What does it mean when a girl keeps asking if your ok?

This girl and I have become very close over the last few months. We text everyday and she always how my studies are going and how I am in general. We have have hung out heaps in a group and alone aswell. There has been a few occasions where she has asked if I'm ok after she sent me two text i didn't reply to for a day. Another was she asked how I was and I said '' Yeah I'm ok I guess'' she replied ''oh what's up''. I just said ''I feel a little flat at the moment''. She then said '' Oh no why is that?'' I replied and said '' It's ok it's really nothing''. We carried onto another topic of convo and she said that same day '' Are you sure you're ok? You can talk about it if you want'' Once again i said everything was fine. We then carried onto normal conversation and hours later that night she asked again '' you're sure you're fine?'' \

She was saying that she has been really busy lately in terms on her horse riding, uni work and excersise etc. And that I need to keep pestering her so we can hang out again. She has just be hard to arrange to do something with her recently.
A few weeks ago she has said '' I feel you've been really quiet and I didn't want to bother you haha''.
I have suspected she is trying to make me jealous by randomly mentioning to me she is going on a date; but she says it's nothing serious though she has done that twice to me now. She also has mentioned in front of me to her girlfriends about guys that are texting her but they all happen to be creepy.

She has also said...

Andrew. I love you you;re the best ( She was drunk)
So much love for you blowing a kiss and red love heart ( She was drunk)
I'm so devo I didn't get to know you sooner
You mean a lot to me
I'm scared of losing you and that she feels safe with me
I trust you more than I trusted my ex boyfriend when we were together
I love you I would do anything for you ( she was sober)
What does it mean when a girl keeps asking if your ok?
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