Do some women initiate a break up to test if the man she was dating is actually good for her?

I have been wondering about this for a while, after being in a few relationships myself and observing many otheres, most breakups are initiated by women, and honestly iam the kind of guy who has his dignity above all (but still respect others decisions), so if you broke up with me ( and it happened to me) i will wish you good luck and support your decision and do my best to move on, basically i dont try to get the girl back mainly caues I'll lose value as a man when i try to get her back when the break up wasn't my idea (if it was thats a different story).

With that being said I have read some articles and watched some videos and they all repeat the same things : when a woman breaks up with you she is testing you (sometimes she doesn't even realize and thinks she doesn't like you) to see what you're made of and when she sees you handled the break up well and kept your cool, and maintained high confidence and dignity and didn't obsses over getting her back, her respect and attraction for you will grow considerably.

Now iam a logical person, and to me when a woman initiates a break up its cause one of these three reasons :
1- She never felt any love towards him and doesn't see herself being with him long term.
2- She found someone better before she could get emotionally attached to the guy.
3- he was abusive/loser/has no ambitions and basically a bad deal all together.

your thoughts and ideas? can you remeber when you broke up with a guy what went through your mind and how true is this statement everyone keeps repeating about the break up being a test to see how the guy handles it (even if she doesn't realize that she is actually testing him ) .

And a bonus question : Do women ever try going back to a guy they broke up with?
Do some women initiate a break up to test if the man she was dating is actually good for her?
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