Then, as the conversation lulled, maybe to determine whether I do in fact have mean-spirited intentions, she suddenly got right into my face with big open connect-y eyes and smiled and I instinctively dropped my shields completely and smiled and stared into her sparkly eyes and connected with her as the world disappeared around us.

I didn't take this as her hitting on me; rather, as getting to know the true me. This is a way that a woman can tell if a man has bad intentions (or the other way, I do this to women too), and if I did I wouldn't have been able to hide it. Since I don't, I connected and lost myself in her eyes. I like doing that. It's not just a way to gain information, but also it's a deep bonding experience.

An open window never lies 🤩

An open window never lies
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    Wow insightful Mytake I mean it makes sense. The eyes cannot lie. If your both open enough and trusting enough to get that close it's a way to really get to know each other and have a secret language as it were. That's if the other person is willing to let you in that close to make such an assessment there has to be a level of trust and vulnerability and the deeper it runs the better your be able to communicate with less words and more eye contact, body language and even changes in breathing or uses of noises. But we have so many secrets and so many worries of judgement sometimes its not possible to take the neccessary steps to get to this place of reading each other so very deeply. We all want to be loved but at the same time where rejection has played it part its left its scars.
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  • lifelearner011
    Its true, eyes never lie.
    I've noticed when people are happy or sad, eyes tell!
    In the flirting scene, that's the only way I can tell If a guy is interested. I've got puppy eyes and wolf eyes. I prefer puppy ones. :)
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    • Totally! It makes it so easy to read the other person!
      heheh puppy eyes are cute :) and wolf eyes are hot.

      That's a great way to tell if a guy is interested. It's also really intimate to stare into each other

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  • bulletbob555
    Well I do know scientifically that a person's pupils dialate when feeling love for someone. Why did you not offer to be the third
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    • I was not in the mood..

    • Yeah, there are a couple articles that delve into conclusions drawn from studies.. it seems that pupils dialate from intensity of emotion, even if the emotion is unpleasant (interestingly). Also when looking at something you like.

      But there's a whole other level to the experience..

  • Jamie05rhs
    I don't let just any woman look in my eyes. My eyes are private. My eyes are special.
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    • And if a dude tries to look in my eyes then my gaydar goes off lol.

    • I find it doesn't feel the same with a man. It's still a good way to get a read on someone though.
      There's something almost magical about doing this with an open woman

    • I feel like it's too vague to have any real use, though. I could look into a random woman's eyes but still have no idea what she's thinking. Signals could get misinterpreted in many different ways. That's why I avoid that type of thing.

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  • Very nice and true. Eyes don't just see, they can tell a story if you look deep enough. Eyes can show pain people think they hide well, eyes sometimes speak louder than words
  • Nikki1989
    Very true. The eyes may be the windows to the soul.
    • They totally are! It's like you can see right into each other!

  • loveslongnails
    I'd like to believe it's true, but I'm afraid not. The soul doesn't even on the same "plane" as the physical, I believe. But the expression is pretty and nice poetry. :)
    • Well, the "soul" is a metaphor and there is no other plane than the physical..

    • Of course there are other planes than the physical. Just ask Einstein... it's not supernatural.

  • ryanforsen
    Wait so if I sacrificed my soul to Lucifer in a contract does that mean I will go blind PLEASE HELP, HEEEEEELLP. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • zagor
    An open window lets in flies...
    • Also lets in birds.
      A closed window keeps both out

  • howlinsilently
    Eyes never lie, mouth does, eyes do not
  • pizzalovershouse
    Can say depends on the angle you look at it
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.