Girls: What are your feelings about guys with social anxiety?

OK, say this guy is decent/good-looking, caring, honest, kind, well educated, has a good professional job, nice house, car etc. but is shy, quiet, not socially confident and suffers from social anxiety.

What do think? Would you give him a chance? The thing is I realize that girls probably don't get the chance to find out all these good things about the guy because he is too scared/shy/anxious to even talk to her/approach in the first place. This is the long-standing problem. Some people say how am I still single? But they don't understand how inhibited and nervous I feel inside even when I do something as simple as walk past a girl.

Even on the odd occasion when I've been lucky enough for a girl to approach me, I find it so hard to look her in the eye, let alone talk, and my hands start trembling. I probably come off off as weird, unhappy and not interested.

I sometimes feel like everything in my life is in place and going well, but the relationship part has always been missing for me. I've never even held hands with a girl, been on a date or anything.

I get so depressed sometimes cause I see all these loud, confident guys and so many of them take girls for granted and end up treating them badly. I think I have so much to offer a girl but I sometimes wonder if I'm ever going to get over my problems enough to be able to find her.
Girls: What are your feelings about guys with social anxiety?
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