Why the obsession with big boobs?

I used to have such small boobs. After I had my kid they have not been small since. Now men seem to stare. Before I had my kid I wanted bigger boobs because I felt ugly, and not good enough. Now I am tired of being stared at. Going from a B to a D has not made life any better. I actually have more back pain, more breast pain. My nipples are big. They do not look as good to me. I am Bisexual. Woman are very beautiful. I do not care about breasts though. I personally find more interest in how someone's face looks. It just seems ridiculous that men are obsessed with boobs. They are just muscle, an fat. Mostly for breast feeding. Sure they can be used for sexual pleasure. Even if I wear a shirt that does not show cleavage it I hard to avoid. Men why are you so obsessed with woman's boobs?
Because Boobs are all I care about
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I love curvy woman. I like big booty to.
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I am a homosexual so I could care less
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I just want someone who will treat me right
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I cry myself to sleep at night
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Why the obsession with big boobs?
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