Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

Disclaimer: This message does not apply to all women!

Therefore this does not apply to the noble pinks, that actively stand out. You probably know who you are!

I am baffled, that people still tell each other sweet lies and stay unchanged rather than being told what they need to be told or look for the truths themselves, see for themselves with their own eyes and take action.

Movies may be one thing. They're scripted, acted, written, likely fake and planned out. But sometimes they do reflect some truthful realities. My favorite quote from V for Vendetta is

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

Take this scene from Scarface about Tony's lecture of getting women with money and power. Right now it has 434 likes and 5 dislikes. This tells a lot about the approval/agreement.

Now there will be lots of comments saying how that's not true, that money and power doesn't attract women, that somewhere some woman went after a man in his lowest point in life or when he was financially struggling or when he lost his job, house or other things or that his car broke down when they met whatsoever. These women understand, that men can not be perfect either and men will take such hits.

But when you look on the overall image, on the surface, on the "popular tendencies" as I call it, open your eyes. What do you see? What you see is not always what you get.

Granted in some places you see men and women loving each other normally. Sounds right? Sounds like how it's supposed to be. Sounds natural to me.

And in other instances you see this (damn it, turn off that TV!).

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

There are plenty of those instances everywhere, that proves, that with money and power the man can get women and live like he's in Brazzers. And we all know, that men LOVE sex. Men think about sex every 12 seconds or so. Sex is what yummy food is to us.

Women will say, that money and power won't attract them to the man. That is often the case until the man has a lucky day, where he makes a mountain of money. And with money comes power. And with the money and the power come then the girls in waves (Justin Bieber, Daniel Hernandez and even Putin too!). If wealthy and powerful enough they'll come involuntarily like a side-effect.

Drop your wallet! It will slow them down
Drop your wallet! It will slow them down

Don't believe me? You don't have to take my words. Jeremy Meeks, who spent some time in jail also got (without even asking) nudes from lots of beautiful women but that is only because of his looks and perfectly placed mugshot (not because of his money/power). Listen to him at 3:00

Not only was Jeremy Meeks popular by those girls but Ted Bundy (a serial murderer) too did attract girls with his combination of charisma & looks.

Aside from that, could you really look around your surroundings and say that the girls in your area wouldn't do the same (or if you're a man, you'd likely want to have a young and more beautiful girl)? And if they do, would you blame them? This practice is called hypergamy.

There is a reason why Chris Brown released the music called "Loyal" and it became popular with the line "These hoes ain't loyal". Again - doesn't mean all girls fall into it.

So so far we learned, that the 2 dominant attributes in attracting women are MONEY and LOOKS. I mean think of it this way - have you or anybody you know ever won a girl with personality or being a good listener? I personally don't know anybody who has.

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

My personal opinion on that

Nobody wants to settle for a loser. And those, who do will deal with the accompanying consequences and so will their children (if they will have any) inevitably too. There is no time to blame the others. There is only room to look at "what can I do to make a difference for myself?"

Money is the enabler of everything, that comes with it.

You can't have looks unless you spend your money on your own beauty.

With money and beauty comes confidence like naturally. At least to me it does. But for Jeremy Meeks it's been the reverse - he made money out of his looks.

You want the dames? You need to offer the dames what they're looking for (as in what they are actually looking for, not exactly what they say they're looking for - big difference!). Or find a match, where you both look for the same thing in each other. It is almost like natural selection itself designed men and women the way they are and the way dating on it's primitive form works. You can be the angry incel/MGTOW/feminazi/princess/obese type or you can pick yourself up and move on with life.

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

In the end if you open your eyes and look around, you'll see who gets the most women and who gets the least women. Which category you belong to and which vector to follow? That's your part of the work.

Alright. Hate me, toss those insults, whatever. I don't care. It's gonna get messy. Eyes wide open!

Why are we still lying about what attracts women?
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  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Hey dude, don't nessacerily agree or disagree with ya every time, and I think there are some truths here, BUT I do find issue with the line "Men think about sex every 12 seconds or so. Sex is what yummy food is to us." I know you likely have your own issues with finding women and such. But that line and throwing that thinking forward as if it's normal? The fact is, more people that think it, the harder it'll be for any guy to get a girl. If a girl can use something as simple and easy as a body to attract guys they have the upper hand. If guys see past it, they don't. THAT is an actual fact. The key for harmony between men and women to give both genders enough liberty and respect is to break down the value of sexuality in general. Desexualize everything. Even if most men and hell, most women, obsess over sexuality, we are all individual minds. We don't have to lose our minds with every boob we see. And honestly, the men who learn this to end up among the strongest, whether they stay single or not.
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    • Unit1

      They say women want sex as much as we do.
      You can thank those sycophants (simps) for giving random women, who they just met instant girlfriend privileges and being used for anything (including money), that leaves the girls with overinflated egos.

