Help me understand a girl's depression?

I was recently dumped by a girl whose been battling depression for a few months. At first, she appreciated me sticking around and supporting her, but lately she was more upset at herself that I was being dragged down with her.

At first she was wanting time apart and I fought her on it for a couple of weeks before agreeing to it. If that's what she needed to get some things straight then I have to respect what she thinks is best for her because obviously I can't possibly understand what she's going through.
After 2 weeks I reached out and she was even more upset. She said a lot of bad shit has happened recently and she wants to break up. She said its 100% her and the depression and that she cares a lot about me and misses me but its over.
I told her I never was bothered by her depression but she doesn't care.
We agreed to meet and talk but she blew me off saying there was nothing more to talk about.
I texted her on Saturday saying that I still care and im here for her no matter what just like I always have. I got no text back.
For any girls who have battled depression and have been in her shoes I need to know what I can do?
I want to know what is on her mind?
What is she thinking?
Why is she doing this? She obviously needs some time I get that.. So what can I do or say to her? I know depression is almost impossible to understand but I'm trying for her.
She seems to have feelings for me but she's fighting harder to kill those feelings than she is to try and get herself out of this funk.
Help me understand a girl's depression?
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