Confessions of a Ladies Man: Women are NOT children. They MUST tell flirting men when they have a boyfriend!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Women are NOT children. They MUST tell flirting men when they have a boyfriend!

There are many women in society (not all) who are responsible for creating controlling boyfriends or vagabond boyfriends who refuse to commit. It is the flirty girlfriend who has guys hitting on her at night clubs, clubs, at events, out on the street...these women are giving out their phone number to random guys.

Other than work or someone already in the friend circle they have...there is absolutely NO REASON why a woman should be accepting or giving away their number if they are in an exclusive relationship. NONE.

There are many women who are making excuses. The number one excuse you hear which is pathetic is:

"He kept badgering me and I wanted him to leave me alone."

That is still not a legit reason to give a guy your number. Guys, don't fall for this lie if your lady tells you this.

A respectable woman is NOT a child. She is not some little girl. Women have every right and a RESPONSIBILITY to say "NO" to men.

They must tell these hounding guys that they have boyfriends. She is a grown and independent woman. This is the 21st Century. As your lady,

"If a guy came up to you and begged for sex. Would you open your legs for him?" Exactly. Of course not. So how is it any different from a guy begging for a phone number or a date when you are in a relationship?

You also hear the excuse, "I was scared to confront him. So I gave him my number." No. Dont believe this phony nonsense. A woman gives a man number because she wants to. If she can't stand up for herself and say she has a boyfriend then she is not mature enough to be in a relationship.

Guys, your ladies are flirting with other men behind your back and packing numbers to line up the next guy or lead guys on as potential fuck buddies when they are emotionally vulnerable in the relationship. Never accept a grown woman playing the innocent little girl card and pretend she couldn't say no to a guy or she felt forced to take a guy's number. Baloney.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Women are NOT children. They MUST tell flirting men when they have a boyfriend!
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  • HiveBee
    I disagree. Dudes get all crazy and jealous because they realize that women are no different than men and are horny AF and won't hesitate to cheat when a nice piece of meat comes around.

    Combine that with a life of believing women are "innocent" (innocent defined as not wanting sex as much as men do) and having the truth revealed is shocking and painful to many men.

    It's up to the man, to take that truth, and no be hurt by it. To know that his girl may cheat on him, and that if she does, it's all good, and move on.

    Part of why girls cheat is cuz the guy is so insecure. A dudes needs to not care if she will cheat. The more he cares the more likely she will cheat.

    I mean I feel like any "ladies man" knows the truth about women that the common man refuses to believe. And he sees through the lies women tell about their "innocence" because the truth incites hate and violence in a lot of men so women are forced to hide said truth at all costs.

    If a girl is gonna cheat she's gonna cheat. All this stuff about giving out a number is minor shit in my opinion. Its a teeny tiny example and I think barely makes any impact in the big picture. in my opinion lol.
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  • shade_19
    Makes sense, honestly i hate it when grown girls act childish
    Feels so stupid to me, i mean u wanna be pampered by ur tall boyfriend
    But such act doubts of u being a responsible person and a fighter
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  • dolidol
    I do not agree, nobody can base their actions on the behavior of others, each one is responsible for his own behaviors. for example, a man is only controlling if he wants to be, because if he does not trust the woman he is with, he should not be in a relationship with her. so people can leave marks, and we are afraid to trust again but the problem is with us and not with others. we must not punish others with our problems, an example of this is, a boy who was hurt by his ex girlfriend and later found another girl and hurt her by past traumas. It's not her fault, is his fault.
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  • shadyresidence
    I don't know how to feel about the badgering thing. There are so many articles of women being killed because they refused a giy so giving out a number whether it be their own or a fake one seems better than being killed🤷🏾‍♀️
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    • shade_19

      Well there r a lot of excuses where women and men have been killed, coz of the toxicity
      How is that acceptable anyway?
      There r even ladies who r raped coz they refuse for sex, so? Have sex with the offender to not get raped?

    • Yea im gonna disagree with you and leave it at that. Have a good night tho

    • shade_19

      It's morning here, good night to u

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  • slatyb
    They are under no such obligation. If they are invited on a date, they can accept or decline as they please. If they decline, the man is not entitled to a reason, and they are free to say whatever the think will end his unwanted advances.

    Or perhaps you are talking about her obligation to her boyfriend? Again, she is free to flirt, that doesn't cause him any harm. If he doesn't like it, he needs a therapist to get over his insecurity and distrust.
  • Kas19
    How about we just stop telling people what to do, and leave it to the people in the relationship communicate their wants. 😌
  • Exterminatore
    Didn’t read it. Disagree with the headline statement. Women are children in adult bodies generally speaking. Doesn’t mean they aren’t accountable though.
  • msc545
    Many women are effectively children, and really you cannot force them to do anything.
  • Gwenhwyfar
    She can always give a fake number
    • Apope16

      No. Even a fake number is disrespectful to your man. That is still signaling that you are single andbits childish. Be a grown woman and tell him you have a boyfriend. You are taken. Anything else signals availability and is disrespectful.

    • Gwenhwyfar

      I disagree but okay

  • psychoticanimaIIover
    Oh hush. There’s no such thing as cheating.
  • curiousscorpio89
    Umm sure
  • IveGotNoName
    Who says we don't?
  • Catwalks
    great take