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For All My Girls, Here Are 10 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Rape!


In the modern day, it’s not hard to realise women are living in constant paranoia and fear of men. Woman these days get untreated STILL even after we have RISKED our lives and fought for years for our small piece of deserved freedom.

97% of women are sexually assaulted, and 20% are r*ped, and pretty much every woman have had unwanted attention such us being followed be men and vans, whistling, cat calling, the list just goes on and on.

So girls, I know your fear of going out alone, but you can learn someone knowledge about protecting your self from r*pists.

For All My Girls, Here Are 10 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Rape!

Here are some general factors about r*pists:

1. Most r*pests strike in the early hours of the morning, 4-

2. They usually abduct/r*PE women at park

3. They usually look for long hair, braids, buns and pony tails to tank/pull.

4. They look for clothes easy to remove, often bring scissors..

6. They look for women doing something while their walking so their more vulnerable, like looking in your bag, looking at your phone,

For All My Girls, Here Are 10 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Rape!

Here are some ways to protect yourself:

1. Always bring pepper spray with you, if you aren’t aloud in your country, use hairspray.

2. Stay alert.

3. You can buy safety key chains with tools and all sorts of things for women, you can probably find this on etsy.

4. Most of the time, when I’m going out especially at night, I always dress up in masculine baggy clothes, and a lot of layers, other people will think I’m a man so I’ll be safe.

5. If it’s a constant fear of yous, and makes you not go out, consider adopting a big dog that will protect you, I know a lot of women find this helpful.

6. Go to fighting lessons to know how to fight back.

7. If possible, try go out with at least another person.

I know it’s hard, but try not to live in paranoia all the time, just be educated on how to fight bacj, that’s the most important thing, Stay safe girls! ❤️❤️❤️

For All My Girls, Here Are 10 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Rape!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • MahdiA
    As a guy, I appreciate that! I have a female friends and a sister and these tips could be helpful for them! Knowing that I have to raise my future kids in this unsafe world is scary tbh. Stay safe!!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • SavageGirl101
    Damnnn the guys in these comments are such assholes
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  • jasco
    Well first off, the only thing that I think personally would be of any use to you in a fight would be the dog, hand to hand combat training, Adding extra layers is a good thing but also really dangerous because if the man decides to come after you anyway your gonna be tired due to being over heated, bringing another person is always a good idea. If the guy is fast enough you may not be able to get the prepper/ hair spray. So the only thing I can say is that ladies watch your surroundings, if you wanna check for something go to a mall or somewhere where there is lots of people. If you wanna work out, do it at the gym, home or at least take you something more powerful than prepper spray. Cause if someone is really out to get you than it wouldn't matter what spray you brought unless it was watered down bleach which could permantly blind a person. As for what you said to me, I thought cat calling was harrassment not sexual assault. At least that's the cops say. Same with whistling. As for people following you with vans, most dudes are that stupid at least that's what I like to hope anyway. Most dudes don't used vans anymore they used Uber and any other site that would have a pickup line. Also assuming you aren't talking world wide, but lets just say America. Honestly you might as well round that to 100%. As for the 20% rape, here in america its 18.3%.Sexual Assault Statistics | National Sexual Violence ... says that. Now do I believer every women on this Earth is paranoid of men? No cause I know several women who aren't scared of men at all and 1 or 2 could even beat up a man. So in short I think women at least compared to Medieval time periods are much safer because there weren't any laws regarding women. Now there are many laws saying you can't do this or that to women/child and that's great. However some women do abuse these laws and that's a problem for another time
  • NobleFlight
    Interesting myTake. I've never been raped myself, but I can imagine they aren't expecting you to fight back. It might be a good idea (if they don't carry any weapons) to fight back, although, remember, doing so may increase your odds of injury.
  • KaniCrab
    My god the comments from guys in this thread of abysmal. oH mY gOd. wHY wOmeN cAre aBoUt rAPe. fucking stupid. Thank you for the tips tho.
  • MrTaboo
    Women are afraid for men because feminists want them to be that way. They're taught to be. That's why they can't get good guys to date. They can't see any.
    • KaniCrab

      why can't they just be scared because of experience? also she's talking about protection from rape. does that make you mad because people don't want to get raped

    • MrTaboo

      The percentage of men that rape is very small. Its very sexist to lump all of us into what just a few do.

