Should I stop hanging out with her?

Long story short, got friendzoned a year ago, but started hanging out with her occasionally and text her almost everyday. Recently she exhibited hot and cold behaviour, like one moment text replies show a lot of enthusiasm, instant replies, flirting, and the next moment just takes hours for a reply. Can be busy, but this is not the first time it happened. I got so annoyed and tired of this kind of mind games, I thought of two actions which I want advice. We have a hang out coming up in two weeks time.

1. Go cold with replies until hang out, straight up confront her, and also asking to cancel the hangout on the spot.

2. Text her that I want to cancel the hangout, and just leave her without explaining the reason

Truth is I once cut off all contact with her for a short while, and she initiated contact and hangout. I don't know what to do. Which action seems better?

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Oh yea I still like her, but her indecisiveness is becoming a turn off. Compared to the past like I want her 100%, right now its maybe about 60%, meaning I still prefer to date her if she likes me back.
Should I stop hanging out with her?
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