Mother in law seduction or misreading a situation?

Over the past few days and weeks I have seen and heard some things that have risen my eyebrows. That I dont think anyone else is noticing or write it off as joking around. First of all anytime we around each other now it seems stiff and awkward. We hardly speak and when she does she's all laughy giggly kind of. Its a vibe I get, wonder if she feels that too in the moment.

Then we were all sitting watching a movie and I was sitting next to her and a scene came up about cars and she turns and says yeah I like my men hard and fast. Then lays her arm next to mine on the arm rest of the couch. Brushing it if by accident. Thinking to myself what is she implying with that?

She always wears a nightgown when she's home relaxing so its not uncommon that she have it on everytime I've seen her. Even told me a dream where she was embarrassed but volunteered to tell it she woke up without any panties on the previous night she blushed the entire time.

Anyways she always makes an attempt to be lady like and pull gown down over her legs sometimes when people are around.

Last night though I was sitting on the couch and when I looked over I had a clear view from where I sitting to see under the kitchen table. She knew I was looking that direction too. I adjusted my seating too Her legs spread wide open and I seen light bluish panties in the dimly lit room though. She kept sitting there like that nearly the whole time opening and closing those bbw legs. I was almost like in a trance state. Is this really happening?

Fastforward to leaving and there are pillows on the couch that she leans right over in a suggestive position and goes right in front of me and lingers there for a few seconds. Bent over. I'm thinking gosh if you only knew. Then sits down on the couch with me standing next to her dick level with her face. If she turned her head any her face would hit my pants. Plenty of seats in there but sat right there.
Mother in law seduction or misreading a situation?
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