Why Does She Act Like I Hate Her?

I know this girl for 2 years and she's always been a bit odd. We're in college. One time when I was exiting the classroom I saw her walking down the stairs with her friend and I pretended I didn't notice them. What I noticed however was that when I was passing by, she left the maximum distance she could.
I rarely talk to this girl so I'm not even talking to her.

Also, she once asked me "why do you hate me?" - Another time i asked her about something in class and she said "you talked to me !!" in a surprised manner. Why?

Here's also some key things I noticed :

- We text maybe once every 3 months
- I fely like she was talking to other guys in front on me to make me jealous ( I once caught her looking at me with the corner of her eye after talking to one classmate )
- We used to talk a lot last year
- On a certain period, she used to look at me with a sad look on her face (like a disappointed person)
- I once was getting out of class and politely asked her to let me pass, the next day I found she was pissed off which I expected (maybe because I talked to her like a stranger?)
-She almost never texts me (Neither do I)
-She acts friendly then ignores me the next day (I started doing it too)
-When I talk to her it's like there's a tension between us. (Only happens with her)
-She once said "why do you hate me?" (jokingly but seemed like it was a bit real)
-She sometimes looks at me with the corner of her eye (she rarely makes eye contact, it only started happening this year)
- One time I was getting out of class then I asked her to send me some stuff that I needed to study, she replied with : "You talked to me !!" - she was really surprised.
-When I talk to her I feel some kind of tension between us (only happens with her)
-Just so you know she's an OUTGOING girl so she's not shy or anything.
-One time I met her on the bus, she passed extremely close to me in front of me and she was smiling to herself.

Why Does She Act Like I Hate Her?
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