Girlfriend sends pictures to ex who she's now just friends with?

I recently got a message sent wrong, which was a picture of my gf in a bikini (not a posing sexy-one, but still), She sent me that same one the night before, and I found out it was going to her ex, who she's friends with.
Their relationship has always bothered me a little, he moved away to another country and apparently never loved her, but she spent a very long time trying to get him back and then get over him.

She says they aren't great friends, but they write letters to each other, send each other books and gifts, and chat quite a bit. I was okay with that to begin with, I thought "I need to give her space and can't demand anything if she says they're friends", but this selfie-stuff kind of got to me.

Now every time I get a picture of her, I always wonder whether or not it's going to him as well, and it's really bothering me. She couldn't see anything wrong with it, as it was "just a picture, and wasn't meant to be anything in particular". I can't demand her to stop doing it, but I always wonder whether or not she does this on a regular basis, if other selfies that I get also go to him, and what they talk about in general. I'm not into spying so obviously never checked her phone or fb, she deserves her privacy as I expect the same.

So my question is really, is it okay to send selfies (revealing or otherwise) to an ex, who is now just a friend? Am I overreacting? And am I out of line for even saying that it bothered me, and enquiring more about him?

She always says how much she loves me, and how much I mean to her, and I believe that. This selfie stuff is just really weird to me...

Thank you in advance
Girlfriend sends pictures to ex who she's now just friends with?
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