A really hot girl sat on my lap, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

hello im a 14 year old boy who is very fidget and don't know much about girls. today i was hanging with my friends, i sat down on a seat and just chilled for a while. after a bit a girl which could be described as the hottest girl in my grade cam and sat on my hip. when this happen i went mentle inside and pretended as if it was no biggie and i didn't care, i then placed my hand on her hip. since im kinda known as a weak and weird kid everyone was so so surprised. i then got up and said "thats enough for me" , and walked away. when i went to my bestest friend to tell him what happens, the girl slid through the group of people and grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the seat. i then sat down again and acted tough, the girl sat next to me and out of nowhere slapped me. everyone whent mentle after the slap and someone pushed her which ended up with me having a face full of her boobs. usually you would expect a girl to be ebariced or angry but this girl didn't seem to mind. in fact she seemed to enjoy it. then got up and walked to my friend and told him everything. for the rest of the day my friends continued to tell me that she does that to everyone and that she was just teasing me.

NOTE: i would say i am a short, weird, fridget kid with average looks.
A really hot girl sat on my lap, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
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