[RANT] Why do most women choose toxic men?

I'm not "the nice guy," but I do consider myself to be a focused person. Focused as in someone who's studios, knows what they want to do in the future, and have occasional moments of immaturity/inappropriacy to still be somewhat tease-like to people. And they reciprocate that "teasey" side of me very well. So, basically, I'm not a boring and bland person, nor am I not willing to stand up for myself when times call for it, as some might believe me to be when a question like this is asked. Despite all that, how come women treat me badly and end up with toxic men?

My first girlfriend stopped communicating with me because she was too busy cheating. My second girlfriend broke up with me through text and quickly moved on. (Note, they initiated the relationship by asking me out.) I asked out one of my friends, who rejected me and gave me the silent treatment lasting to this day. One pattern I notice with all these women is that they moved on to toxic relationships. My first girlfriend was abused by her new boyfriend. My second girlfriend went back to her ex and was cheated on, again, twice in fact. And the girl who rejected me ended up with an older guy who cheated on her numerous times with older women, and argued a lot.

I'm not "perfect boyfriend" nor do I laugh at these people's expense, but I do consider myself to be a better candidate than what most women have to put themselves through. Especially women who I know to have pure, good personalities and morals and should receive the opposite of the attention they get now. My friends even approach me and ask for my advice about their toxic boyfriends. One who feels neglected, the other who is abused as well, and one who's been cheated on by two exes. They say "all men are bad," but how about men like me? Am I just meant to be used by women as a "one time fling" and "peacemaker" with no experience of having an actual, healthy and long-lasting relationship for myself?
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This question/rant is not meant to blame the women for being in toxic and abusive situations. And, I'm sorry if it does come off like that. Admittedly, I do need to change my perspective on the matter , since manipulation is involved in situations like this. The intent of asking this question is based on my experience/curiosity as to why so many good girls I know end up with toxic men like this?
[RANT] Why do most women choose toxic men?
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