    • Agreed, those types of guys suck, BUT, the way you worded it seemed to imply that all men in general, including you and I, are obsessive about sex and that just is not true. Hell, seems to me you ironically saying what many feminists preach, which is that all men are just mindless animals. I could even theorize that is why this take got more pink likes than blues ones and why it was let onto the front page. Think about it dude.

    • This, according to your wording, which I assume you did not mean and would maybe edit if you could*

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  • I think a lot of young men read stuff like this and convince themselves that they are worthless because they don’t have looks or money.

    Then they find MGTOW because they didn’t even try... they just went on what they read and maybe got rejected once or twice in their life!

    So I agree you need to work on yourself at every stage of life. But I find most give up because that’s the easiest thing to do! Men and doing the hard work is nonexistent... it’s been replaced with women hating forums!

    And that’s too bad for them because most women are great.
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    • Unit1

      I found, that the most difficult part of them all is making huge amounts of money because money is the most significant factor of how privileged somebody is. Getting the looks is a matter of personal development, which obviously depends on making enough of the money.
      Those rich guys come in, introduce themselves, may or may not flash with their success/wealth and the girls can say "see you later" to the rest. I can see why many guys want, that the 1950s to come back but I'll never be fond of that idea myself because that's basically just forcing an illusion.

    • In my lifetime I’ve seen more women leave guys who had money for lesser guys (even ones who got out of jail) because the ones with money still didn’t have any confidence or alpha characteristics that the woman can be attracted too... therefore they go to the opposite spectrum to get a man like that !

      If you go through life worrying about what could happen you’ll miss out on what could be! It’s good to know and be aware of things but people give up because of it and that’s a shame!

    • Unit1

      In the process sometimes we forget what matters the most (and also why those pinks stick to the guys in the first place).

      It's us.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • All good points but I would add the following observations. When a girl gets a new boyfriend whats the first thing she tells people about him? His job title, she never says he's sweet, a good listener, likes puppies, it's always his job because that reflects his status. It's the same when we're comparing each others guys, dick size and occupation are what trumps everything else.
    Here's the harsh truth, no girl wants to be sitting around a table with one girl saying " my bfs a doctor" another " mines an accountant" and so on then being the one who say "my boyfriend stacks shelfs on minimum wage".
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    • Unit1

      It's all about the money.

    • Not necessarily, I would say it’s about perceived wealth.
      I make more than a doctor, however my job title would appear lower in status.
      A lot is to do with the social standing of that perceived wealth

    • boombastik

      And y'all be wondering why y'all's friends be wanting get with your man. I've been out and met girls for the first time and they already heard I got a big dick from one of my exes lol. I guess it's different for men. Ain't no way in hell I'd be bragging about how tight my girlfriend's pussy is and have them thinking about her pussy lol. But to all the girls that do this, thanks!

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  • kshell71
    I like men who are men and don't apologize for it
    Testosterone is very hot. I guess I am old fashioned. I like feeling like a female as opposed to having to wear the pants in the relationship if I have to be the dominant one in the relationship i lose respect.
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    • We need a few more of you in the 30s lmao. Luckily it seems the country is not completely lost.

    • The facts i love hearing it.

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  • Sonorous
    Nice mytake man!

    I think it's hilarious hearing some women describe what they're not like. They'll describe the women that fall prey to this behavior as [insert insult]. But in reality, they don't & likely won't know for sure (if they'd fall prey to this) because they probably have never been confronted with the situation that would make them question these values.

    If a woman isn't like this and has been around those types of men before (Looks, Money, Status, etc), then she is definitely the minority. A "unicorn," as they say.

    But this nature is in majority of women. Stronger in some than others. The ones that deny it are likely thinking about the slut-like women that flaunt their goods for the next big wallet to notice. But it doesn't have to go to that extreme.

