Want to see some gold diggers get their comeuppance?

I hope I don't regret posting this. I'm honestly not trying to stir up trouble (at all), but I stumbled across this guy's channel who's doing these 'social experiments' about gold diggers (it came up after a dance video - I was not searching for this), and I have to be honest, they're pretty funny... and disgusting. But more satisfying to watch than anything else, I think. I am shaking my head and groaning here, but it does feel good to watch people get their comeuppance.

I don't want to read a bunch of shouting here... ok? Can we just laugh a bit and have fun with this one?

I am not in denial that gold diggers exist, but really, let's point the fingers at the ones who really, really deserve it, like these little brats:'Best Gold Digger Prank Reactions Part 1!!'

So what's the takeaway here? Probably that girls who look like this, deliberately and consciously dress like this, are advertising their 'wares' and you should expect, with a high probability, that their goals are... surface. They got the booty, and they want your money, the lifestyle. Is it an equitable trade? I don't know. I think these girls are gross, personally. They're advertising hard. But is it false advertising? They're pretty much putting it out there. It's clear they're looking to upgrade and hop scotch guys as they see fit, whatever benefits them.
(And the poor injured military guy at home. Ouch. Wonder what he thinks is happening when his girl goes out dressed like this. What a tramp.) So maybe don't go for the girls who dress like this?
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Ok I get it these are fake scripted mock facsimiles to illustrate a point.
But I hate inauthenticity. I really have little interest in it, so this is stupid to me now.
Want to know how much money this guy makes? naibuzz.com/much-money-hooman-makes-youtube/
(In my defence, I did live in LA and aside from the completely exposed ass cheeks you do find girls running around in booty shorts etc and opportunists who are struggling 'models'.
I was going to delete, but it's featured now!
Want to see some gold diggers get their comeuppance?
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