How many days should I wait to give her space?

So I've been talking to this girl like a month now and we hitted off as we have a lot in common. We talked everyday and we gave each other space for like 2 days which seems fine to us.

I have always been the one to ask her out every week and she would come up with an excuse me like she had to take care of her grandmother etc. which I wasn't feeling bummed out as I came out to be an understanding person.

As days goes by, I saw her tweet saying that she is stress at work and I texted her 'is everything okay?' She replied the next day and said she needed time for herself atm. So I replied a few hours later which I acknowledged and I haven't been talking to her for the past few days. I also made a playlist to calm her down and I'm not sure if she had listen to it yet.

Should I wait for her to reply me back and how many days should I give her space if I want to text her to show that I care about her?
How many days should I wait to give her space?
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