    And I'm not biased when it comes to this. This is based on statistics from human behavior. Because it's always good to remember what we are. We're human apes. Therefore we have animal tendencies! And I think that it's better if we acknowledge that we have them and see where to move forward rather than deny the obvious. It would be denying reality to live in a delusion. Which I'll admit, can be comforting to the mind.

    Further clarification:

    I'd feel this way about men who say they would never do something that afflicts most men. So, definitely don't think I'm trying to target women. I just value facts.
    • Sonorous

      The explanations and last bit was more for people who disagree. I pretty much agree with what you're saying already.

    • Unit1

      You're welcome!

  • Phoenix98
    There's a little story that will pretty much sum up the whole thing.

    A department store was opened to sell Husbands. The store had 6 floors...

    Now the rule was you could purchase any husband from any floor, but once you went up to another level you could not go back down, but to exit the store.

    A lady entered and the sign on the first floor said 'men with a job', she went up to the next level which read 'men with a job and likes kids'.

    Impressed she then went up another level where the sign read 'men with a job, likes kids and has a romantic streak', she liked the sound of that, but proceeded to the next level where the sign read 'men with a job, likes kids, romantic and good looking'.

    She was really impressed now but went on to the fifth floor where the sign read 'men with a job, likes kids, romantic, absolutely gorgeous, and enjoys helping around the home'.

    Now this lady was very impressed with that, but still she went on up to the sixth floor, and there on the sixth floor was a solitary sign which read...

    You are the 3,00,450,701 woman to visit this floor, this demonstrates how women are impossible to please. Thank you for visiting the Husband store. Have a nice day.

    Directly across the road from the Husbands store was another department store that sold Wives. And, similar to the Husbands store, this store had 6 floors where you could purchase a Wife on any level, but if you went up a floor you couldn't go back down and had to exit.

    So, a bloke walks into the store and on the first floor reads the following sign: "Women who like sex".

    Impressed the guy goes up to the second floor where he meets a similar sign, but this one reads: "Women who like sex and are good looking."

    No man has ever gone to the third floor.
    • Unit1

      I love this story. I know it but nevertheless rings true still.

    • Phoenix98


  • amadimal
    What you wrote is definitely valid, but only for a certain population segment, as it isn't something universal (it isn't happening in all cultures/ for people of all ages etc.).

    Talking strictly about the people you referred to in your post, the issue goes deeper. A lot of girls are brought up with this wrong idea that there can be only one who is ”the prettiest”, ”the best”, ”the most special”. Combine this with the idea that women see other women as obstacles in finding a man, and, as a consequence, you get to this notion of ”I'm being cool by association”.
    ”I am with this guy who is a SURGEON/ LAWYER/ POPULAR MUSICIAN! If I managed to make him like me, it means I'm cool, look at how awesome I am!”.

    Now, have you ever heard about guys with this mentality? I am sure there are men who consider themselves lucky for being in a relationship with an awesome woman, but they don't need to take their validation out of something like this. For women, ”scoring” a HANDSOME man, or a RICH one with STATUS are reasons to brag about their capabilities.

    As I was saying, what you wrote is definitely valid for certain people, but leaving aside aspects like biology/cultural differences/practicality, trust me, you are being left with a whole bunch of people that aren't looking for money, status or beauty. Heck, some of them aren't even sure what they're looking for :)
  • razelove
    The power is key, money can lubricate that quite well, but just money alone in the hands of someone with no confidence or willpower to use that money for enacting their will, it's useless.

    So, I'm not rich, my wife works, and I do not because honestly, I don't need to, or particularly want to right now. I like watching my kids and want to have more of them. Projecting strength and power will get you women, just likely not ones you want to keep around for too long. Smart women are who you want to grab tight, they're worth time, energy, and making babies with.

    I got sidetracked, but the point is, now, and going forwards into the future just having confidence and enough power to simply say no will make you desirable. More young men are singing the feminist party line, thinking women will sleep with them for it, but they won't. Also more of them are simply uninterested in sex, dating, or marriage. Add all of that up and you're left with a larger and larger amount of women who are single with very few non-mechanical options. The trend-line tends towards that getting worse (for them) rather than getting better any-time soon.

    So, just getting out there with minimal effort and showing any amount of spine or balls should be enough now, and make you a rockstar in say... 5-10 years.
  • Sincerly_KittyCat
    Honestly I will start by what personally attracts me and idc if I come across shallow.
    I like a man that can provide with ease, but just because they can do that doesn't mean I am ok with any guy that can do this. I dont mind an average looking guy, I am not into short guys I am short enough and I like a hygenic chivalrous man.

