Why has she gone quiet on me suddenly? But not anyone else?

I've known this girl for 2 years and suddenly we have become very close with each other. She would text me everyday. We have been to the movies and meals together; and she would ask me to come to nightclubs with her and her friends. In text she would say things such as...

- You mean a lot to me with a red love heart
- So much love for you face blowing a kiss and red love heart ( She was drunk)
- Andrew. I love you you re the best ( She was drunk)
- I love you and I would do anything for you ( She was sober)
- I m scared of losing you
- I feel safe with you
- I am so devo I didn t get to know you sooner

Over the last week and a half she has gone much quieter with me, she now is replying to my texts still some lengthly responses but however she takes hours and hours to reply which has been unlike her. She was been a little snappy with me for no reason last weekend but then said sorry after. After these snappy things eventhough her texting has gone quieter she is still asking me how uni is going; but not saying as much as she normally does. She last sent me a text on Friday but I never replied to the text cause I didn t know what to say as it didn t require a response. It has been 2 days now since i ve heard from her. She has in the past text me back when I ve gone quiet. She then texted me randomly asking how s uni going. She lately kept on bringing up in conversations in front of me about all these guys texting; but apparently they are creepy according her.
Why has she gone quiet on me suddenly? But not anyone else?
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