Am I too flirty, or is he too insecure?

My boyfriend thinks that I am "too friendly" with other men. I am a very talkative, bubbly person and I admit that I often find myself in conversations with perfect strangers at stores, gas stations, really everywhere. I treat both men and women the same way. I talk to just about everyone as if I have known them forever. I don't think of it as flirting, but, my boyfriend thinks men take it that way, and that it it gives them the wrong impression. I have tried to modify this behavior for him by not being the one to start conversations with men anymore, and by trying to avoid or not interact with men I don't know. It just doesn't seem to be enough. He gets upset if I am talking too much or if I laugh too much with his own friends when we are both together with them. I don't touch them, they don't touch me, and I try not to get too close to them, but he thinks I let them get too close to me. He says that I don't set personal boundaries. Is my talkative friendly nature inappropriate when it comes to men? Do men take this wrong, and, how do I interact with them less without seeming rude, mean, and just plain boring? I want his friends to approve of me, but he thinks that I am causing them to more than just approve, It's been a real strain on our relationship.
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Any thoughts, opinions? Anyone else been in this situation with a girlfriend or boyfriend either as the "too friendly one" or hurt by the others "friendliness"? What would you consider as "too friendly" or "flirting". Where do you draw the line?
Am I too flirty, or is he too insecure?
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