    Our taste vary obviously but mainly women love providers and good lovers.
    • SngBirdy

      "I am not into short guys I am short enough". That made no sense whatsoever

    • @SngBirdy oh well thats ok, it doesn't have to make sense to you, it has to make sense to me.

    • SngBirdy

      Im pretty sure it doesn't make sense to anyone. If you are short, then a shorter guy is less of an issue because he'll be towering over you. Whats the polar opposite to that, tall girls would like shorter guys?
      Yeah it makes no sense

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  • _smallbeginnings
    Honestly, the thing that attracts me the most is humor. I love it when a guy can make me laugh. I would choose a funny guy over an attractive guy any day. (Disclaimer: I know that a guy can be funny and attractive lol I was just trying to make a point)
    • anylolone

      Generally humor is in practice only a plus on attractive men.

    • Yes, but if placed before me was an attractive guy who was not funny and a funny who isn't necessarily considered attractive, I would choose the funny guy. Physical attributes aren't as important to me.

    • Yea but if you had to choose between a hilarious but extremely ugly guy and a guy who is amazingly attractive but not funny at all, you'd go for the attractive guy because even you have limits on how unattractive a guy can be.

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  • Kas19
    Why are we lying about what attracts anyone? There is no right or wrong answer for what attracts you. Everyone is different. No two men or two women will have the same attractions.
    • anylolone

      But there are patterns.
      Why lying about patterns, clearly observeable patters.

    • Kas19

      Where are these patterns coming from? Who is noticing them?

    • anylolone

      From women's behaviors. And clearly basically everyone is.
      But weirdly enough a algorythm at ok cupid and tinder found it just by trying to find random patters that might mean something and help people engage or be more satisfied with their services.

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  • Daisychains11
    To be blunt, women who like these types of men are lower quality with lower self esteem
    High quality women like a real man who is kind and humble and has hobbies, not a jerk
    • Teeetree


    • Thinking about it, most men in the population are sex-driven who doesn't care very much about relashionships or fidelity and feelings. And definitely are some exceptions among men, undoubtedly me for example. Its natural for the same to happen with women, although, I must admit, personal experience really shows that power have some importance to all women, it seems..

    • But I enjoyed your comment

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  • IveGotNoName
    Of course money matters. But it doesn't matter, because I want his money. I can make my own money for God's sakes. For me it's an indicator of whether he's got his life together or not, and why would I want someone who doesn't? He doesn't have to be filthy rich he just has to be stabile.
  • SngBirdy
    Your entire post can be summed up with: "Women are hypergamous by nature". I think most men are aware.
    I agree with most things you say apart from the money part. Most girls dont give a fuck about money in 1st world countries and even if she does, who on earth would want to date her or even spend time with her? Maybe some guys like being around materialistic bitches but most guys dont.
  • JDavid25
    "Jeremy Meeks, who spent some time in jail also got (without even asking) nudes from lots of beautiful women but that is only because of his looks and perfectly placed mugshot".. Well, really it's because of his looks and status as the "hot felon".. But I do believe that is the unfortunate part of human nature.. But as of me, I feel like there's a lot of good women out there, and they are not as shallow really.. Although, tinder wouldn't give me a lot of hope in that.
  • Celtero
    The answer to your question? Because it makes women look bad and men feel like women are a waste of time.

    Society at large benefits from men wasting their time with women. Men strive for good careers to attract women, they spend money for their women, they have children which further bellows the economy... more food, bigger house, clothes, school...
  • iLoveJuice
    You have a point, but I think you’re looking at dating/relationships in the wrong angle. Yes, life ain’t fair... but there are plenty of different people in this world who all value different shit.
  • Laciandmaci
    All I care about is if he is caring, sweet, kind, a protector. At least financially stable. Looks, "size" and wealth does not mean anything to me. Just so he is stable able to afford his bills.
  • R3DthatDude
    Right now I would say being established is looking pretty damn good. People are struggling because of covid. Not to say as you have stated before, those noble others that still cherish other characteristics as well. The only way I’d say a woman would still want you even when your poor is because of friendship you’ve established beforehand. I hate to say it guys but being in the friend zone for awhile and gaining her love does lay a very strong foundation for a die hard chick.
    • Because let’s be honest if your trying to pick up a woman without her knowing you, then you at least have to have cash.

