Girlfriend has depression tips help?

First off I feel she actually loves me as I do her she says it quite frequently and I feel she does she has a lot of changes going on in her life has nothing to do with me but a career she wanted to do might not be available to her and I think that triggered it along with having to change schools I don’t really know what to do this is what I said but do you think she will get ahold of me or just shutting me out forever or just needs time to get over it?
  • Girlfriend has depression tips help???1...
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  • Girlfriend has depression tips help???I don't know need two pics
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Everything is good again thnx for you’re guys input 👌🏻


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  • Just give her time and try to help as best as you can

    • It’s confusing though I don’t know wether to not text at all or just do a little or what

    • I’d do a little if I were you unless she says she wants to be alone

    • She didn’t I just threw it out there I don’t wanna seem like I don’t give a shit so yeah good advice thnx I’ll do a little

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  • Let her take her time, be there to support her bit don't prsshure her just make her know you're there to help any way

  • I suffer from depression. I find that making people laugh helps me a lot, makes me feel a lot better, Plus, thanking people in uniform... military infact.

  • there isn't much you can do. only the person who has depression can free themselves from its hold. sorry dude I wish the best to you


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