What is with this society with boobs?

Okay so... I've always been confused about this but... why is so many people into boobs? Even girls themselves seem to like thm sometimes too!

Also... why many girls dont like others to touch their boobs?
I can understand that it can be annoying and knowing many guys out there can get... I dont know... annoying about it-touching them constantly? Or maybe girls are scared if the guys end up squeezing them hard? (That would hurt...;n;') Yet, my Mom says male doctors can touch girls breasts... is there a certain way they do it so it doesn't feel weird to the girls? Or is it all about trust?
I can understand all of this plus, getting gropped is annoying. I had that experience before... depending on the grope, it can make a strange tingling feeling... its weird... o_o;
So... just thinking about all of that, I can understand it all but... is there other reasons as well?

I know some girls dont care if they get their boobs touched lol. I accidentally touched once when playing tag and the both of us didn't care haha~ This girl was really close friends with me and my sister and so, maybe its because she knows me well enough too? (Im not a perv or some guy who is obsessed with touching boobs or -sigh- whatever girls commonly think of guys... or whatever guys are like... Im VERY different from many guys as you can tell lol. Its hard to believe until you know me very well lol I dont even know how guys work when they are being perverted lol. I've seen naked girls before but nothing happened. I dont see why pervs obsess over that... o-o... if thats what even perverts truly like?)

There was this other girl who let this other girl grope her as if it was nothing!
I grew up with females more than males (I wasn't able to fit in with the other guys except 1 guy through most of my life.)

Anyways, back to the topic. Since I want to understand the female world more because of me having a strong feminine side...
Was I right about any of this? Being touched is annoying or any more reasons?
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I know that it's a private part of the body, it's obvious that they don't want to be touched there... but I mean like, if they did get touched before. If they dont mind it or if they do, how does it feel? The same way it felt to me when I got groped by my siblings? (Weird tingling?)
What is with this society with boobs?
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