  • anylolone
    It's not money, or just money plus appearance.
    Like humor, money is only a plus if there's appearance, that's why weinstein was a creepy dude and bieber fans try to do to him exactly what weinstein had to do.

    But it's not about money, it's about perceived power, more precisely social power and ability to do harm.
  • AdithyaR
    Either ways all this sounds like too much work.
    I'm just gonna go ahead and just focus on writing novels and having a fun career. Don't even wanna attempt getting into this dating circus.
  • tartaarsaus
    By definition, the vast majority of the population make far below very large amounts of money and also have relationships with the largest share of women.
  • AFellowWeeb
    My man, this tread is the ideal bait for the ''im not like the other girls'' comments.
    • Update: @AllGirls can 👏 you 👏 just 👏 stop👏 with 👏 the 👏 lies 👏 PELEEEEASE

    • Unit1

      Hahaha, oh well, it depends. The problem is I don't know most of the pinks. I know only some of them and I believe their words because they have been consistent.

  • Msgaïj
    You're damn right.
    But as a men , I'm not that interested in sex
  • Avicenna
    The thing is, lots of guys who don’t have money and power still get girlfriends. Most women realize that they can’t get that on a boyfriend.
  • snowboarder720
    You sound like a crybaby that can’t get what he wants and instead of figuring it out you just throw tantrums and rant about it online.
  • genericname85
    because we (as in mostly women) prefer to live a fluffy, pretty lie over ever accepting ugly thruths.
  • boombastik
    I don't know to tell people, learn to be yourself first and foremost because I've been broke and still managed to get a millionaire sugar momma and I've had other women that wanted to take care of me so it's not all about money for every woman. What any woman does NOT want is someone who is Needy, Unconfident or someone to fix them and they aren't looking for someone who brings nothing (or any) but negativity so if you don't have shit, don't go telling her how you don't have your own place because this that or the other and you don't have a job and making excuses. Best to avoid anything negative about yourself and don't lie. Or if you do don't get caught because she will disappear like Cinderella at midnight lol. Believe it or not, women want sex just as much as men if not more. Put yourself in the right place and right position and you can take home s prize catch.
  • misanthropistkev
    Let me offer this as a rebuttal...

    *clears throat*


    money is the only thing that matters not being a good person or helping others you want a good life surround yourself with good people and family that’s BULLSHIT‼️ MONEY IS ALL YOU NEED‼️ let go of your petty morals and live for money and love your money love all the money even money that’s not yours take it and live the life you deserve
  • Thedivinechic
    Why go after a guy that all women want? Done guys feel the same about attractive women.
    • anylolone

      Well, go ask women because that tends to be all they go for.

      Why have no standards? Go after men because they most frequently have almost none, either in appearance or behavior, wealth, strenght, charisma, etc.

  • Nalix
    Well, yes. Women are attracted to money and status the way men are attracted to a sexy body. That really isn't in dispute.

    But beyond that, it may vary quite a bit from person to person. The kind of person you want as a life partner could be wildly different from another person. Pretty much all women like masculine men, but they'll disagree on what exactly that means. Women are attracted to resources and money, they all are, but there are many other factors that they consider important for deciding if they want to be with a man, but that is a common base-line, of course.
  • bamesjond0069
    No i agree. Thats why i go to the gym and work hard. And its also why i have a hot 18 year old girlfriend who treats me like a king.
  • Smegskull
    The same reason I lie about what I want for dinner. People ask for what they think is good for them but choose what satisfies their impulses.
  • zagor
    Don't look to movies, TV or the internet for the answers.
  • SavageGirl101
    yasss finally someone said it
  • empiresex
    no money no food suckers tell me im wrong
  • Anonymous
    VERY FALSE in my personal experiences

    I'm not a "clean, cut choir boy" type

    I've been in many petty altercations throughout my life where I ended up having a bad rep of being a "scrapper" & I had much more $$$ then but I was never seen as a catch by females

    They were more afraid but also repelled

    You have to have some charm & a attractive face which I don't have so that's MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE
  • Anonymous
    I don't like to lie about what i'm attracted to, if i'm not attracted to someone I just don't date them. I will say I certainly do have a type. Some woman do this because they are desperate or just like the dude for something he has like money. I don't know
  • Anonymous
    Money matters to all women. Regardless of what they say.
  • Anonymous
    Truth: Man who has the money has all the pussies.
  • Anonymous
    The guy all the girls like is usually the ones I dont like in my experience
    • Can you mention what style is your biggest crush?