      It's like saying all women are sluts and cheat. No, not ALL, some.

    • KaniCrab

      I don't think this post of was saying all men rape. There were saying they want to be protected from the men they do. Not all people are thieves but you wouldn't walk around with money hanging out your pocket. The point of this post is to learn to defend yourself.

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  • Jackblue
    Ok, I know that you are frustrated, but you are not going to get anywhere if you post errors. According to the statistic 97% of women have been sexually harassed not sexually assaulted. There is a difference. I have been sexually harassed (cat called), but never assaulted which would have been much worse. Women mostly know their rapists, so I doubt a public park in the night is really the most dangerous place for a woman.
  • Pasiton5
    Being a man it saddens me that this ever have to happen to any women or men, it shows a lace of self control respect for others, one thing anyone women men must not do and this is important to always remember, and that is to never panic try to always remain calm, you panic you stop thinking that's in any emergency situation, you never want to lose your ability to think rationally, and if attacked a swift kick in a man's groin will I'm most cases put him down, and get carry a loud horn when your out alone at night keep it close on you the noise will most likely scare them off, it shouldn't have to be this way for anyone to have to live survive, just please be aware of your surroundings always and be extra careful on these date sites use caution always, thank you for sharing this take care
  • Jack9949
    I do not believe that 97% of women have been sexually assaulted. Because at least 20% of women aren’t even attractive at all to begin with
  • Shihab91
    Its sad that women don't feel safe with us.
    Few things i do to make them feel safe:
    In elevators if I'm with one woman i face the -door and give her me back so she can see me and knows that I'm not checking her out.
    - when you walk behind her if she speed up i slow down if she walks normally then i speed up and pass her so she can see I'm stalking here.

    I have been in these situations many times and i could feel their fear its sad and might hurt you feelings because you aren't bad guy but put yourself in her shoes.
  • Be careful out there ladies. We are in a messed up world these days.
  • Ryfyle
    A Shame you can just bring a Gun. Can't rape if your bleeding out.
  • Flower7
    Thanks for the tips!
  • Anonymous
    i'm fine, thanks. these are all common knowledge, unfortunately.
  • Anonymous
    @SavageGirl101 @kanicrab

    I am disappointed at the intellectual dishonesty of some of the female responses here.
  • Anonymous
    Great take, at least the part about women protecting themselves.

    But the bullshit sexual assault statistics, not so much.
    • Anonymous

      Also, your comment that "in the modern day, it’s not hard to realize women are living in constant paranoia and fear of men" suggests that women are victimized more today than in the past, which is false. Women today are far safer than at any time in human history, as are today's men. There have always been bad people, and there always will be, but things have improved immeasurably in modern times. As in the past, today's men are at far greater risk than women of being the victim of violent crimes, but like women, we are victimized far less not than in the past. We should all take precautions to protect ourselves, but let's not pretend things are worse today than in the past or that women are at greater risk than men. Every law abiding citizen, male or female, is at risk of being victimized by bad people.

    • Well women get mistreated horribly, not by every man, not always by a man. But to much.

    • Anonymous

      That's true, just as men get mistreated horribly by women. Not by every woman, not always by a woman. But too much.

      Bullshit statistics like the ones your posted here accomplish nothing positive but they create a lot of hatred and mistrust between the sexes. Please just stop.

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  • Anonymous
    Being paranoid about rape doesn’t mean your actually in danger most of that anxiety is women being neurotic.
    • KaniCrab

      you stupid as fuck

    • Anonymous

      OP provided nonsense statistics. It's very common for women to do that and then latch onto them despite being nonsense. That's being neurotic. When corrected, instead of being glad that the things they feared aren't that big a problem, they get mad at the prospect of losing victim status.

    • KaniCrab

      You call it being corrected but I call it being dismissive because if those statistics are true you're ignoring a problem. you don't a statistic to know women are at threat of getting raped. And why are you people anonymous? Imagine being a pussy. But I want to know how the statistics she cited are nonsense.

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