Why are we still lying about what attracts women?


Disclaimer: This message does not apply to all women!

Therefore this does not apply to the noble pinks, that actively stand out. You probably know who you are!

I am baffled, that people still tell each other sweet lies and stay unchanged rather than being told what they need to be told or look for the truths themselves, see for themselves with their own eyes and take action.

Movies may be one thing. They're scripted, acted, written, likely fake and planned out. But sometimes they do reflect some truthful realities. My favorite quote from V for Vendetta is

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

Take this scene from Scarface about Tony's lecture of getting women with money and power. Right now it has 434 likes and 5 dislikes. This tells a lot about the approval/agreement.

Now there will be lots of comments saying how that's not true, that money and power doesn't attract women, that somewhere some woman went after a man in his lowest point in life or when he was financially struggling or when he lost his job, house or other things or that his car broke down when they met whatsoever. These women understand, that men can not be perfect either and men will take such hits.

But when you look on the overall image, on the surface, on the "popular tendencies" as I call it, open your eyes. What do you see? What you see is not always what you get.

Granted in some places you see men and women loving each other normally. Sounds right? Sounds like how it's supposed to be. Sounds natural to me.

And in other instances you see this (damn it, turn off that TV!).

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

There are plenty of those instances everywhere, that proves, that with money and power the man can get women and live like he's in Brazzers. And we all know, that men LOVE sex. Men think about sex every 12 seconds or so. Sex is what yummy food is to us.

Women will say, that money and power won't attract them to the man. That is often the case until the man has a lucky day, where he makes a mountain of money. And with money comes power. And with the money and the power come then the girls in waves (Justin Bieber, Daniel Hernandez and even Putin too!). If wealthy and powerful enough they'll come involuntarily like a side-effect.

Drop your wallet! It will slow them down
Drop your wallet! It will slow them down

Don't believe me? You don't have to take my words. Jeremy Meeks, who spent some time in jail also got (without even asking) nudes from lots of beautiful women but that is only because of his looks and perfectly placed mugshot (not because of his money/power). Listen to him at 3:00

Not only was Jeremy Meeks popular by those girls but Ted Bundy (a serial murderer) too did attract girls with his combination of charisma & looks.

Aside from that, could you really look around your surroundings and say that the girls in your area wouldn't do the same (or if you're a man, you'd likely want to have a young and more beautiful girl)? And if they do, would you blame them? This practice is called hypergamy.

There is a reason why Chris Brown released the music called "Loyal" and it became popular with the line "These hoes ain't loyal". Again - doesn't mean all girls fall into it.

So so far we learned, that the 2 dominant attributes in attracting women are MONEY and LOOKS. I mean think of it this way - have you or anybody you know ever won a girl with personality or being a good listener? I personally don't know anybody who has.

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

My personal opinion on that

Nobody wants to settle for a loser. And those, who do will deal with the accompanying consequences and so will their children (if they will have any) inevitably too. There is no time to blame the others. There is only room to look at "what can I do to make a difference for myself?"

Money is the enabler of everything, that comes with it.

You can't have looks unless you spend your money on your own beauty.

With money and beauty comes confidence like naturally. At least to me it does. But for Jeremy Meeks it's been the reverse - he made money out of his looks.

You want the dames? You need to offer the dames what they're looking for (as in what they are actually looking for, not exactly what they say they're looking for - big difference!). Or find a match, where you both look for the same thing in each other. It is almost like natural selection itself designed men and women the way they are and the way dating on it's primitive form works. You can be the angry incel/MGTOW/feminazi/princess/obese type or you can pick yourself up and move on with life.

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

In the end if you open your eyes and look around, you'll see who gets the most women and who gets the least women. Which category you belong to and which vector to follow? That's your part of the work.

Alright. Hate me, toss those insults, whatever. I don't care. It's gonna get messy. Eyes wide open!

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?
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