Girls, do you care if you are stronger/tougher than your boyfriend?

Wondering how many girls care if they realize they are physically stronger and tougher than their boyfriend or husband. Like you'd be able to kick his butt in a hypothetical fight and it might not even be close. This has always been me. I am skinny, it's hard to put on muscle and I'm terrible at fighting. Any girl that play wrestled me, pretty easily won. I never had much trouble getting dates or attention from women so I've had lots of relationships. Not saying it to brag but to help define what my experience has been.

Most will say it's no big deal and the notion that a man has to be stronger and tougher is outdated. Most will SAY that but then I think it still bothers them. One of the most liberal, modern women I have dated who considered herself a real feminist ended up blowing up at me over it when we were making plans to go to show. She basically said. "I don't really want to walk home from this show downtown at 2 in the morning and feel like I'd be the one protecting us both if shit happens!" I told her I would have her back and she just kinda smirked like "yeah right" because she felt like I'd try my best but it would fall on her shoulders... and realistically she wasn't really wrong. I've never even been in a fight before. She has.
The one girl I can say it truly did not bother at all was this tiny, petite Asian who looked harmless but was very strong for her size and tougher than many guys.

It even goes beyond dating. I was helping a friend move some furniture. He has a teenage daughter. We were both carrying one end of a box. She easily handled her end while I was struggling and she kept sighing and rolling her eyes.
Girls, do you care if you are stronger/tougher than your boyfriend?
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