    • @romanticpepe ofc she can't, bc it will match all the other girls tastes

    • Anonymous

      @AFellowWeeb get out more

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  • Anonymous
    I’m open and honest about what attract me. In this order to be exact: Looks, Religion/Beliefs, Income/Occupation, and Character.

    The entire package matters and it literally goes in that order. That means if I’m not attracted to a guy then I’m not wasting my time because I’m not going to force myself to be interested in someone just because we share the similar religion/beliefs.

    I may be attracted to him but if we do not share the same Religion/Beliefs then I’m not wasting my time changing someone’s mind. The same goes for the income/occupation and character.
  • Anonymous
    ROFL. The women that the guys you posted attract are paid-for prostitutes. Whores. Sluts. Disgusting & filthy. Trash. No self-respect, low self-esteem.

    REAL women who are ABOVE that gutter trash category put money as secondary to personality.
  • Anonymous
    I’ll go straight to the point. If I feel safe and protected around you I’ll be attracted to you. I’m surrounded by men in uniform in my life like my dad, my brothers, a couple of male friends and the navy guy I’m dating rn. There’s a psychology behind this but I’m too lazy to go on details.
    • ChiTown33

      So what do you do when you see that protector. That guy in uniform get his beat by some guy half his size like a little bitch in front of you? Do you stop being attracted to him? Lol
      I'm not making fun of you and i get that this is probably an attraction you feel on an unconscious level so it's not your fault.
      But i've never understood this because it's not necessarily logical. I'm 6'5" but i'm no tough guy.

  • Anonymous
    Money and power ONLY attracts dumb bitches. You want a low grade dumb bitch? Most guys do. Then they cry about how she did him wrong. Of course she did! She a dumb bitch. And you deserved it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    • boombastik

      Amen to that! I've always said that I don't know how these rich dudes or any dudes for that matter will marry a chick just because she's super hot but be so ditzy and annoying that I literally would like to duct tape their mouth shut and tape them to the wall they get on my nerves so bad but "dude she's hot!" is their logic. I just can't! I need substance, someone who can carry on a meaningful conversation lol.

    • Minahh

      This is so true cheap men will attract only cheap women no matter how rich they are

    • anylolone

      Well, I'd say that then the world is filled with dumb bitches...
      But if you look at the average person and realize half of the population is dumber than that...
      Then you realize that the world is really filled with dumb people.

  • Anonymous
    Being rich, powerful and good looking doesn't hurt, but that's not the be-all-end-all. There are guys out there who get laid despite being complete bums, and there are guys with everything a woman wants on paper who don't do well at all. Before I met my girlfriend who I've been with for years now, when I was in my fuckboy phase, I was the former. I lived with my parents and worked minimum wage jobs while studying. I'd get laid with a new girl every couple of weeks.

    When it comes to attracting women personality really does matter a lot. The reason those guys with their shit together still struggle while the bums don't is that they don't have game. They have un-fuckable personalities. They're boring to women. Money can't fix that.
    • Anonymous

      You'd actually be surprised at how little game many of these guys you probably idolise actually have, and how terrible with women they are. Take a look at this video. A bunch of rappers sitting with a fairly attractive girl, not one of them has game. They're all so awkward. They might rap about getting "money and bitches" but they're full of shit.


    • Unit1

      They need to get on Steam yo and get some games 😁

  • Anonymous
    Being a man with both attributes , I can imply that (money) is a woman's allurement to men of any nature. Second to that , well endowment may keep her pacified temparily. Today's women are attracted to even a deeper relationship of how to obtain (Money) with all the deceptions pointed directly at foolish men. Being well endowed gives her a big reason to stick around for the wealth reflected in her direction. Ahhh... the foolish men with there incompetence and lying tongues in the name of pussy. Truthfully speaking , men really aren't missing as much as they perceive to be. There's no such thing as $ 300.000.00 pussy. There's no such reality of a woman in your arms without fair exchange in the sum of monatary funds. Her sympathetic nature may be mesmerized subsequently for a measure of time , but ultimately $ wins her attraction in her conquest.
  • Anonymous
    A big penis attracts woman... but money trumps penis size...