Why does my friend's wife flirt with me in front of him?

My friend and I used to do body building back in high school. He met a girl via internet back then and we all met a few times in higschool but she lived in a different state entirely.

Fast forward to about 4 years and they both added me on facebook. She's a stay at home mom of one and has a lot of time on her hands. He doesn't get on Facebook very often but I'm sure he reads some of her comments.

Me and his wife get a long really well over the internet and comment on each others posts. She's really interested in non important things in life like shopping and makeup and will be dramatic about it. The thing is, it's starting to feel like real life flirting. Here's just one example of what I mean:

Alexandra - You'd be an awesome shopping partner for me then Cj Zanders 😂

Cj Zanders@ Alexandra Lol. I guess so. I'm more of a Macy's guy though. Not much to by at Target lol.

Alexandra - Oh I'm an I'll shop everywhere girl lol.

But my favorites are Victoria's Secret, Lush, Sephora, and Ulta lol Cj Zanders

Cj Zanders @ Alexandra - Oh yeah I love shopping Vicki's Secret and Lush for myself right after I get my manicure and pedicure down the street. No, but really, I can't even fit in half of Old Navy and Holister. Gotta go Abercrombie and Fitch and Calvin Klein. Heh.

Alexandra @ Cj Daniels awesome! We should do a spa day! 😂😂 ... I'm super obsessed with clothes and makeup.

Cj Zanders- I'm not gonna lie, I do like spa days. It's like a mini vacation Alexandra

Alexandra: Cj Daniels then you should move to NC lol Cj Daniels Alexandra Czajka Rakers - haha. I've never been. Maybe. lol

Alexandra - @Cj Zanders - you should come visit. 😂

This is just one example of what seems to be flirting with me to the point she act's as if she wan'ts to literally date me. I'm pretty sure they know I'm straight also. What do you think her thought process is?
Why does my friend's wife flirt with me in front of him?
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