Do you think that girls who prefer clean shaven guys are pedos?

i recently found this question on here... saying that... ariana grande has a childlike body, and also asked a poll to see how many men find her hot... and it was a lot... and basically her point was... because arianna grande has a cute childlike body, sort of resembling a child in a way... and that so many guys find her hot... that a lot of guys are kind of like pedos in a way for finding her hot,

but, i mean, if you're gonna put it that way, and make an argument that preffering childlike features on an adult make you a pedo... then i think its only fair if we make an equivalent type of argument towards the female gender,

cos... listen to this... a lot of girls find clean shaven guys hotter right?
they generally dont like beards... they rather us have a nice baby smooth cute face without facial hair... sort of like a child,,,, because facial hair is typically a masculine mature look,
and a clean shaved face guy is more resembling a child,,, or jus more cute looking... so if girls prefer more childlike features on a guy (clean shave)... doesn't that make them pedos too?
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to be honest i find this whole argument kinda ridiculous and stupid to be honest with you,
those are just people's preferences and they are allowed to prefer more cute or younger looking features,
but to then make the leap and make the accusation they are pedos for it is just ridiculous... because they are not children, they are adults with young features,
i think you are only a pedo if you are actually attracted to children or people between 4 - 18,
Do you think that girls who prefer clean shaven guys are pedos?
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