How can a girl possibly beat a guy in a fight?

I've been living with my cousin recently as she and her mom have been building a house in the area and plan to move into it by the end of the year. I mean we get along good and all but I haven't had to live with her for an extended period of time and we've been getting on each other's nerves.

I tease her sometimes like holding her arms behind her back so I can use the bathroom first and each time I do something like that she threatens she could beat me in a real fight. Ok first off I'm a foot taller than her and 2 years older so that's already pretty funny.

She says with just one move she could have me down on the ground crying and throwing up if she didn't hold herself back.

She doesn't do any martial arts or anything. I think she's bluffing but she seems to get genuinely angry now when we play-bully each other so maybe I should just let her attempt to fight me to blow off some steam? Is there any way a girl could possibly hurt a bigger stronger guy?
How can a girl possibly beat a guy in a fight?
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